Guide To Forest Kemerburgaz

Forest Kemerburgaz has become a must-visit spot in Istanbul, especially popular for its diverse plant life and vibrant greenery in the spring. It’s a great destination for family outings on the weekend, thanks to its clean air, high security, and variety of activities. Enjoy finding out more about this beautiful place!

Where is Forest Kemerburgaz ?

Forest Kemerburgaz

Forest Kemerburgaz ; It is in the north of Alibeyköy Dam Lake, located in Göktürk Pirinççi Village, in the Eyüpsultan district on the European side of Istanbul.

How to Get to Kemerburgaz City Forest?

Forest Kemerburgaz, a favorite weekend spot for people living around Kemerburgaz and Göktürk, is easily accessible. You can take IETT buses 48, 48A, and 48L to get there. If you prefer the metro or minibuses, they’re also good options.

For those driving or using a car rental service in Istanbul, you’ll start from Hasdal Junction. From there, head in the direction of Kemerburgaz-Göktürk. Just follow the signs, and you’ll see the Kemerburgaz City Forest sign on your right. Follow that sign, go through the underpass, and you’ll arrive at the forest.

What’s in Forest Kemerburgaz?

Forest Kemerburgaz

Forest Kemerburgaz is the perfect spot for a nature-filled weekend. Spread out over more than 5 million square meters, Forest Kemerburgaz isn’t just about nature. It’s a hit with those in Istanbul wanting to stay active, offering:

It’s the ideal place for relaxing. You can chat over hot drinks, enjoy a meal in the forest’s cafe or restaurant, and make the most of the great outdoors!

Mağlova Aqueduct

Mağlova Aqueduct

Forest Kemerburgaz is more than just trees and trails; it’s a place where history lives. Among its treasures is the Mağlova Aqueduct, designed by the famous architect Mimar Sinan. This historical masterpiece is a must-see and is easy to walk to within the forest, drawing many visitors. Recognized as a key piece of the ancient Kırkçeşme Waterway, it’s a standout sight in Istanbul.

Camping Areas

If camping is your thing, Kemerburgaz City Forest is the go-to spot during spring and summer. Its prime location in Istanbul, coupled with good transport links, makes it a popular choice. Safety is a priority here, making it suitable for camping adventures with your loved ones. With emergency buttons throughout the forest, help from security is just a press away, ensuring a safe camping experience.

What are the Forest Kemerburgaz Entrance Fees?

Forest Kemerburgaz

People often wonder about the entry fees for Kemerburgaz City Forest, a significant green space in Istanbul. Good news: walking into the forest is free.

If you’re driving, it costs 50₺ for cars, 35₺ for motorcycles and ATVs, and 110₺ for small minibusses. There’s also a free parking area at the entrance, so you can park your car and explore the forest without extra cost.

Forest Kemerburgaz , known for hosting various activities, has fees for some of its facilities. For instance, using the ice skating rink for half an hour in winter is 50₺, renting a bicycle for an hour is also 50₺, and 15 minutes on a battery-powered bike costs 50₺.

Forest Kemerburgaz Visiting Hours

Kemerburgaz City Forest, which has a slightly higher level of security compared to other forests in Istanbul, opens at 08.00 on weekdays and closes at 21.00.

There are also emergency buttons in various parts of the urban forest, where cameras constantly monitor the forest area. These buttons are used to communicate with the security guards in the area.

What to Do in Forest Kemerburgaz ?

Forest Kemerburgaz

Forest Kemerburgaz, known as Istanbul’s largest urban forest, is buzzing with activity options that excite visitors. During the winter, a highlight is the 400-meter ice skating rink where families can enjoy fun-filled moments. It’s a hit with people of all ages looking for a good time on the ice.

For those who love the outdoors, taking long walks on the forest’s extensive hiking trails is a must-do. These trails offer more length than others, providing fresh air and beautiful lake views for some enjoyable moments. If you’re up for it, starting your weekend with breakfast at the forest’s café is a lovely idea. And of course, sipping tea while soaking in the scenery is an experience not to be missed.

Cycling enthusiasts will find Kemerburgaz City Forest ideal for a scenic bike ride. You’re welcome to bring your bike or rent one on-site to explore the lush greenery.