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Who stands behind ‘Art and then some’

I’m Alissa Walker, and I live currently in Istanbul. As someone whose parents are from Lebanon, I’ve always been close to my family’s traditions and the delicious tastes from our homeland. I’ve been also travelling around the Middle East and Morocco, experiencing even more of the culture.

I’m here to share my passion for the Middle Eastern culture with you. I want to motivate and inspire to travel, so that others can also see that making memories is the best that we can do with our money and time. If you’re interested in discovering the highlights of this region, come join me.

Let’s start this journey together and dive into the amazing world of Middle Eastern art, travel, and food!

What you will find here

I promise to keep my account genuine, not focusing on myself or promoting things I don’t truly stand for. You’ll see my sincere advice and thoughts here. I explore the Middle East and Morocco, searching for unique and sometimes secret spots to share with you. I’ll talk about brands and small places that I genuinely like and often support without expecting anything in return. I hope you enjoy following my adventures, and I’m eager to hear from you.