Best Restaurants In Cairo

Cairo boasts a lively dining scene that showcases the richness of Egypt’s cuisine and culture. Nowadays, Cairo’s restaurants have expanded their horizons, offering a wide spectrum that ranges from beloved street food classics to upscale fine dining experiences. Additionally, you’ll find elevated international flavors influenced by cuisines like Japanese and Mediterranean, among others. Here’s your guide to exploring and enjoying the diverse dining landscape of Cairo.

Best Restaurants in Cairo:

1. Le Pacha

Carlo'S Best Restaurants In Cairo

Le Pacha brings together 7 distinct restaurants and a bar/lounge/nightspot. Our top picks are: Carlo’s, where you can enjoy a mix of various cuisines, including local Egyptian favorites, along with shisha; L’Asiatique, which specializes in pan-Asian cuisine and was ranked as the 3rd best in Africa.

Let us emphasize, their food is consistently excellent. This might seem obvious, but in Egypt, it’s actually quite rare. At Le Pacha’s restaurants, you can count on excellence every single time.

They also feature other restaurants: Le Steak (French), Maharani (Indian), River Boat (Lebanese), Le Tarbouche (Egyptian), and Le J.Z. (lounge). This variety makes Le Pacha an exceptional dining and entertainment destination.



Address: Le Pacha 1901, Saray El Gezirah Street ,Zamalek,Cairo

2. Crimson

Crimson Best Restaurants In Cairo

Crimson is situated atop a building in Zamalek, offering a splendid view of the Nile. They provide both indoor and outdoor terrace seating, so you can choose where you’d like to enjoy the atmosphere. The view is breathtaking, and their food is equally impressive.

Their menu covers a wide array of fantastic appetizers, pasta, and grilled dishes. Additionally, their cocktail selection is quite extensive, making them stand out in Cairo.

Crimson even serves breakfast and brunch, which is a rarity in Cairo as they’re one of the few restaurants that open as early as 8 am.


Address: 16 Kamal Al Tawil, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza Governorate

3. 139 Pavilion

139 Pavilion Best Restaurants In Cairo

Nestled within the iconic Marriott Mena House hotel, this al fresco restaurant offers a serene escape from the bustling energy of Giza. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can enjoy your meal beside a lovely fountain, enveloped by blossoms and lush greenery. And oh, did we mention the Pyramids? Yes, they provide a breathtaking view that adds to the ambiance.

You have the choice of ordering from an à la carte menu or indulging in their all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s an incredible setting to savor your food while taking in the majestic surroundings.


Address: Marriott Mena House – 6 Pyramids Road Giza Egyp, Pyramids Hill Rd, Egypt

4. Abou Tarek

Abou Tarek Best Restaurants In Cairo

Abou Tarek might not be considered a “fancy” or formal dining place, but it’s an absolute must-visit for newcomers to the city and a cherished spot for locals seeking comfort food. The restaurant’s specialty is koshari, a modern Egyptian staple that combines rice, lentils, chickpeas, macaroni, and vermicelli noodles. This hearty mixture is then topped with zesty tomato juice seasoned with lemon, vinegar, and chili. Abou Tarek has perfected the art of koshari since 1935, growing into a bustling multi-story establishment where a skilled team of cooks prepares loaded bowls seemingly by the thousands, much like an assembly line.


Address: Champillion Street, Maarouf, Qasr al-Nil, Governorate

5. Sachi

Sachi Best Restaurants In Cairo

Sachi’s menu presents a fresh take on Mediterranean cuisine, combining flavors and dishes from Japan and various parts of Asia. You can expect a diverse range of offerings, from sushi and sashimi to octopus carpaccio and beef tataki. They also feature well-loved favorites like arancini, tartare, a complete chateaubriand dish for two, and truffle ravioli.

Sachi has established itself in two locations: one in Cairo (Heliopolis) and the other in Giza (Park Street). Each location boasts its own distinct menu and atmosphere, yet both adhere to the same overall approach and feature the signature dishes mentioned earlier.


