Turkish Fashion Brands

Turkey, a country rich in cultural heritage and historical influence, has emerged as a vibrant hub for fashion, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. In this post, we’ll explore the crème de la crème of Turkish fashion brands, showcasing brands that have made a significant impact both locally and internationally. From the time-honored elegance of Reis Kuyumculuk to the innovative and sustainable approach of Lupa Project, we dive into the unique stories and distinctive styles of these trendsetting labels.

Let’s uncover the gems that make Turkish fashion brands a must-know in the global fashion scene!

1. Reflect Studio

Turkish Fashion Brands Reflect Studio

Reflect Studio, founded by Eray Erdoğan, Edipcan Yıldız, and Ece Altunmaral, is a well-known clothing studio in Turkey. They are known for their ethical and sustainable way of making clothes. Their clothes are not only special in terms of design and story but are also practical and good for both men and women.

The brand is focused on fair business practices and only uses materials that are good for the environment. Reflect Studio pays a lot of attention to every part of their clothes, from the fabric they use to how they cut and sew them. Their clothes are high-quality, long-lasting, and comfortable. The studio likes to try new things with different fabrics and styles. This makes their clothes look good and work well in daily life. They pay attention to small details like stitching, buttons, and linings. The brand is positive about the future and aims to make clothes that are both stylish and comfortable.

Website: https://reflectstudio.com/

2. Mehry Mu

Turkish Fashion Brands Mehry Mu

Mehry Mu, started in 2009 by Güneş Mutlu, is a well-known brand in the “accessible luxury” market. It stands out for its designs that mix old and new styles. The brand is famous for its high quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Mehry Mu is unique because of its carefully chosen details. Features like its special stitching, the Fatma’s Hand symbol, and the ikat fabric linings are key to its style. These elements make Mehry Mu’s products appealing, combining traditional and modern design in a way that people really like.

Website: https://mehrymu.com/

3. One Square Meter

Turkish Fashion Brands One Square Meter

The Turkish fashion brand One Square Meter, established in 2016 by Zeynep Özar Berksü and Çağrı Berksü, focuses on slow and sustainable fashion. Their annual collections feature designs that fit well into everyday life, paying close attention to what people need and want in their clothing. One Square Meter specializes in timeless, seasonless designs intended to be cherished for many years. They follow a waste-free production approach, making clothes only when ordered.


4. Piece of White

Turkish Fashion Brands Piece Of White

Piece of White, established by Zeynep Tansuğ in 2017, is a brand dedicated to celebrating the classic white shirt, a staple in every wardrobe. The brand reimagines this timeless piece with a modern twist, focusing on high-quality fabrics, excellent craftsmanship, unique cuts, and distinctive details. While white shirts are the cornerstone and most prominent feature of Piece of White, the brand’s offerings are not limited to just these. With each season, their collections expand, consistently showcasing the brand’s timeless elegance.


5. Giyi

Turkish Fashion Brands Giyi

Giyi, founded by Göknil Bigan in 2019, is a brand that blends women’s creativity with sustainability. The brand, which collaborates closely with women’s cooperatives, was launched on March 8, International Working Women’s Day, to reflect its principles. Giyi focuses on using biodegradable materials and turning waste fabrics into accessories.

Bigan’s approach to design is circular, highlighting not only environmental and social sustainability but also cultural sustainability. Women across Turkey inspire the brand. Giyi promotes conscious consumption through clothing that suits all body types, ages, and locations. The brand’s style is free and original. Giyi aims to create timeless pieces for wardrobes, with products known for their versatility and functional designs.

Website: https://international.giyiworld.com/

6. Fabula Tales

Turkish Fashion Brands Fabula Tales

Fabula & Tales, established by a mother-daughter team, is a brand that focuses on “sustainable luxury.” The brand is committed to ethical practices throughout its production process, particularly in choosing fabrics that minimize environmental impact. Rather than using traditional methods for creating patterns, Fabula & Tales utilizes digital techniques to reduce pollution. All of their products are handmade by women in need, contributing to both the quality and the social impact of the brand. Fabula & Tales is known for offering high-quality products that also stand out with their unique style.

Website: https://www.fabulatales.com/


Turkish Fashion Brands Kngtly

KNTLGY is a unique brand that blends physical and digital realms, offering wearable technology-based products in the Metaverse. The brand advocates against producing numerous samples as it views this as wasteful, aligning with sustainable principles. KNTLGY focuses on eco-friendly fabrics and efficient production methods, harmonizing the old and new, and the past with the present.

