Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul

Asian cuisine, known for its diverse flavors, includes a popular dish called sushi. Sushi has a long history, initially used to preserve fish by fermenting it with salted rice. Over time, it evolved into the sushi we know today, where rice is flavored with vinegar.

In Istanbul, there are numerous sushi restaurants, and choosing the right one can be challenging. We recommend saving the list below to ensure you will find one of the best sushi restaurants in Istanbul.

Best Sushi Restaurants in Istanbul on the European Side

1. Sushi Manga , Etiler – Göktürk – Ataşehir

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Sushi Manga 

Sushi Manga, led by renowned Chef Hiroki Takemura, has three locations in Istanbul. Their menu features a variety of fresh Japanese dishes, from beef gyozo to sushi. They offer takeaway sushi and delicious poke bowls for a quick lunch. You can also enjoy their specialty, uramaki sushi, and other tasty options like ramen and pad thai from their extensive noodle menu.

Göktürk: Arcadium Life 3, Begonya Sokak No: 2 D:C, Eyüpsultan/İstanbul ,
Ataşehir: Bulvar 216 Shopping Mall, Gelincik Sk No:2 CD: Blok 3, Ataşehir/İstanbul ,
Etiler: Le Meridien Istanbul Etiler, Cengiz Topel Cd. D:No: 39, Beşiktaş/İstanbul 

2. Nobu Istanbul , Nişantaşı

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Nobu

Nobu, the famous New York restaurant co-owned by actor Robert de Niro, has opened in The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul. Chef Nobu, known for blending Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, incorporates global flavors into his dishes. He also emphasizes the use of local Turkish ingredients. The restaurant, set in a private 1000-square-meter area with a Bosphorus view, offers a constantly evolving menu in a unique atmosphere.

Askerocağı Caddesi No:6. Elmadağ, Süzer Plaza, Şişli/Istanbul

3. Inari Omakase , Kuruçeşme – Etiler – Vadistanbul

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Inari Omakase

For top-quality sushi in Istanbul, Inari Omakase is a renowned choice. It offers a unique atmosphere with an Asian fusion menu centered on Japanese culture, promising surprising and diverse flavors. In addition to various sushi options, they serve dishes like corn tempura, ravioli, and fried rice. The open kitchen allows you to watch the skilled chef Barlas Günebakan in action, drawing inspiration from tatami rooms where tea ceremonies take place. The table arrangement and the special sushi bar add to the ambiance. Chef Barlas has extensive experience in Far Eastern cuisine, and the selection of signature sushi rolls is extensive. Be sure to try the New Dragon and Osasume flavors.

Kuruçeşme: Kuruçeşme Cd. No:11, Beşiktaş/İstanbul ,
Vadistanbul: Ayazağa, Azerbaycan Cd. 3/C, Sarıyer/İstanbul ,
Etiler: Nisbetiye Cd No: 89, Beşiktaş/İstanbul

4. Naomi Sushi Bar , Bebek – Nişantaşı

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Naomi

For a friendly and cozy sushi experience with a variety of rolls, Naomi is the spot to visit. They offer a range of rolls tailored to Turkish tastes, including the refreshing Nikkei breeze on the menu. Ceviche plates and tempura are among the favorites here. While the prices may be slightly higher compared to other sushi places, it’s a worthwhile choice for your sushi cravings.

Bebek: Küçük Bebek Cd. No:25/A, Beşiktaş/İstanbul ,
Nişantaşı: Harbiye, Mim Kemal Öke Cd. 1 C, Şişli/Istanbul

5. Isokyo Istanbul ,Levazim

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Isokyo

İsokyo is truly unique with its menu and the taste experience it offers. It embraces the concept of ‘Contemporary Pan Asian’ by presenting recipes and sharing plates inspired by cuisines from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Korea, and extending from Istanbul to Tokyo. The restaurant’s design focuses on simplicity, using small accessories to create a distinctive atmosphere.

Koru St. Zorlu Center, Raffles Hotel, Levazım/İstanbul

6. Ioki , Istanye – Kandilli – Ulus

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Ioki

When you think of sushi places, you might expect extensive use of Asian design, but Ioki is different. For a unique sushi experience, visit Ioki’s branch in Kandilli. You can enjoy wonderful sushi while overlooking the Istanbul view. They excel at classic sushi, a favorite for everyone, and Ioki has a special place among Asian venues in Istanbul.

