Romantic Restaurants Cairo

Cairo, a city known for its vibrant culture and rich history, also boasts some incredibly romantic dining spots. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a special date night, or just looking for a cozy place to enjoy a meal with your significant other, Cairo’s culinary scene has something to offer. In this post, we’ll take you through the city’s most enchanting eateries, where the ambiance, food, and service come together to create the perfect romantic setting. From hidden gems to well-known favorites, get ready to explore the most romantic restaurants Cairo has to offer.

1. Bocca

 Bocca Cairo

Bocca is a unique restaurant that offers contemporary refined international cuisine. The restaurant’s interior is great, and the menu is special. From contemporary breakfast options to exquisite lunch choices, the overall experience at Bocca is delightful. Highly recommended dishes include the eggs Benedict for breakfast and the burrata salad and veal scallopini for dinner.

10 Al Gomhoureya Square, Mohandessin, Cairo, Egypt |

2. Villa Belle Époque

Villa Belle Epoque Bocca

Aside from being a stunning hotel and awesome wedding venue, Villa Belle Époque is an exquisite restaurant that combines comfort, elegance, and modernity. If you don’t plan to stay at the hotel, make sure to stop by for brunch or dinner during your next visit to Cairo. The outdoor space is gorgeous, tucked away in leafy gardens, and they have a wonderful menu! Try the seafood pasta, Asian salad, and beef tagliatelle.

 D.B Villa, Road 13, 63, Cairo Governorate, Egypt |

3. TAO Cairo

Romantic Restaurants Cairo Tao

Tao Cairo restaurant is a hidden gem that offers a diverse and delightful multi-Asian dining experience. If you’re looking to break away from traditional cuisine, this is the perfect place for you. Their menu takes you on a culinary journey through the flavors of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cuisines. One of the highlights of their menu is their assortment of Dim Sum, which is sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious bite-sized treats. Be sure to try their Chicken Tikka Masala with garlic and Naan, a dish that is known for its rich flavors and aromatic spices. To add to the ambiance, Tao Cairo also features live music on weekends, creating a vibrant atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal.

S Teseen, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt |

4. Tree Trunk

Romantic Restaurants Cairo Tree Trunk

Looking for a romantic and enchanting dining experience? Look no further than this Bohemian-chic restaurant. The atmosphere here is simply unparalleled, transporting you into a fairytale-like setting. The captivating decorations throughout the place will leave you mesmerized, with every corner boasting its own unique charm. This dreamy ambiance sets the perfect mood for a romantic dinner with your date. When it comes to the menu, make sure to indulge in their delectable Quesadillas and savor the explosion of flavor that their Chicken bombs offer.

 9 El-Thawra St, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 4460242, Egypt |

5. Rossini

Rossini Cairo

If you’re looking to set the mood for a romantic dinner, Italian cuisine never fails to impress. And when it comes to Italian fusion specializing in seafood, Rossini is an excellent choice, promising a top-notch fine dining experience. One dish that shouldn’t be missed at Rossini is their specialty fries. Another recommendation is their delicious risotto, known for its creamy texture and rich flavors. And if you’re a fan of seafood, don’t forget to try the garlic butter shrimps. To end your meal on a sweet note, indulge in the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu, it’s an absolute must-have.

66 Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 4461040, Egypt |

6. Crave

Crave Cairo

Crave is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner. It always surprises guests with its great food and amazing atmosphere. The restaurant is famous for its unique dishes that you can’t find elsewhere. It’s sure to impress your date. Don’t miss trying The Zombie Burger and The Cheese Sticks.

22A Taha Hussein, St, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4271150, Egypt |

7. Il Mulino

Romantic Restaurants Cairo Il Mulino

Il Mulino is a restaurant ideal for a romantic date. It’s affordable yet exquisite. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a casual romantic evening. Top dishes include Lasagna, Mushroom Risotto, and Onion Soup. Don’t miss their delicious desserts like Éclairs in various flavors, Fudge Cake, Dark Chocolate Tart, and Profiteroles.

48 El-Horeya, Almazah, القاهرة‬، Cairo Governorate 11435, Egypt |

8. Villa Caracas

Romantic Restaurants Cairo Villa Caracas

Villa Caracas is a wonderful restaurant for experiencing Lebanese cuisine. It’s great for those who enjoy trying new, familiar foods. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with fantastic food and a romantic setting. The dishes are rich in flavor. You can try a variety of Lebanese dishes like hummus, tabbouleh, and fattoush, all authentic in taste. They also offer different types of manushe, and the drinks go well with the meal. The lentil soup is especially good. If you’re looking for authentic Lebanese food at a romantic spot, Villa Caracas is the place to go.

X746+9JH، شارع 9، شارع9،المعادى،قسم, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 4212011, Egypt |

9. Pepenero

Pepenero Cairo

If you love Italian food, you’ll enjoy Pepenero in Korba, Heliopolis. It brings authentic Italian flavors right to Cairo. Pepenero is also perfect for a romantic dinner, making you feel like you’re in Italy, known for its romance. Try their delicious risotto, Chicken Cream Soup, Seafood Spaghetti, or Pizza Peppenero.

18 Baghdad St, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 4460245, Egypt |

10. Crimson Bar & Grill

Romantic Restaurants Cairo Crimson

Crimson is the perfect spot for an unforgettable fine dining experience and a truly romantic evening. With its fantastic locations, it’s not just a restaurant, it’s a real gem. You’re guaranteed to make an incredible impression. Excite your date with phenomenal choices like the Angus Ribeye, the delightful Goat Cheese Salad, and end on a high note with the irresistible Pineapple Creme Brulee. These dishes are the highlights of Crimson.

St. (former Montazah St, 16 Kamal Al Tawil, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt |

11. Sizzler Steak House 

Romantic Restaurants Cairo Sizzler Steak House

Sizzler is a wonderfully romantic place, perfect for special moments. The jazz music there sets the mood just right. The food is unique and beautifully presented, with great taste. Start with the salmon rolls – they’re delicious. For the main course, try the jumbo sizzled steak with added shrimps. It’s amazing and cooked to perfection. Other must-tries are the Steak with Pepper & Mushroom Sauce, Chicken Pesto Pasta, and Chicken Fajitas. Sizzler is known for its huge portions and tasty American cuisine. If you’re really hungry and want a fantastic dining experience with your partner, Sizzler is the place to go.

 17 Road 231 Maadi Degla, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt |

12. Fuego

Fuego Cairo

If you and your partner are sushi fans, then Fuego in Cairo is a great choice. Not only does it serve some of the best sushi, but it also offers a variety of other tasty dishes. The romantic atmosphere of this small and cozy place is perfect for a date. Be sure to try the Mixed Sushi Plate, the Geisha roll, and the Tempura lego – they come highly recommended.

35B Abou El Feda, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11568, Egypt |