Tisan Island

Tisan Island is a quiet slice of paradise, perfect for anyone wanting to escape into nature. It’s a great place for a peaceful vacation, with beautiful beaches and hidden bays to discover. On top of the natural beauty, there’s a lot of history to see on the island. Found in Yeşilovacık, part of the Silifke district in Mersin, Tisan Island is not far from Silifke—just 32km away—and it’s right off the road that connects Antalya to Mersin.

History of Tisan Island

Tisan Koyu

This island, known in history as Aphrodisias, also has the name Cilician Aphrodisias. Named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, the island’s first residents were likely Greeks who settled there in the 7th century BC.

The island features two harbors on its eastern and western sides, created for trading purposes, and it also houses a structure that was once used as a church.

How to Get to Tisan Island? 

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Tisan Island is a paradise where crystal-clear waters meet soft sands, surrounded by lush forests. It’s a heavenly spot attracting visitors year-round. If you’re thinking about how to get there, here are your options for reaching the stunning Tisan Island:

Land Route to Tisan Island:

Getting to Tisan Island by car is straightforward. The Mersin – Antalya highway leads you right there, though the roads can be a bit twisty. Choosing a rental car that handles well on such roads can make your trip smoother.

For those preferring public transport, there’s no direct bus to the island. You’ll need to head to Silifke first. From there, minibusses can take you to the island.

Air Travel to Tisan Island:

If flying is your preference, two airports serve the area: Alanya Gazipaşa Airport and Adana Airport. It’s about a 3-hour drive from either airport to Tisan Island. Renting a car at the airport could be your best bet for a comfortable and flexible journey.

Reaching Tisan Island by Sea:

For a scenic approach, consider taking a boat tour from Taşucu. This sea route offers a unique way to arrive at Tisan Island, adding to the adventure of your visit.

Places to Visit on Tisan Island 

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Tisan Island is a peaceful paradise, perfect for a holiday close to nature. If you’re looking for a calm holiday spot, the bays and beaches of Tisan Island are perfect for you. When you visit Tisan Island, you’ll not only enjoy its natural beauty but also get to explore historical sites. Here are some places you shouldn’t miss:

While you’re on Tisan Island, it’s also worth visiting some historical sites nearby. Don’t forget to check out the Temple of Jupiter, about 35 km away, and the Hagia Tekla Church and Aynalı Lake, which are both about 40 km away. These spots will add a historical flavor to your nature-filled holiday.

Tisan Island Beaches and Bays   

Tisan Island 

What to Do in Tisan Island? 

Tisan Island 

Tisan Island’s untouched bays are perfect for folks who love nature and quiet holidays.

Where to Stay on Tisan Island? 

Tisan Island 

Thinking about a lovely getaway on Tisan Island but unsure where to stay? This charming island is home to equally charming hostels and boutique hotels. However, it’s worth noting that during the bustling summer months, Tisan Island, being a quaint town, might fill up quickly. For those looking for the nearest places to stay, Silifke offers a variety of hotels and hostels close to Tisan Island.


Tisan Island Campground 

Tisan Island 

Yes, camping is definitely an option on Tisan Island. The island accommodates both tent and caravan camping in designated areas. For food and drinks, you can visit the local cafes and restaurants. If you’re eyeing a camping spot in more secluded bays, just make sure to pack what you need before heading to the island.