Ulus: Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cd. No:7, Beşiktaş/İstanbul ,
Kandilli: Kandilli Cd. No:11/A, Üsküdar/İstanbul ,
İstinye: Sarıyer Cd. 105 C, Poligon, Sarıyer/İstanbul

7. Zuma , İstinye Park

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Zuma

Zuma, located in İstinye Park, offers a distinctive sushi experience. It stands out from other sushi places in Istanbul with its unique style, earning high praise from many visitors. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of options, including grilled eel with avocado, sweet omelette, spicy mayonnaise, and tuna aburi with yuzu. Founded in 2002, this renowned venue has branches both in and outside Istanbul.

İstinye Park, İstinye Mahallesi Bayır Çıkmazı, No:461, Sarıyer

8. Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar , Akatlar

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Miyabi

If you’re looking for a top-notch sushi experience in Istanbul, Miyabi is a fantastic choice. Asian chefs curate the menu, continuously introducing new and unique flavors. The sushi section, carefully selected by the chefs, offers an enjoyable dining experience. Nigiri enthusiasts will be delighted by the variety on Miyabi’s menu, which is quite extensive. The peaceful atmosphere of Miyabi, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allows you to have a pleasant dining experience.

Zeytinoglu Cad, Yaren Sk. No:6 D:14-15, Beşiktaş/İstanbul

9. Saku Istanbul, Bomonti

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Saku

Saku provides a unique dining experience that allows you to savor the menus crafted by esteemed and experienced chefs. This distinguished restaurant boasts a unique ambiance, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing design, inspired by Asian culture and the spirit of the East. Saku aims to make each guest’s experience unforgettable by bringing the essence of Asian culture and flavors to life.

Cumhuriyet, Cumhuriyet, Silahşör Cad, Yeniyol Sk. No:2, Şişli/Istanbul

10. Sunset Grill&Bar , Kuruçeşme

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Sunset Grill &Amp; Bar

Sunset Grill&Bar, a renowned restaurant that has received international and local awards, is situated in Ulus Park and offers one of the most breathtaking views of Istanbul. Since 1994, it has been a top choice for fine dining in the city and is known as one of the best sushi destinations in Istanbul. The restaurant features an extensive menu that showcases the New Japanese Cuisine style.

Ulus Park, Yol Sokak No:2, Beşiktaş/İstanbul 

Best Sushi Restaurants in Istanbul on the Anatolian Side

11. Maromi by Divan , Kalamış – Harbiye

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Maromi By Divan

Maromi by Divan, a sushi haven in the serene surroundings of Kalamış Marina in Kadıköy, offers a wide range of sushi options. What sets this restaurant apart is its conveyor belt system, where plates of various colors rotate continuously in front of the guests. This not only creates an entertaining atmosphere but also encourages diners to try different types of sushi. Due to its cozy size, it’s advisable to make a reservation before visiting.

Harbiye: Harbiye Mah, Asker Ocağı Cd. No:1, Şişli/İstanbul ,
Kalamış: Fenerbahçe, Münir Nurettin Selçuk Cd. No:1, Kadıköy/Istanbul

12. Kaen Sushi, Koşuyolu

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Kaen

Kaen’s sushi, known for its motto “Rolling with Passion,” offers a unique dining experience. In addition to its main location in Koşuyolu, you can also savor Kaen’s flavors at Arenapark AVM Migros and Kemercountry Bolpazarda.

Koşuyolu, Asmadalı Sk. No:6, Kadıköy/Istanbul

13. SushiCo Zen, Ataşehir

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul Sushi Co Zen

SushiCo, the leading brand of Far Eastern cuisine in Turkey, has introduced its new concept, SushiCo Zen, at Ataşehir Golf Club. The name is inspired by the ZEN philosophy, emphasizing peace and enlightenment. It offers a lush and peaceful atmosphere for experiencing new flavors, high-end cuisine, and cocktails. In addition to being a restaurant, SushiCo Zen also serves as a social hub for events, sushi courses, and guest chef appearances, bringing the best of Chinese and Japanese cuisine in their freshest form.

Atatürk neighborhood, Atapark Cd No:4, Ataşehir/İstanbul

14. Orōro Sushi Bar , Moda

Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul  Orōro Sushi Bar 

Ororo Sushi Bar’s first branch is situated in Moda. Their menu is quite diverse, offering options from rolls with Turkish flavors to vegan and vegetarian varieties, catering to a wide range of tastes.

Moda: Caferağa, Fırıldak Sk. No:17, Kadıköy/Istanbul