Best Taverns In Larnaca

When choosing a tavern, delicious appetizers, good wine, and a cozy atmosphere are key factors to consider. The presence of great live music can also enhance the experience. With these criteria in mind, we recommend the 10 best taverns in Larnaca that offer all of these features, for a memorable and enjoyable visit.

1. Glykolémono (Γλυκολέμονο)

Best Taverns In Larnaca Glykolémono

Glycolemono, a unique dining spot in Larnaca, is all about delightful contrasts. Its name itself evokes a blend of sweet and sour flavors, setting the tone for an intriguing culinary experience. The restaurant’s decor follows this theme of contrasts, seamlessly merging urban elements with retro vibes. The ambiance brings together the feel of a traditional tavern and the charm of a French bistro. The menu at Glycolemono is just as varied and interesting. You can find pizzas interacting with burgers, while pasta shares the spotlight with dishes like schnitzel and salmon fillet. Known for its comfort food and laid-back atmosphere, Glycolemono stands out as a top dining choice in Larnaca.

Zinonos Kitieos 105, Larnaca 6022 |

2. Art Cafe

Best Taverns In Larnaca Art Cafe

The Art Cafe 1900 in Larnaca is a remarkable place that stands out both as one of the city’s best tavern and as a top cafe. If you’re planning to dine here, it’s wise to arrive early. This will give you enough time to take in every detail of its unique and captivating decor, which is an experience in itself. Once you’ve explored the eclectic surroundings, you can settle down for a meal that’s not just any ordinary fare. At Art Cafe 1900, you’re in for some of the best food in Larnaca. The menu starts with traditional appetizers and leads to mouth-watering dishes like oven-baked lamb, Smyrna sujukaki, lachmatjoun, tava, and stew. These dishes brilliantly fuse the European flair of the restaurant with local Cypriot cuisine, making your dining experience truly memorable.

6 Stasinou Str., Larnaca |

3. Militzis

Best Taverns In Larnaca Militzis

Imagine dining in a traditional, well-kept setting with a beautifully prepared meal, all while being just a stone’s throw away from the sea. This picturesque scene is what Militzis restaurant in Larnaca offers, and it’s no surprise that it’s counted among the top taverns in the city. On the menu at Militzis, you’ll find an array of tempting baked dishes, including ofto Lysiotiko and kefalaki, which are worth trying. The restaurant also serves excellent kokoretsi and roasted pork on a spit. Other specialties include stew, liver, ravioli, and jalati. To top it off, the appetizers feature a variety of homemade cheese products, making your meal at Militzis a truly delightful experience.

Piale Pasha 42, Larnaca |

4. Campanario

Best Taverns In Larnaca Campanario

If you’re in search of a tavern in Larnaca that combines outstanding performance with a vintage aesthetic, Campanario is a choice you should consider. This place offers a chic yet romantically inclined space, setting the perfect scene for a memorable dining experience. Embracing a fine-dining philosophy, your meal at Campanario will begin with exquisite starters like snails and fried camembert, shrimp paired with grapefruit, and beef carpaccio. The culinary journey continues with premium selections of cuts, fillets, and ribs, along with dynamic seafood options.

Nikodimou Milona,10, Larnaca |

5. Red Pepper

Red Pepper Best Taverns In Larnaca

Red Pepper offers a stylish and fancy dining experience in Larnaca, closely resembling fine dining yet maintaining a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The menu aligns with this philosophy, featuring very tempting appetizers and a variety of cuts, as well as a selection of carefully crafted and always excellent pasta dishes. For a sweet finale, Red Pepper treats you to desserts with Italian roots, like an incredible tiramisu or a delightful strawberry panna cotta, perfectly rounding off the dining experience.

1 Ellispontou & Kriti, Larnaca |

6. Voreas Tavern

Voreas Taverna Best Taverns In Larnaca

Voreas Tavern is located in the square of Oroklini, set amidst a traditional stone landscape that evokes the atmosphere and culinary traditions of old Karpasia. It specializes in Cypriot meze, served in clay pots and all cooked in virgin olive oil. For meat enthusiasts, their meat meze is a must-try! Additionally, the tavern features live music every Friday and Saturday.

Andrea Dimitriou 3, Oroklini 7040, Larnaca |

7. To steki tis pareas (Το Στέκι της Παρέας)

To Steki Tis Pareas

To Steki Tis Pareas is a fantastic spot for experiencing traditional food and live music. The large murals decorating the space add a unique character and create a sense of stepping back in time. At To Steki, you can enjoy delicious seasonal meats and vegetables, along with a wide variety of appetizers and fasting dishes. Additionally, every Friday and Saturday night, you can savor your meal while enjoying live music.

Archiepiskopou Makariou III 16a, Larnaca 6017 |

8. Mpoukia kai Goulia 

Mpoukia Kai Goulia 

In picturesque neighborhoods, where small traditional shops blend seamlessly with new ones, you’ll find “Mpoukia kai Goulia” down a quiet alley. This quaint and simple spot, reminiscent of an old Cypriot house, serves Cypriot meze with influences from Greek cuisine. One of the highlights is their feta saganaki with a crust and honey. You’ll also be impressed by their freshly cut French fries. Additionally, every Friday and Saturday, the place comes alive with live music.

34 Nikolaou Rossou, Larnaca 6021|

9. To Kazani

To Kazani

“To Kazani” is a traditional tavern located in Aradippou, a village in Larnaca. It’s a place that celebrates the flavors of traditional Cypriot cuisine, offering homemade recipes that are familiar and beloved. The tavern passionately prepares a rich meze, showcasing some of the best dishes in Cypriot cuisine. This, combined with the enchanting décor of the place and a good wine, creates an experience reminiscent of another era. Particularly recommended are the Mix Grill and Lamb Chops. “To Kazani” is open daily from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM, except on Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays, guests can also enjoy live music.

28th October, No5, Aradippou 7104 Larnaca |

10. Taverna To Deilino

Taverna To Deilino

Tavern To Deilino is a musical tavern that upholds the traditions of a classic establishment. It offers a combination of good food and entertainment, ideal for those who appreciate great cuisine and know how to enjoy themselves. Every Friday and Saturday, the tavern features quality live music, including artistic and folk repertoire, as well as songs from groups and Greek cinema.

Ayiou Georgiou Kontou 93, Larnaca 6046 |