Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

For a long time, the fashion design scene was dominated by international names and only a handful of Arab designers. However, several talented Egyptian designers have recently broken into the fashion industry, making a name for themselves. Their remarkable skills have even caught the attention of global stars, who now flaunt their signature designs. Let’s take a look at the 10 most famous Egyptian fashion designers who have recently made significant impacts in the world of fashion design.


Saedi Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

SAEDI is a renowned fashion brand, established in 2012 by the Egyptian designer and entrepreneur Ahmed Al-Saedi. It’s dedicated to creating high-quality haute couture and ready-to-wear pieces, celebrating the strength and beauty of women. Over the years, SAEDI has become a top name in the MENA region’s fashion scene, known for its distinctive and bold designs that combine unique fabrics, designs, and cuts.

The brand is committed to highlighting women’s desire to thrive in all aspects of life. Each piece of clothing tells a unique story, contributing to the broader narrative of women’s empowerment. SAEDI’s creations have gained recognition and admiration from women, celebrities, artists, designers, and international organizations, making it a favored choice for those looking for impactful, iconic fashion. SAEDI stands as a symbol of timeless elegance and a trailblazer in both Egyptian and global fashion markets, pointing the way toward the future.


2. Aliel

Aliel Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

Aliel, established in 2017 by Egyptian designer Leila Abo Tira, represents the unique and captivating aspects of fashion. This brand is all about storytelling, creating not just clothing but a narrative and timeless design for every piece. Aliel believes that every woman carries her own story, and her wardrobe should reflect that. It stands out by blending aesthetics, concepts, and quality, making it a contemporary and independent brand with a modern flair. Aliel aims to empower and inspire women through the lens of art, celebrating the principles of originality, individuality, equality, and freedom.


3. Sabry Marouf

Sabry Marouf Amous Egyptian Fashion Designers

Sabry Marouf, formed by two Egyptian fashion designers united in their ideas and dedication to innovation, collaborates with artisans across Egypt, Italy, and the UK to craft modern, wearable artifacts. Their work honors our collective heritage, blending elements of ancient Egypt with modern design to forge something truly unique. At the core of their creative philosophy is the pursuit of timeless, valued objects. By combining cutting-edge techniques with age-old craftsmanship, Sabry Marouf creates pieces that are not just fashion but lasting treasures.



Zaam Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

ZAAM, a contemporary brand known for its luxurious and urban bags, leather goods, and garments with a vintage flair, was founded by Egyptian designer Ahmed Azzam in June 2012. The launch of the Geometrical Basic Women Bags collection marked the beginning of ZAAM’s journey.

Azzam, a self-taught designer, is driven by a passion for crafting high-quality bags that showcase his distinctive perspective on art and life. Each piece from ZAAM is handmade in Cairo, embodying meticulous research, styling, and creation, blending form and material into unique designs.

In 2015, Azzam was honored with the award for Egypt’s Best Bag Designer of the year, a testament to his skill and innovation. ZAAM’s handbags have found a market in Egypt, the UAE, and Korea, and the brand offers worldwide delivery, extending its reach to a global audience.



Mimzo Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

The founder of MIMZO holds the belief that jewelry can influence our energy fields and moods. With careful thought, she designs each piece to carry an inspiring message and radiate positive, vibrant energy, utilizing materials such as diamonds, 18k gold, precious stones, gemstones, and sterling silver. MIMZO jewelry stands out for its handcrafted uniqueness and distinctiveness.


6. Maison Yeya

Maison Yeya Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

The fashion designer Yasmine Yehia, with Egyptian-French roots, has emerged as a celebrated figure in the fashion world. Her acclaim may stem from her talent in fashion design, her meticulous attention to garment details, and the high-quality fabrics she chooses. Yehia established her couture and bridal fashion brand in Cairo in 2008, later relocating it to Dubai where she has opened two branches and designed for members of the Arab royal families. Her international reputation soared in 2019 when Jennifer Lopez wore a Maison Yeya outfit at the BAFTAs. In 2020, Yehia expanded her brand with the launch of the Maison Yeya Ready-to-Wear line “Yeya 365” and introduced an e-commerce platform.


7. Temraza

Temraza Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

Temraza, created by Farida Temraz, the Egyptian Designer, stands out for its unique and elegant designs that skillfully shape and accentuate a woman’s figure with glamorous details. Farida Temraz, the Creative Director and founder of the brand, draws inspiration from various cultures to design luxury collections made from the finest materials and embroideries. The brand made its debut with its first collection in Autumn/Winter 2014 at Paris Fashion Week, winning first prize in a Fashion Television runway show, which propelled Temraza to instant fame. Since that breakthrough, Temraza has gained significant visibility, with Hollywood celebrities and international VIPs wearing its designs on the red carpet at major events like the Academy Awards, Grammys, Primetime Emmy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and many other prestigious occasions worldwide.


8. In Your Shoe

In Your Shoe Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

In Your Shoe began with a friendly competition between two friends over who had the better socks, eventually leading to the brand’s establishment in April 2018 with the ambition to impress everyone with their designs.

Since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive fashion brand, delivering unique pieces that embody diverse statements and playful designs. They focus on creating ready-to-wear items that enable millennials and Gen Z to showcase their individuality, spice up their outfits, and feel confident.


9. Norine Farah

Norine Farah Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

Everyone who looks at Norine Farah’s designs ends up amazed by the beauty she creates. This Egyptian fashion designer stands out from the crowd. Norine became especially well-known after winning the Best Design Award at the 7th Cairo Fashion Design Festival. Following her win, many Egyptian celebrities, like Amina Khalil and Dina El-Sherbiny, have been spotted wearing her dresses.


10. Rafik Zaki

Rafik Zaki Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

Rafik Zaki, known for styling celebrities for the red carpet, combines top-notch Italian craftsmanship with a Middle Eastern twist, creating unique and diverse designs. Growing up in Cairo, Egypt, Zaki was always passionate about art and fashion. His dream of becoming a fashion designer became a reality when he launched his first collection in 2011.


11. Sacer

Sacer Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

Sacer is an Egyptian fashion brand that focuses on creating sustainable, ethical, and eco-conscious streetwear. They use soft, breathable, and lightweight fabrics, offering a vibrant selection of colors in inclusive styles.