Best Restaurants In Baalbek

When planning your trip to Baalbek, don’t miss the chance to explore its wide range of dining options, savoring delicious dishes from local cuisine. Baalbek’s restaurants are an essential part of your visit, offering a taste of the city’s diverse culinary delights.

Best Restaurants In Baalbek:

1. Lakkis

Best Restaurants In Baalbek Lakkis

One of the most well-loved restaurants in Baalbeck is Lakkis. Situated at the city’s entrance, this restaurant has its own farm in the Bekaa Valley, ensuring that the ingredients used are incredibly fresh and free from chemicals. The standout dish here is sfiha, a type of meat ravioli, best enjoyed with labneh and a selection of mezze. It’s a must-visit for locals in Baalbeck, and the restaurant can get quite busy, so be prepared to wait for the chance to savor their delicious cuisine.

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2. Sama Baalbek

Best Restaurants In Baalbek Sama Baalbek

Sama Baalbeck is a lovely restaurant known for its exceptional service. It has a cozy indoor dining area that’s perfect for a comfortable meal. The food is delicious and offers great value for your money. Additionally, there’s a spacious and well-decorated outdoor terrace across the street. This restaurant is conveniently located near a small park that becomes vibrant in the evenings, with various activities for children to enjoy.

3. Baalbek Palace

Best Restaurants In Baalbek Baalbek Palace

Baalbeck Palace is a genuine Lebanese restaurant that offers traditional Lebanese cuisine. Their mezze is not only delicious but also comes in generous portions. The meat dishes are particularly notable for their tenderness. I especially enjoyed their “sfiha,” a flavorful minced meat dish wrapped in dough. It’s incredibly tasty. Please note that they do not serve alcohol, but they do offer a variety of other beverages and juices.

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4. Al-Ajami Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Baalbek  Al-Ajami Restaurant

This restaurant has a cozy oriental ambiance that creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for diners. What’s great is they offer an extensive menu with plenty of options for vegetarians. They take pride in using fresh, top-notch ingredients to prepare their dishes. You can savor cold starters like labneh, hummus, and tabbouleh, as well as hot appetizers such as spinach pies, falafel, grape leaves, and sfiha. They also have main courses like shish tawook and meat shawarma on their menu.