3 Days In Cairo Itinerary

This perfect 3 days in Cairo itinerary is set to cover all Cairo’s highlights and hidden gems. Since attractions in Cairo are widely spread, expect to use taxis, cars, or public transport multiple times a day. The schedule is packed, but flexible—feel free to adjust it based on your interests, available time, and priorities. This approach ensures you experience the best of Cairo at your own pace, fitting in as much as you can or want.

Day 1: Discovering the Giza Pyramids And Majestic Mosque

Today’s adventure takes you to the famous Giza Plateau, home to ancient pyramids built by pharaohs over 3,900 years ago. You’ll get to walk around this historic area, see the incredible pyramids and the majestic Mosque.

Walking Through Giza

Gyza Pyramids

Get ready for an exciting day in Giza. You’ll stroll down its spacious streets, take pictures next to interesting statues and mini-monuments, and relax in cozy cafes. If you’re really into learning more about Giza, you might want to join a guided tour.

Even though it often looks like the pyramids are in the middle of a vast desert in pictures, they’re actually right next to the city. That means houses, shops, and lots of places to grab a bite are just steps away from these ancient wonders. Near the Sphinx, you can find places to eat, like the famous Abou Shakra, where you can dine with a view of history.

Exploring Giza’s Ancient Wonders

When you get to Giza, you’ll find two ways to start your adventure. One entrance is right across from the Sphinx, and another is up on a hill by the biggest pyramid. A good tip is to go in through the hill entrance by the big pyramid and then head down towards the Sphinx.

Giza Pyramids: A Journey Through Time

Giza 3 Days In Cairo Itinerary

When you visit Giza, you’re stepping into a world of ancient wonders:

The Cairo Citadel: A Fortified History

Cairo Citadel

A short walk from the park, the Cairo Citadel stands as a testament to Egypt’s rich history, having been the epicenter of Egyptian power for centuries.

Inside the Citadel: The Muhammed Ali Mosque

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Day 2: Diving into Coptic Cairo

On your second day, delve into the heart of Cairo’s renowned Coptic culture by exploring the museums and historical lanes of the enigmatic Coptic Quarter. This area shines a light on one of Egypt’s major religious communities and the biggest Christian group in the Middle East.

Morning: Egyptian Museum Visit

Egyptian Museum

Kickstart your day at the Egyptian Museum, a treasure trove of Egypt’s most precious artifacts. It’s a must-see spot, best experienced with a tour guided by an expert Egyptologist.

The ground floor is a spectacle of sarcophagi, massive stone sculptures, and ancient coffins. Upstairs, you’ll find rooms dedicated to mummies. The highlight is undoubtedly the exhibit of Tutankhamun’s tomb, complete with his golden coffins, intricate jewelry, and artifacts.

Midday: Cairo Tower Panorama

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Next, cross the Nile to Cairo Tower’s top floor (level 62) for the city’s best views. Enjoy lunch at the tower’s panoramic terrace cafeteria, where the scenery complements your meal beautifully. Entry costs 200 EGP (about 11 euros).

Afternoon: Coptic Museum Discovery

Coptic Museum

Hop in a taxi to the Coptic Museum, where you’ll connect with the heritage of Cairo’s Coptic community, direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The museum showcases Coptic art from the dawn of Christianity in Egypt through the early Islamic era, celebrated for its wooden designs and historical treasures.

Note on Photography in Egypt

Visit to the Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo

Hanging Church Cairo

In the heart of Coptic Cairo (Masr al-Qadima), the Hanging Church, also known as Al Moallaqa, stands out as the area’s most renowned church. Despite what its name might imply, the church isn’t hanging or suspended in the air. It’s called the Hanging Church because it’s built over the gatehouse of an old Roman fortress, giving it a unique elevated position.

Why Visit?

Discovering the Ben Ezra Synagogue

Ben Ezra Synagogue In Cairo

Just behind the Hanging Church, the Ben Ezra Synagogue is an architectural treasure, marking the historical presence of Egypt’s Jewish community. Legend says this spot is linked to the story of Moses as a baby.

Why Visit?

Dinner at Zooba

Zooba Zamalek

End your day with a meal at Zooba, a popular Cairo chain that brings Egyptian street food to life in a vibrant atmosphere. Its popularity among locals has even led to branches opening in the United States and Saudi Arabia, making it a must-try spot for authentic local flavors.

Day 3: Islamic Cairo Adventure

Your third day in Cairo dives deep into the city’s Islamic heritage. You’ll wander through historic streets, visit significant mosques, and end your exploration with a relaxing Nile ride.

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar Exploration

Khan El-Khalili In Cairo

Kick off with a visit to Khan el-Khalili, Cairo’s liveliest souk. It’s a treasure trove of souvenirs, from handmade lamps to intricate jewelry. The market’s architecture echoes the Ottoman era, and don’t miss stopping by the historic Fishawi Cafe for a taste of Egyptian coffee in a perfect ambiance.

Muizz Street: An Open-Air Museum

Muizz Street In Cairo

Just north of the bazaar is Muizz Street, showcasing Islamic monuments spanning centuries. It’s like walking through history, with structures from the Fatimid dynasty to Ottoman times. The Qalawun complex is a highlight here, with its stunning Mamluk architecture.

Relax in Al Azhar Park

Al Ahzar Park

For a change of pace, head to Al Azhar Park, a lush retreat in the midst of Cairo’s buzz. It was once a landfill but now stands as a beautiful park. Enjoy lunch with a view at the Citadel restaurant, offering traditional Egyptian dishes on a lovely outdoor terrace.

Stroll Through Khan el Khalili

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Begin from the Al Azhar Mosque, an influential center for Sunni theology and a beautifully restored monument. As evening falls, the area around Bab al-Ghuri lights up, perfect for capturing the essence of Cairo at night.

Evening Nile Sail on a Falucca

Falucca Cairo

Wind down your day with a falucca sail on the Nile. These traditional boats offer a serene experience, a stark contrast to the bustling city. Starting from the Qasr el Nile Bridge, head towards the Four Seasons Nile Plaza where you can easily find a boat. It’s an affordable and memorable way to see Cairo from the water.

Night in Maadi

Maadi District In Caairo

Finish your evening in Maadi, a suburb known for its dining scene. From traditional eateries to diverse cuisine options, it’s the perfect place to reflect on your day’s adventures over a delicious meal.