Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Beirut offers a wealth of attractions like ancient monuments, lovely beaches, and majestic mountains, but its cuisine stands out as the primary draw for visitors.

The city features Parisian-like squares and wide avenues, and landmarks such as the imposing Mohammed Amin Mosque that might remind you of Istanbul. Yet, the most compelling reason to visit Beirut, and Lebanon as a whole, is its exceptionally tasty cuisine, supported by the region’s friendly locals.

In this post, you will discover the best places to eat in Beirut and enjoy the amazing tastes of Lebanese cuisine.

Endless feast of Mezze

Mezze Traditional Lebanese Dishes Served In Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Lebanese cuisine, often seen across the Levant, is renowned for its mezze, which includes a variety of salads, spreads, and delicacies. These dishes are usually eaten with thin slices of bread that are essential to the meal. This bread is typically bought from local bakeries, which can sometimes be hard to find in Beirut. At communal meals, bread is used to wrap grilled meats along with pickles and hummus, falafels, yogurts, cheeses, and halva. Even the national dessert, baked sweet nabulsi cheese, is served on bread—often a soft hamburger bun. In some Arabic dialects, bread is so crucial it’s called “life.”

It’s no wonder then that Lebanese people might be fuller-figured, as slimness isn’t especially valued in their culture. People live for the moment and seize every chance for enjoyment. Among the wealthier class, there’s little sign of the restraint or thrift seen in Northern Europe; luxury cars and designer clothes are the norms, and their cities are filled with architectural wonders. Meals are extravagant, seen as feasts that might as well be eaten as if there were no tomorrow, given the uncertainty about future peace and prosperity.

When visiting Lebanese hosts or dining in local restaurants, prepare for an unending feast of mezze and grilled dishes. In restaurants, these appetizers are just the start of what turns into a much larger meal, often paired with excellent local wine.

A cultural melting potdiversity of cuisines

View Of Beirut With Lebanese Flag On The Right

Lebanon’s cuisine is a delicious blend of various cultures, thanks to its rich soil and diverse heritage. On a typical Lebanese table, you might find Arabic bread paired with Turkish yogurt and roasted almonds, alongside Armenian dumplings, or a salad dressed with pomegranate, pine nuts, and dates. There’s even a French flan for dessert. Don’t miss out on tasting the aromatic taouk chicken skewers or the savory ground kafta skewers, each dish showcasing Lebanon’s rich culinary diversity.

In the end, however, let’s leave the fashionable part of the city to visit legendary places. A native resident of Beirut takes us on an extraordinary journey:

Best places to eat in Beirut:

El Denye Hek

El Denye Hek Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Armenia Road in Gemmayzeh restaurant area, same entrance as FABRK club, first floor.

The restaurant offers one of the richest menus in the city. Everything here tastes good and the prices are reasonable. In addition, the restaurant has a roof terrace from which you can admire the city.  

Le Bistro

Le Bistro Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Phoenician Street, opposite Radisson Blue.

The Bistro offers Lebanese classics at very reasonable prices (no alcohol).

Onno Restaurant

Onno Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Onno is Armenian restaurant with a rich and interesting menu. It operates in several locations in Beirut. 

Em Nazih

Em Nazih Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Pasteur Street, in the back of the passage leading from the main street.

Em Nazih is perfect for party people (open until four in the morning). Decent Lebanese food for every budget

Le Chef

Le Chef Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Gouraud Street

Le Chef offers home cooked food and a daily changing menu with reasonable prices. 


Mayrig Best Places To Eat In Beirut

282 Pasteur Street

Mayrig offers exquisite Lebanese-Armenian cuisine. Perfect for romantic evenings. The restaurant has a garden patio. 


Varouj Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Bourj Hammoud Alley

Varouj is a legendary Armenian restaurant in a district that evokes memories of pre-war Beirut with its atmosphere. The restaurant serves dishes at the discretion of the chef. Reservation by phone is recommended: +961 3 882 933. Closed on Sundays. 

Bakeries, patisseries, and fast food:

Ichkhanian Bakery

Doughnuts Served In Ichkhanian Bakery Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Hussein Beyhum Street

An Armenian bakery famous for its delicious lahmajun pancakes. Open until three o’clock.

Boulangerie Ghattas

Boulangerie Ghattas Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Gouraud Street, opposite St Anthony’s Church

Boulangerie Ghattas serves great manoushes and other quick bites. During the week, the place is open until 15:00, on weekends – until noon. Best to be at least 30 minutes before closing time.


Douaihy Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Place Sassine

A well-stocked patisserie and cafe, open until midnight.

Falafel Freiha

Falafel Freiha Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Al Salam Street, near Sassine Square

Falafel Freiha offers excellent falafel sandwiches.

Lala Chicken

Lala Chicken Best Places To Eat In Beirut

Mar Louis Street

Lala Chicken offers delicious sandwiches with chicken and tahini sauce.