Best Burgers In Istanbul

In this article, we will share with you some of the places with best burgers in Istanbul. We cannot help but mention that Turkey has improved a lot in terms of burgers. When evaluating a burger, we look at three points. The bread, the taste and juiciness of the meat, the harmony of the additional ingredients. If you have achieved the taste and harmony of these three, it’s a winner!

1. Zapata Burger | Kadikoy

Best Burgers In Istanbul In Zapata Burger

Zapata Burger is known for making some of the best burgers in Istanbul. Their burgers come with tasty meat, caramelized onions, and cheese. And here’s a little secret: they’ve been adding a touch of bacon to their meatball mix for extra flavor for quite some time now.

If you’re dining with a friend, we suggest ordering just one portion of their fries because it’s quite a big serving. They serve what they call ‘spoon’ potatoes, which are a bit thicker than what we usually like, but they’re still super delicious. Zapata also serves their homemade sauces alongside the fries. These sauces come in three flavors – beetroot, mayonnaise, and mustard – and they’re all pretty good.

Address: Caferağa, Sakız Sk. No: 1 D:C, 34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul,

2. Zula | Şişli

Best Burgers In Istanbul In Zula

We love Zula for its burgers, and it’s a must-visit spot for us. They score big in terms of taste and having unique burger options. You can also try tacos and hot dogs there. Now, let’s talk about their burgers. They’ve got it all right – the bun, the meat, and all the tasty stuff inside. The only thing we’d say is that they’re a bit generous with the sauce for our taste, but the flavor is fantastic. And don’t get us started on their fries – they’re incredibly good, super thin, and crispy.

Address: İnönü, Harbiye Çayırı Sk. 101a, 34373 Şişli/Istanbul,

3. Coni&Co | Kadikoy

Best Burgers In Istanbul In Coni&Amp;Co

If you’re a fan of fried chicken and chicken burgers, you have to check out this place, which we believe is the best in Istanbul. First, let’s talk about their bun. They use a special corn flour mixture that gives it a nice yellow color, and it’s super delicious and soft. We think it pairs perfectly with fried chicken.

Now, onto the star of the show, the fried chicken itself. It’s crispy on the outside, incredibly juicy, and generously sized on the inside. Each bite will make you crave it even more. And their french fries? They’re a hit.

They also offer a variety of sauces on the side, and if you’re into sweet and salty drinks, their milkshakes are a real treat.

Address: Ferit Tek Sok. 23c, 34710 Caferağa Mah/Kadıköy/İstanbul,

4. Primitif Birahane | Kadikoy

Best Burgers In Istanbul In Primitif Birahane

This place is like a super cool fast-food spot with tons of yummy choices. We liked their burgers, and they also have other street foods like hot dogs and kokoreç that taste great.

The cheeseburger had a tasty patty, and yummy bread, and all the stuff inside was good. The chicken burger was juicy and awesome too. If you’re here with a bunch of friends, you should try different things from the menu. And their regular fries and curly fries were both super tasty.

Address: Caferağa, Dr. Esat Işık Cd. no: 98, 34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul,

5. House of B | Besiktas

Best Burgers In Istanbul In House Of B

We decided to check out this place because it had lines on the weekend. Even though we didn’t expect it to be a place that usually has long lines, we were pleasantly surprised by how yummy the food was.

The cool thing about this place, besides serving hot dogs too, is that it looks like an ‘American Diner’ inside. They also serve sweet potato fries, which they say are a first in Turkey at House of B. The cheeseburger was really good, but we couldn’t get enough of those sweet potato fries – they were our favorite!

Address: Sinanpaşa, Şair Nedim Cd. No:14, 34353 Besiktas/Istanbul,

6. An Istanbul | Sariyer

Hamburger 14.Jpg

This place might have a short and simple menu, but the flavors are top-notch. You can choose from options like an original burger, a smoky burger, and a crispy chicken burger. Depending on how hungry you are, pick either a 100 g or 170 g burger patty. The burger comes with a meatball patty, onion chutney, grilled oyster mushrooms, avocado slices, burger cheese, and truffle garlic mayonnaise sauce.

