10 Top Arabic Tv Shows To Learn Arabic + Best films and podcasts [2024]

Top 23 Series, Films And Podcasts To Learn Arabic 2023

Learning a language while having fun has become increasingly common with the development of the internet and technology. Nowadays, it is possible to access audiovisual programs in multiple languages with translations and multilingual subtitles. These techniques also apply to the Arabic language. In this article, you will discover all the possibilities available to make your […]

6 Best Music Festivals In The Middle East [2024]

Music Festivals In The Middle East

The Middle East has become a hub for some of the world’s most significant music events, drawing in hundreds of thousands of fans to witness performances by both global and local artists. Covering genres from dance music to grime, and everything in between, here are the top music festivals in the Middle East that you […]

6 Middle East Contemporary Artists To Follow [2024]

Middle East Contemporary Artists

I invite you to discover the artistic scene of Middle East region , through the expression of the artists who bring it to life.  In this blog post you will discover 6 Middle East Contemporary Artists: Abdalla Al Omari Omari completed his English Literature degree at the University of Damascus and also attended the Adham […]

6 Best Art Galleries in Jeddah To Discover [2024]

Art Galleries In Jeddah

Experience the rich culture of Jeddah through its amazing art galleries. Jeddah boasts a lively arts and culture scene that fosters the talents of local Saudi artists and embraces renowned international names. No matter what you’re searching for, whether it’s expansive galleries or art studios selling unique pieces, Jeddah has a variety of galleries to […]

The Valley of Art in Al-Ula Saudi Arabia : All you need to know [2023]

The Valley Of Art In Al-Ula

Enjoy a unique experience and wander in the desert amidst the wonderful landscapes and rocks in the Valley of Art in Al-Ula … A valley in the Al-Ula desert is transformed into a new cultural destination that embraces the masterpieces of contemporary art. The Valley of Art is a huge art project in Al-Ula Governorate […]