The brand’s cultural heritage and diversity are evident in various aspects, from its logo to its designs, with technology being at the heart of KNTLGY. Digital art is combined with cutting-edge technologies to create products designed for the spiritual journeys of strong women. These items can be experienced in the Metaverse, offering an immersive digital experience, and they can be purchased following a process that is enriched with impressive digital elements.

Website: https://knitology.com.tr/


Turkish Fashion Brands Kaft

KAFT, officially founded in 2011 after two years of preparation, has made a mark over the past decade with its unique designs. The brand targets an audience that values aesthetics and steers clear of mainstream culture. KAFT began its journey with t-shirts, combining quality fabrics and detailed stitching with artistic patterns to cultivate a distinct community.

The brand collaborates with some of Turkey’s most talented illustrators and digital artists, broadening its range of products. Designers like Akif Kaynar, Andrea Minini, and İbrahim Dilek have contributed to KAFT’s identity. Now, KAFT’s products, which include a variety of items from bags to trousers, are available in 84 locations worldwide, including places like Hong Kong and Toronto.

Website: https://www.kaft.com/en/


Turkish Fashion Brands Allsome

ALLSOME, established by three long-time friends, is designed to simplify the lives of busy, working, and productive women. The brand offers versatile designs that are suitable for various times and occasions, from daytime activities to evening events and from casual settings to formal gatherings. These designs are especially appealing to women who are free-spirited and confident.

The brand is known for its romantic, eclectic, and fun dresses, which have become essential items in many wardrobes. ALLSOME focuses on creating timeless pieces, staying away from fleeting seasonal trends. Additionally, the brand is recognized for its sustainable approach. The founders prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials combined with fine craftsmanship, reflecting their commitment to both style and environmental responsibility.


10. Lumoths

Turkish Fashion Brands Lumoths

Described as “creative, artistic and original” by its founder Funda Gülay Cengiz , Lumoths promises a magical world. Inspired by the unique diversity of life, the brand tells many different stories with its multidisciplinary design principles. Lumoths, which is the result of Funda Gülay Cengiz’s love of drawing that started when she was a child, aims for timelessness. Patterns created with the charcoal hand drawing technique come to life on pure silk fabrics with Italian dyes. Lumoths, a slow fashion brand with an ethical approach, combines the concept of wearable art with sustainable design. Designs bearing traces of historical and artistic elements offer multi-purpose use. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each product is donated in order to contribute to the diversity and sustainability of all kinds of life on the planet.

Website: https://www.lumoths.com/

11. Reis Kuyumculuk

Turkish Fashion Brands Reis

Reis Kuyumculuk, established in 1982 in Hak Pasajı (also known as Hümeyra Pasajı), has evolved over the past 40 years, blending tradition with modernity. In 2010, when the new generation of the family entered the business, the brand adopted an innovative and minimalistic approach.

The brand aims to redefine the traditional concept of a jeweler, focusing on the beauty of simplicity while still valuing classic styles. Reis Kuyumculuk is notable for its collaboration with international designers and business partnerships, and it operates in various locations around the world. The brand is known for its signature designs that embody both modesty and striking elegance, appealing to a diverse range of tastes.

Website: https://www.reiskuyumculuk.com/anasayfa


Turkish Fashion Brands Istanbul Market

MARCHÉ İSTANBUL, launched in 2018, is a local brand inspired by the historical Bon Marchês of Levantine and Istanbul. The brand focuses on bringing together local manufacturers to create products that are practical, sustainable, timeless, and suitable for all seasons. MARCHÉ İSTANBUL caters to fashion enthusiasts who seek effortless style, offering bags that blend traditional materials with contemporary interpretations. This approach reflects the brand’s commitment to uniting historical influences with modern fashion trends.

Website: https://marcheistanbul.shop/

13. Siren Ertan

Turkish Fashion Brands Siren Ertan

Siren Ertan continues to make a splash in the fashion world with the brand she founded under her own name in 2004. The brand offers a wide range of products, including clothing, bags, shoes, as well as perfumes, and home products. The brand attaches importance to sustainability and also offers second-hand vintage products for sale on the site. Make sure to make room for Siren Ertan in your wardrobe.