Address: 3 Cleopatra Street, Korba،El-Montaza،, Heliopolis, Cairo

6. Zitouni

Zitouni Best Restaurants In Cairo

Zitouni is located at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, which is one of two establishments from this luxury hotel brand in the city. This restaurant specializes in Egyptian cuisine and is set in a refined dining area. Guests can enjoy views of the Nile and the Persian-inspired decor that complements the ambiance. Notable dishes on the menu include Egyptian lentil soup, stuffed pigeon, lamb with okra, and molokhiya stew – a cherished traditional dish prepared from jute leaves.

For added variety, the restaurant offers a buffet-style service for starters and side dishes, with an extensive assortment of hot and cold mezze as well as grilled options. Additionally, their dessert selection is impressively vast, catering to different palates.


Address: 1089 Nile Corniche, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11519

7. Zööba

Zooba Best Restaurants In Cairo

Zööba, founded by an Egyptian-American entrepreneur over a decade ago, aims to reinvigorate Egyptian street food and make it more accessible. This restaurant offers a variety of authentic Egyptian dishes like ta’ameya (falafel) stuffed into loaded pockets, innovative koshari, flavorful ful (mashed fava beans) served as a dip or in sandwiches, hawawshi, and a range of tagines.

Zööba has garnered international recognition, expanding its presence across the world, from Saudi Arabia to the United States. In Cairo, you’ll find multiple branches, including the original and most popular one situated in Zamalek.


Address: 16 26 July St, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Giza 4270123

8. Fasahet Somaya

Fasahet Somaya Best Restaurants In Cairo

Situated close to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Fasahet Somaya is a cozy restaurant where Somaya Al Asyoty, the owner and chef, greets her guests like cherished family. The vibrant blue door guides passersby to the restaurant, while the interior’s white and blue hues evoke a hint of the Greek isles. Despite the decor, the cuisine is entirely Egyptian, with its interpretation of molokhiya receiving special acclaim. This swift and relaxed eatery offers a concise daily menu that revolves around just a handful of signature dishes, crafted based on the day’s fresh market offerings.


Address: 59th El falaki St with Hoda Shaarawy St ,Bab El Louk , Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

9. Kazoku

Kazoku Best Restaurants In Cairo

Kazoku specializes in modern Japanese cuisine, offering a diverse range that includes a wide variety of sushi. Situated in Swan Lake, the indoor-outdoor space not only captures Japanese flavors but also embodies the culture’s emphasis on hospitality, as “kazoku” translates to family. Noteworthy dishes on their menu include succulent glazed short ribs and rich black cod. Additionally, the menu ventures into other Asian cuisines, featuring items like Thai curry and Chinese hot pot.

The bar program stands out, crafting a selection of signature cocktails. Operated by Baky Hospitality, the same group behind some of Cairo’s trendiest restaurants like Sachi, Kazoku continues to be a compelling culinary destination.


Address: Naguib Mahfouz Axis, Second New Cairo, Cairo 4732401

10. Abou El Sid

Abou El Sid Best Restaurants In Cairo

Abou El Sid is the go-to place if you’re craving traditional Egyptian dishes in a wonderfully atmospheric setting. The ambiance alone, with its captivating decor, music, and wall art, makes it a worthwhile experience. Alongside their tempting cuisine, they also offer shisha and inventive Egyptian twists on alcoholic cocktails, such as vodka blended with fresh sugarcane juice.

There are a few standout dishes you shouldn’t miss: the sharqisseya, a chicken dish accompanied by walnut sauce; their stuffed vine leaves; the Egyptian moussaka, a delectable eggplant stew served with rice; and the opportunity to mix and match from their array of Egyptian mezzes. Abou El Sid provides an all-encompassing journey into the flavors and atmosphere of Egypt.


Address: 157, 26th of July St El Zamalek