Now, about the smoky burger… It’s a delight with meatballs, smoked butter, caramelized onions, burger cheese, and spicy mayonnaise. For chicken enthusiasts, there’s a crispy chicken option featuring chicken breaded with special spices, pickle sticks, shredded red and white cabbage, and a mustard mayonnaise sauce. And of course, what’s a burger without fries? You have two tempting choices: smoky, spicy, or truffle fries.

 Reşitpaşa, Congress Cd. No:63/A, 34467 Sarıyer/İstanbul |

7. Arca Burger | Besiktas

Best Burgers In Istanbul

One standout feature that sets Arca Burger apart from other burger joints is its bread. It’s notably light in color and impressively soft.

Let’s dive into their menu:

The Molendini prime burger is a feast with meatballs, crispy onions, smoked beef ribeye, arugula, double burger cheese, a mac and cheese ball on top, and a classic mayonnaise-based burger sauce. For those who love a bit of heat, the pluvia burger is a great choice, featuring a smoky spicy sauce, arugula, and fried pickles. If you’re in the mood for a different kind of burger, try the Capparis. And for cheeseburger enthusiasts, there’s the Simple, a recent addition to the menu that’s a true cheeseburger.

As for sides, you can choose from truffle parmesan, spicy, or plain potatoes for your French fries. For snacks, the menu includes Mac and Cheeseballs and Real Onion Rings.

Sinanpaşa, Köşeli Sk. No:3, 34353 Beşiktaş/İstanbul |

8. Skull Street Food | Arnavutköy

Best Burgers In Istanbul

Skull, located in Arnavutköy, is a favorite on our list of the best burger joints in Istanbul. It’s worth noting that this is one of the few places in Istanbul where you can indulge in a Smash burger.

The burgers here are divided into two categories: smashed burgers and umami burgers, with several unique options under each.

One intriguing option is the burger flavored with moldy cheese, beef ribs, plum marmalade, and hot mayonnaise sauce, available in 80-160-240 g sizes.

For something different, try the chicken burger, which includes breaded chicken legs, peanut sauce, iceberg lettuce, burger cheese, and their special feyk sauce.

In the smashed burgers category, you’ll find the Feyk, Skull, and Libido Killer. These burgers feature crushed and cooked beef patties. The Feyk burger is notable for its sweet German pickles, the Skull burger for its truffle mayonnaise and pickle relish, and the Libido Killer for its abundance of silver onions.

Skull also offers a unique pretzel bread burger containing meatballs, garlic aioli, dried tomatoes, smoked Circassian cheese, and homemade sweet-chili sauce.

For sides, in addition to plain and spicy potatoes, you can choose from truffle & old cheddar, sausage & cheddar, smash & cheddar, and more.

Address: Arnavutköy, Sales Square Sk. No:9, 34345 Beşiktaş/İstanbul |

9. Dali Burger | Kadikoy

Best Burgers In Istanbul

Dali, a standout choice among Kadıköy’s burger spots, offers a range of delicious options. Inside, one wall is adorned with a painting of Dali, adding to the unique ambiance.

The menu features the Dali Classic, Catalan, Salvadoran, and Vegetarian Burger.

Firstly, it’s important to mention that the breads here are handmade. The Catalan burger comes with blue cheese sauce, honey caramelized onions, arugula, and cheddar. The standout ingredient in this burger, in our opinion, is the Roquefort cheese.

The Salvador burger is another notable option, served with cucumber, kimchi, and truffle mayonnaise. Both are worth trying. As for French fries, you can choose from purple potatoes, truffle parmesan potatoes, and spicy, and plain potatoes.