Website: https://www.sirenertanistanbul.com/en

14. HiVa Atelier

Turkish Fashion Brands Hiva Atelier

Founded in Istanbul in 2016 , the HiVa Atelier brand combines high-level leather craftsmanship and quality with the idea that everyone has a color and produces colorful leather bags and wallets for you. Timeless and functional designs are simple enough to accompany your style at every moment of your life. In addition, leather products hand-painted and personalized by the brand’s designer Dilara Ertan will become an indispensable part of your story.

Website: https://hivaatelier.de/

15. Lupa Project

Turkish Fashion Brands Lupa Project

Lupa Project, a relatively new brand created by Nalan Cengiz and Azem Hastürkoğlu after leaving the corporate world, offers two basic models in a variety of colors. The brand’s products, particularly its fun and practical bags, are designed for the active, city-living woman and are described as “The bag that fits the city into it.” These bags provide functional and stylish solutions for different needs with their varying sizes, making them a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

Website: https://lupaprojectistanbul.com/

16. è lei

Turkish Fashion Brands

è lei is a fairly new brand founded by Melodi Talvi in ​​2017. The brand, which has fun and flashy silhouettes, is inspired by modern art and music. You can easily transition from day to night with designs that reflect the spirit of modern city life.

Website: https://eleiofficial.com/

17. Ninon

Turkish Fashion Brands Ninon

Born from an idea that came to the mind of fashion editor Mert Aslan and vintage costume jewelry expert Ahmet Güneş in Paris in 2017, Ninon is, in a word, an extravagant jewelry brand. The brand, which draws attention with its flashy and fun designs, takes its name from Ninon de l’Enclos, one of the most iconic names of 17th-century Paris. The inspiration for the designs, each hand-made by local artisans in Istanbul, includes elements from many fields, from art to mythology, especially iconic women such as Loulou de la Falaise, Mina Mazzini, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Website: https://en.theninon.com/

18. Gul Hürgel

Turkish Fashion Brands Gul Hürgel

Taking her inspiration from Mediterranean coastal cities such as Portofino and Positano, designer Gül Hürgel makes us dream of summer with her brand bearing her name. All products of the brand, which is famous for its elegant and romantic dresses, are produced using 100% linen fabric.  Gül Hürgel’s love for the Mediterranean is reflected in her predominant use of light linen fabrics for her latest collection.

Website: https://www.gulhurgel.com/

19. Mysummerblue

Turkish Fashion Brands Mysummerblue

Aydan Kurnaz and Nurdan Bilsen, who have been working in the textile industry for many years, founded the Mysummerblue brand in 2017. They continue their journey with determination, learning a lot and improving themselves and their brand. It offers summer products consisting of quality, useful, permanent pieces made of natural fabrics that will easily make them feel beautiful and attractive to women who want to spend their bright summer days in comfort and elegance.

Website: https://www.mysummerblue.com/

20. Nammu

Turkish Fashion Brands Nammu

Founded in 2015 by Müge Ersin, inspired by the traditional art of marbling, Nammu attracts attention with its colorful and sophisticated designs. The magical patterns created by the designer in water are transferred first to paper and then to high-quality fabrics with digital techniques. This technique adds a miraculous touch to the designs and makes the products unique.

Website: https://www.nammu.shop/

21. Misela

Turkish Fashion Brands Misela

Founded by Serra Türker in New York in 2008 , Misela reflects Eastern and Western cultures in remarkable harmony. Known for its bold color combinations and high-end quality, the brand has timeless designs. Inspired by the rich history of Istanbul, Misela’s first boutique was opened in 2012 in Pera, one of the most historical areas of the city.

Website: https://www.misela.com/mainpage.aspx

22. In The Mood For Love

Turkish Fashion Brands

Founded in 2016 by fashion designer Banu Bora Mumcu and interior designer Rezzan Benardete , In The Mood For Love attracts attention with its bold and fun style. The brand’s designs, which offer effortless elegance, guarantee to add a dose of joy and luxury to the lives of those who wear them. The brand’s diverse sources of inspiration include Hollywood’s Golden Age, the oriental charm of the Far East, and leading artists such as Marina Abramovic and Wolfgang Tillmans.

Website: https://inthemoodforlove.com.tr/en-en

23. tiny

Turkish Fashion Brands Tiny


Founded by Cansın Saglam , tiny includes colors and patterns inspired by nature in its designs inspired by “effortless elegance”. The brand’s products, which draw attention to the importance it attaches to functionality, are mostly produced in a single size. Minimal designs that will suit any location offer unlimited combination options.

