Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

If you’re in Bursa and want to try the best İskender kebab, you’ve got a lot of options. But which place serves the best one? We’ve checked out some popular spots to help you find the tastiest İskender in town. Keep reading to find out where you should go.

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa:

1. Uludağ Cemal Cemil Usta

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

Uludağ Cemal Cemil Usta in Bursa is a go-to spot for İskender kebab, a local specialty. With years of experience, they serve up some of the best kebabs you’ll ever taste. They use top-quality ingredients, making their İskender kebab a must-try if you’re in the area.

Ulu Mahalle, Uluyol Caddesi, 16. Şirin Sk. No:12, 16220 Osmangazi/Bursa |

2. Kebabçı Hüseyin Usta

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

Kebabci Hüseyin Usta really knows his stuff when it comes to Iskender kebab. The meal comes with a bunch of extras like Kemalpaşa dessert, ayran, tomatoes, extra yogurt, more plain doner kebab, pita bread, and water. The place has a historic vibe, so you can enjoy your tasty Iskender kebab while soaking in the true feel of Bursa.

Alacamescit, Tuz Pazarı Cd. 16/B, Pk. 16020 – Osmangazi / Bursa |

3. Kebabçı İskender (Blue Shop)

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

Kebabçı İskender, also known as the Blue Shop, is like a mecca for Iskender kebab lovers. Earning the title of “the best Iskender kebab in Bursa” is no small feat, especially in the city where this dish originated, but the Blue Shop lives up to the hype. The place is a bit cozy and can get busy, but it’s worth the wait. After your meal, you can enjoy tea and coffee in the adjoining space.

Orhanbey, Atatürk Cd. No:60, Pk. 16010 – Osmangazi / Bursa |

4. İskender Efendi Konağı

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

İskender Efendi Konagi provides a complete Iskender experience that blends Bursa’s culture, history, and flavor all in one place. Not only is the kebab exceptional, but the appetizers and desserts are also delicious, all set in a stunning atmosphere.

Soğanlı, Soğanlı Botanik Parkı No:1, 16140 Osmangazi/Bursa |

5. İskender İskenderoğlu

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

İskender İskenderoğlu serves up Iskender kebab made from a family recipe but presented in a modern style. The friendly staff adds an extra touch of warmth to the experience. If you find yourself in the area, this is definitely a spot to check out for a tasty Iskender meal.

Orhaneli Yolu, D/151, Carrefoursa, Pk. 16090 – Nilüfer / Bursa |

6. İskender Tarihi Ahşap Dükkan

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

The blend of historical ambiance and warm wooden details enhances the flavor of the Iskender kebab served here. This is the original place that gave Iskender Kebab its name. The venue is notable for its wooden accents and traditional Bursa architecture. Just a heads-up: you might have to wait in line sometimes to get in.

Kayhan, Ünlü Cd. No:7, 16010 Osmangazi/Bursa

7. İskender 1867

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

With a culinary tradition that goes back to 1867, İskender 1867 is one of the historic spots in Bursa that serves top-notch İskender kebab. Eating here feels like a trip back in time. The yogurt is authentic buffalo yogurt and it’s really good. Plus, the staff is friendly and the service is quick.

Bulvar, İhsaniye Mah. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bulvarı, 224 Sitesi No:38 D / A, Pk. 16130 – Nilüfer / Bursa

8. 1956 Bursa Kebapçısı

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

Situated in the heart of the city, Bursa Kebab Restaurant is known for its convenient location and extensive menu. The quality of their İskender kebab is evident in every bite. The staff is notably polite and friendly toward customers. Adding to the restaurant’s charm, the walls are adorned with photos of celebrities who have dined there.

Osmangazi Mahallesi Belediye Cd., Orhan Camii Altı, Pk. 16010 – Osmangazi / Bursa

9. Kebapçı Tamer

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

Kebapçı Tamer blends Bursa’s modern vibe with its traditional tastes. The meat is expertly marinated, and the variety of items on the plate, as well as the portion sizes, are spot-on. The yogurt is fresh, and the addition of eggplant to the plate is a stroke of culinary genius. The only drawback is the crowd, which often means you’ll have to wait in line.

İhsaniye, Barbaros Cd. Eserkent Sitesi D:8/B, Pk. 16130 – Nilüfer / Bursa

10. Dönerci Adnan Usta

Best Iskender Kebab Bursa

Dönerci Adnan Usta presents a unique take on İskender kebab in Bursa. The blend of Master Adnan’s expertly crafted döner with the freshest meat is simply outstanding. It’s fair to say that they are a step ahead of their competitors when it comes to döner kebab. The service is top-notch, and both the flavor of the food and the ambiance of the place are fantastic.

Alacamescit, Çamoğlu İş Hanı, Alacamescit Mahallesi Bayathane Caddesi, 1. Çandarlı Sk. No:1 No:57, 16020 Osmangazi/Bursa |