Middle East Contemporary Artists

I invite you to discover the artistic scene of Middle East region , through the expression of the artists who bring it to life. 

In this blog post you will discover 6 Middle East Contemporary Artists:

Abdalla Al Omari

Abdalla Al Omari Middle East Contemporary Artists

Omari completed his English Literature degree at the University of Damascus and also attended the Adham Ismail Institute for Visual Arts. He gained experience alongside renowned Syrian artists Ghassan Sibai and Fouad Dahdouh.

Starting in early 2012, Abdalla Al Omari’s artworks were showcased at Ayyam Gallery, beginning with The Young Collector’s Auction. His captivating portrait garnered significant attention and sold above expectations.

His paintings are part of esteemed collections including Barjeel Art Foundation UAE, Ayyam Gallery UAE, Kamel Gallery Damascus, the Syrian ministry of culture, and various other collections worldwide.

Nourie Flayhan

Nourie Flayhan Middle East Contemporary Artists

Nourie Flayhan, the renowned Lebanese illustrator and member of the Cartier Pasha Tribe, has collaborated with several international brands including Gucci, House of Aama, and Carolina Herrera.

Yazan Halwani

Yazan Halwani Middle East Contemporary Artists

For almost a decade, Yazan Halwani’s street art in Beirut – a fusion of portraits of famous icons or locals with Arabic calligraphy and oriental geometry – has captivated the city.

Sara Al Abdali

Sara Al Abdali Middle East Contemporary Artists

Sara Al Abdali is a street artist from Saudi Arabia who is known for her thought-provoking artworks that highlight Arab culture. She is considered one of the first street artists in the country.

Zeina Gammouh

Zeina Gammouh Middle East Contemporary Artists

This digital artist has achieved a lot in a short time, including merchandise releases, collaborations, and a following of over 14.4K fans, and there is certainly more to come.

Narmeen Hamadeh

Narmeen Hammadeh Middle East Contemporary Artists

As a Palestinian woman, Narmeen Hamadeh places great value on her Arab heritage, often highlighting it through her artwork, which sometimes employs a “hiding in plain sight” approach. Her digitally created prints have expanded into textile designs used for masks, Instagram story filters, and as a defining feature of her recent work.