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Learning a language while having fun has become increasingly common with the development of the internet and technology. Nowadays, it is possible to access audiovisual programs in multiple languages with translations and multilingual subtitles. These techniques also apply to the Arabic language. In this article, you will discover all the possibilities available to make your dream of speaking Arabic like a native a reality or just have fun and watch Arabic film and series to know better their culture.

Top 23 Series, Films And Podcasts To Learn Arabic 2023:

How to learn Arabic through movies and series?

To make the most of the resources offered by movies and TV series, it is necessary to know how to use them. These productions are a treasure trove of information in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation, and language structure. To do this, it is important to first choose a program that captivates you or a film that you have already seen in your native language. Avoid dubbed versions and rely on subtitles. Try to avoid relying solely on subtitles and trust in your understanding.

It’s important to note that film productions adapt to the diverse contexts of the Arab world, including dialects, cultures, and traditions. Therefore, you can select movies or series that align with your specific learning needs. For example, by watching a English language film with Arabic subtitles, you can utilize your visual memory to learn the written form of words in Arabic. On the other hand, if you aim to improve your pronunciation, you can opt for films in Arabic with English subtitles. This approach allows you to make significant progress in your language practice.

Here are some best series and films in Arabic you can see on Netflix right now, that may interest you and help you in your language learning project:

Top 10 series to learn Arabic:

1. Deal

One of the Netflix original productions, and it is one of the best Netflix Gulf series, and it is set in the eighties of the last century about two Kuwaiti women who do everything in their power to impose themselves on the stock exchange in a work environment dominated by men.


2. Juman

Within a social romantic framework, the work discusses some social issues related to Gulf women and their relations with oriental men, through different tales and stories related to both sides.


3. The Cage

One of the best Kuwaiti Netflix series, and it is the first Kuwaiti work produced by the platform, and it talks about a marital relationship counselor who tries to help a couple understand each other before it is too late, and at the same time tries to address some of his personal problems.


4. Mosquitos

A crime and mystery series that we highly recommend to anyone looking for Gulf series on Netflix. Its events begin in the seventies of the last century, and it revolves around a successful and ambitious businessman who disappears after his son’s marriage under mysterious circumstances, and from here a series of investigations are launched in the hope of uncovering the circumstances of the accident.


5.Al Rawabi School for girls

One of the original Netflix productions, and we recommend it for those looking for Gulf series on Netflix that are worth watching. It is of the youthful genre, and it discusses the problem of bullying through the story of some marginalized students in a school, where they decide to unite together to confront a group of bullies, and take revenge on them by the strongest methods.


6. Gin

The first Arabic series produced by the Netflix platform, and its events revolve around a fantasy framework about a group of students who, during a field trip, provoke two genies, one evil and the other good, and as soon as they enter the human world, the school turns into a field for a series of supernatural battles.


7. Whispers

When the head of a family dies under mysterious circumstances, suspicions begin to mount, and a series of secrets and facts begin to come to light, facts and secrets related to living and dead family members.


8. Black Crows

A realistic war series , one of the best Saudi Netflix series, as it follows the lives of male and female recruits, spies, snipers, commanders, and servants inside a terrorist cell. It is worth noting that the work is a joint production between 7 Arab countries, most notably Saudi Arabia.


9. County Masameer

A Saudi animated series, one of the best Gulf series on Netflix, produced by the platform, where a group of characters from the Masameer series returns with new fights and adventures full of laughter and giggles.


10. In love… and life

A short anthology series consisting of 8 episodes, each episode is a short movie with different characters and a story, and all episodes discuss in a dark comedy framework relationships in general, and love in particular.


Top 5 Movies On Netflix To Learn Arabic

1. Al Jareema

One of the best Egyptian Netflix films, and its events begin in the seventies of the last century, and it revolves around a man in his forties who escapes from a psychiatric hospital and discovers a series of mysterious facts about his past and the reason for the disappearance of his wife.

2. Excuse my French

One of the best Egyptian films on Netflix in 2023. It revolves around a Christian child whose friends in a public school believe he is Muslim, so he decides to live with a new identity as a Muslim among his classmates in order to integrate and engage with them.

3. Sab el-Burumbah (Wannabe Courageous)

A satirical comedy film, one of the best Egyptian films on Netflix in 2023, which follows “Omar”, who is unable to protect his wife from danger on their wedding night, which results in her entering a difficult psychological crisis, and from here he turns to a psychiatrist in order to help him gain her trust again. .

4. The suit

Two lazy young men who impersonate policemen during a costume party find their ideal in that costume and that character, which prompts them to continue with that character, but soon their lives are turned upside down as a result.

5. 11:11

One of the best productions of Egyptian cinema in 2022, it talks about a lawyer with a troubled personality whose failed suicide attempt causes a chain of events that results in the intertwining of the lives of three strangers with him.

Best 3 Free YouTube Channels to Learn Arabic:

1. Learn Arabic with Khasu

2. Learn Arabic with Maha

3. Learn Arabic with 101 pod

Best 5 Podcasts to learn Arabic


The Simple & Easy Arabic Podcast offers an accessible approach to learning Arabic through engaging stories. The hosts provide an English summary and highlight key words before diving into the story. They reinforce comprehension with listening comprehension questions after each episode.

While a basic understanding of Arabic is recommended, these episodes serve as a great stepping stone to Arabic immersion podcasts. For a deeper learning experience, you can subscribe to the podcast’s Patreon to access full transcripts of every episode.


Sondos, an experienced Arabic teacher, hosts this podcast aimed at helping learners express themselves, expand vocabulary, and grasp the nuances of the Arabic language.

Sondos alternates between breaking down texts she reads aloud and teaching common words with nuanced meanings. Her episodes are infused with laughter, showcasing her genuine enjoyment of recording each lesson. For additional lessons, you can also visit her YouTube channel.


Language Transfer provides a series of comprehensive audio courses for various languages, including Arabic. While not heavily immersive, these courses delve into the intricacies of the Arabic language. You’ll learn essential grammar points, develop vocabulary, and improve pronunciation. The instructor, Mihalis, engages with a beginner student, correcting their mistakes as prompts for you to respond to as if you were the student.

Language Transfer caters to those seeking a thorough understanding of learning Arabic. To gain a better understanding of the program, you can read our full review.


Sam, a dedicated Arabic learner, hosts this podcast despite not being a native Arabic speaker. He shares tongue twisters, reads the book “Aladdin,” and explains Arabic grammar, all while primarily speaking English.

Linguistic concepts are occasionally translated, ensuring a smooth listening experience. Despite potential challenges in following along, Sam’s friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge make the podcast worthwhile.


LinguaBoost’s free podcast offers a selection of basic phrases to add to your Arabic repertoire. These episodes are samples from their paid resource, resulting in some irregular numbering and non-sequential lessons. However, the hosts will augment your existing knowledge and guide you in having basic conversations in Arabic.