Website: https://www.tinybrandshop.com/en

24. Fonfique

Fonfique Bag

Ceylan Kolat, who decided to continue her career as a pattern designer after graduating from the Illustration and Animation department at IED, continued her education at Central Saint Martins London. When she returned to Istanbul, she gained experience in the textile industry for 3 years and in 2014 , she founded Fonfique , which she had dreamed of for a long time . All the products of the brand, which attracts attention with its exciting color combinations and patterns created from Ceylan Kolat’s watercolor drawings, are very fun.

Website: https://eu.fonfique.com/

25. Rumisu

Turkish Fashion Brands Rumisu

Rumisu, born in 2013 from the passion of two sisters, Deniz Yeğin İkiışık and Pınar Yeğin, for design and illustration, is a reflection of the sisters’ fun stance that does not take life too seriously. Although they now include pieces such as shirts and dresses in their collections; The backbone of their collections is the silk and cotton scarves they create using their own illustrations. Scarves, each telling a different story, are produced ethically. All of the products designed regardless of age and gender are sure to bring joy to the users’ day.

Website: https://international.rumisu.com/

26. Frea

Turkish Fashion Brands Frea

Nil Ertürk, who entered the fashion industry with the blog she opened in 2009, founded Frea by combining her experience in the sector and her own needs. The brand aims to create quality products that are breathable, use natural fabrics that are well-sewn, and have designs that can be used for a long time. Nil Ertürk, the creator of the brand, defines Frea’s line, which he positions in an accessible price range, as daily featured, simple but confident.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisfrea/

27. Ponponiere

Turkish Fashion Brands Ponponiere

İpek Aktaş, who worked as an accessory buyer for many years, followed her passion for handmade jewelry and founded Ponponiere in 2017. The brand, which started out with earrings attracting attention with its unique style, also added bracelets, necklaces, and bags to its product range over time. Ponponiere, inspired by nature, exotic destinations, and astrology, quickly became very popular with its fun and bold designs. These designs add dynamism and joy to even the simplest combination.

Website: https://www.ponponiere.com/en/

28. Mybestfriends

Turkish Fashion Brands

Founded in 2011 , Mybestfriends attracted attention with its first capsule collection at a local fashion festival it attended the same year. In the face of great demand, the brand took a more corporate route and opened its first showroom. The brand then established its own production workshop and is present at many prestigious sales points in Turkey with its designs for modern and strong women.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/mybestfriendstr/

29. Muun

Turkish Fashion Brands

Founded by Billur Saatçi and Dinemis Miral, Muun set out to produce timeless and classic pieces that every woman should have in her closet. The brand, which draws attention with its designs that are independent of trends and can be easily carried from day to night, pays great attention to creating models suitable for different body types. The most important issue they are concerned with is fabric selection. The brand makes mostly environmentally friendly fabric choices and carries out production in its own workshop. Muun, which also aims to provide social benefit, is in close cooperation with non-governmental organizations such as AÇEV and Red Children Association.

Website: https://www.muun.com.tr/en

30. BAGO

Turkish Fashion Brands

Bago, which literally means ‘spirit of the forest’, revealing the tropical spirit with its collections, it offers a wide range of handbags, casual bags, and colorful beach bags in different sizes and shapes, in collections where eye-catching vibrant colors are freely used. Produced for sustainable fashion and environmentally friendly, Bago also supports craftsmen and women’s committees.

Instagram: instagram.com/bagohandicrafts/

31. Faraway


Founded by Ayşe Boyner, who worked as a purchasing manager at Beymen and Boyner for many years, Faraway offers clothes with soul. Faraway, a fairly new brand, reflects a free-spirited attitude while drawing inspiration from distant lands. Each piece of the brand, which has designs that embrace the principle of “effortless elegance”, attracts attention with its unique details. Having turned to Africa in the first collection, Faraway’s second collection draws the route towards Mexico.

Website: https://farawayclothing.com/




Başak Barlas, who ended her career in the 10th year after graduating from the Department of Business Administration, followed her passion for fashion and founded SORBE. Aiming to create timeless jackets that women will feel good in, Barlas is entering more and more wardrobes with different jacket models every day. Sorbet jackets, which offer effortless elegance both in daily life and at special events, fall into three basic categories. You will definitely find what you are looking for in one of them.

Website: https://www.sorbe.co/en