Address: Caferağa, Nail Bey Sk. No:11/B, 34744 Kadıköy/İstanbul |

10. Bunz Burger | Bahçeşehir

Best Burgers In Istanbul

This burger place has a unique concept. Their menu features six types of burgers, and when you choose a menu, it comes with two different burgers. Options include Onion Smash, Sweet N’Sassy, and Bacon N’ Mushroom.

Another distinctive feature is their hamburger buns, which are made from potatoes. The sauces, potatoes, and side dishes are both colorful and tasty. From the snack menu, the Straydog is a must-try; it’s half cheddar, half sausage. Also, don’t miss out on the Wingman spicy wings and Strips chicken.

Address: Bahçeşehir 1. kısım mah. Doğa Parkı cad. I blok no:13-15IB, 34488 Başakşehir/İstanbul |

11. Barto’s Burger | Çengelköy

Best Burgers In Istanbul

If you find yourself in Çengelköy and see a queue in front of a place, you’re likely at the right spot for some fresh, daily-made hamburger buns.

A standout at Swiss Cheese is their handmade cherry mayonnaise, cherry jam, and raclette cheese.

Another unique offering is the Pastrami Egg burger. This burger includes pastrami, a fried egg, caramelized onion pickle, emmantel cheese, and garlic mayonnaise. We think both of these burgers are quite distinctive and worth a try.

For your side, you can choose between plain and spicy French fries. Additionally, the snack menu features items like Crispy Chicken, Bolognese Fries, and Corn Dog.

Address: Çengelköy, Çengelköy Cd. No:33/C, 34680 Üsküdar/İstanbul |

12. B.A.D Burger | Cihangir

Best Burgers In Istanbul

At B.A.D Burger, known for its short and straightforward menu, you can enjoy options like the Truffle Burger, Garlic Butter Burger, and Smash Burger. Among the burger restaurants in Taksim, we believe their standout special is the Garlic Butter Burger, which features garlic and rosemary butter. Also noteworthy on the menu are their unique Japanese mayonnaise and sweet and sour pickles. When it comes to fries, you have the choice between plain and spicy potatoes.

Address: Cihangir, Bakraç Sk. No:15/A, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul |

13. JBurger | Caddebostan

Hamburger 12.Jpg

Some might know it as Jumbo Burger, but J Burger, serving at the same spot since 1977, stands out not just for its long history but also for its unique approach.

You’ve likely had cheese in burgers before, but have you tried it on top? J Burger’s signature melted cheese on the burger adds a distinct flavor to their specially recipe-prepared breads. Their garlic meatball burger and the unique meatballs made with sole fish are among the most notable items on their menu.

Address: Operatör Cemil Topuzlu Cd. No: 51, 34728 Kadıköy/İstanbul |

14. Esteban | Besiktas

Best Burgers In Istanbul

When looking at reviews of Istanbul’s hamburger restaurants, it’s clear that Esteban has a significant fan base. You’ll find people who travel from out of town just to eat their burgers, as well as locals who are regulars.

The signature burger at Esteban, the Mendoza, features a unique combination of flavors including Gruyere cheese, truffle Morney sauce, caramelized onions, and crispy onions. Besides the Mendoza, another option to consider is the Base burger, made with beef entrecôte.

Address: İhsan Apartmanı, Yıldız Cd. No: 1, 34024 Beşiktaş/İstanbul |

15. Rub Street Food | Suadiye

Best Burgers In Istanbul

Rub Bağdat Street, situated in Suadiye, is notable among hamburger restaurants for its vibrant menu. The place is particularly famous for its pastrami hamburgers, which is why it’s made our list.

The menu offers three main options: Fried Chicken, Cheeseburger, and Rub Burger. Our top pick is the Fried Chicken, which includes tartar sauce, sauerkraut, and cheddar cheese. As for the potatoes, you have choices of plain, parmesan & truffle, and spicy.

Address: Suadiye, Suadiye Mah. Ayşe Çavuş Cad. Kitapçı St. No:16/A Huri Apt, Kitapçı Sk. No:16, 34740 Kadıköy/İstanbul |