Cheap Shopping In Istanbul

Are you looking for good places to go cheap shopping in Istanbul? Do not search anymore! I have put together for you a selection of secret passages, streets, and galleries where you can find the best deals in the city. Istanbul is full of real shopping treasures, whether for clothes, accessories, jewelry, and more. To help you find the best deals and save money, I’ve scoured the city’s most popular areas, from shopping streets to secret passages. Let’s see my good addresses discovered through my couple of years of life in Istanbul.

Types of passages and galleries

The passages and galleries in Istanbul are small alleys or covered galleries in which many small shops or stands without a signs are gathered which offer “branded” clothing at very low prices.

What brands? These are known brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel but rather Zara, Mango, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, and even Massimo Dutti.

A lot of the products are also unbranded or local brands, but follow trends very closely. So, you will find products similar to those in shopping center stores, of equal quality, but for much less money.

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The best passages, streets, and galleries for cheap shopping in Istanbul

Here are my few favorite places where you will find what you are looking for in Istanbul… three in Taksim, one in Besiktas, and another in Asia, in Kadikoy.

1. Terkos Pasaji, Taksim

 Cheap Shopping In Istanbul
Terkos Pasaji’s find

Tucked away on a side street off Istiklal Avenue, near the Sishane metro station, lies the most renowned passage for cheap shopping in Istanbul. This bustling corridor is home to a wide variety of clothing for all ages, including kids’ apparel, stylish dresses, and trendy t-shirts. Don’t miss the shops on the upper floor, which offer their own unique finds.

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2. Beyoglu Is merkezi, Taksim

 Cheap Shopping In Istanbul

On Nuri Ziya Street, which runs perpendicular to Istiklal Avenue near the Palais de France, there’s a spot on the right just before the parking lot (look out for the ‘This is my world’ graffiti)—that’s where you’ll find Beyoglu Is Merkezi gallery. While the entrance might give you pause, venture inside, and you’ll discover it’s a treasure trove spread across several floors. This is the place to score deals on clothing, shoes, and handbags all at bargain prices!

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3. Atlas Pasaji, Taksim

Atlas Pasaji

Down this alley, home to one of Istanbul’s last old-school movie theaters (Atlas Cinema) and my go-to spot for piercings right at the start, there’s a lineup of unmarked stores. These spots have a lot of budget-friendly clothes, some with brand names and some without, alongside heaps of costume and silver jewelry. You’ll also find plenty of athletic gear.

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4. Sinanpasa Is merkezi, Besiktas

Sinanpasa Is Merkezi

In Besiktas, there’s this famous little gallery packed with shops selling just about anything you could want. Clothes, handbags, fancy dresses, you name it—it’s there. A standout feature that might make it a notch above places like Taksim is the quality of the goods you’ll find.

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5.Cilek Sokak, Kadikoy

 Cheap Shopping In Istanbul On Cilek Sokak

This small, well-known street in Kadikoy is home to many shops like those in the previous passages, with a wide choice of inexpensive and trendy clothing.

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6. Bakırköy Underground Carsisi

Bakırköy Underground Carsisi

This huge gallery offers many shops that are a little more classic than those in the previous passages. It is more of a shopping center where you can get good deals, especially on evening dresses and suits.

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