Places To Visit In Fethiye

Fethiye: A dazzling spot that draws millions of tourists each year with its blue flag beaches, budget-friendly hotels, lively entertainment spots, and rich historical treasures.

This district, famous for the stunning Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley, is a top choice for a variety of sports, from paragliding to windsurfing.

Dive into this enchanting holiday paradise by checking out our post on the 45 best places to visit in Fethiye, curated from the most tagged spots on Instagram. Each unique location includes a link to help you find it easily.

1- Ölüdeniz

Dead Sea

Ölüdeniz, celebrated by travel magazines around the world as the top beach, sits just 13 kilometers from Fethiye’s heart. Famous for its calm, wave-free, deep blue sea, it gets its name from these peaceful waters. Framed by Babadağ’s lush greenery and the Aegean Sea, Ölüdeniz is a paradise. It’s surrounded by boutique hotels, beach clubs, and water sports hubs, drawing crowds, especially in summer, thanks to its self-cleansing beach, created by natural water flows.

Next to the green expanse of Ölüdeniz National Park, the resort is renowned for the Blue Lagoon, making it one of Turkey’s most beautiful swimming spots. With a long, sandy beach, Ölüdeniz has been a hub of light and sun since ancient times, famous for its captivating beauty. Offering paragliding at Babadağ’s base, it provides stunning aerial views, placing Ölüdeniz high on the list of places to visit in Fethiye.

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Author’s Note: Try to go to Ölüdeniz Beach early. The beach can be crowded during the summer months. It is best to go early or on weekdays when the beach is less crowded. Also, when you come to Ölüdeniz, I recommend you to experience paragliding, one of the most important activities of the region.

2- Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley Fethiye

Butterfly Valley, which has been protected as a first-degree natural protected area since 1995 and hosts millions of butterflies, is one of the world-famous tourist spots of Fethiye. Butterfly Valley, located at the foothills of Babadağ, which is considered one of the 100 mountains that need to be protected in the world, and is the most important stop for boat trips, is home to hundreds of thousands of butterflies, including rare species found in very few places in the world, and a striking richness of wildlife.

You can camp, go on guided nature walks, or photo safaris in the valley, whose untouched nature is carefully protected and there is no construction. In the Butterfly Valley, which is famous for its pristine bay and clear sea, you will have the chance to closely examine the colorful butterflies as well as the underwater richness by scuba diving or snorkeling.

Butterfly Valley accommodation fees

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Author’s Note: Plan transportation in advance. Transportation to Butterfly Valley is provided by boat tours organized from Ölüdeniz or Faralya village. For comfortable transportation, you should choose boat tours.

3- Lycian Way

Likya Way

The Lycian Way, which stretches from Fethiye to Antalya and is one of the longest walking routes in Turkey with a length of 535 kilometers, is considered one of the 10 best walking routes in the world. There are nearly 50 ancient cities along the way, which can be completed in 25 to 45 days. The ancient Lycian Way, which includes many tourist spots such as Kaş, Kalkan, Patara, Demre, Adrasan, Gelidonya, Çıralı, and Ölüdeniz, was mapped and marked in the early 2000s.

You can explore certain parts of the Lycian Way, which has hiking trails of all difficulty levels, with guided nature walks, and you can spend an unforgettable day among the Tlos Ancient City, ancient sarcophagi, and historical treasures, as well as unique natural landscapes along the walk. Don’t forget to take non-slip shoes and plenty of water with you when you go to the Lycian Way, where we recommend you walk in cool weather and sunny nature views, especially in the autumn months.

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Author’s Note: When hiking the Lycian Way, it is important to choose the appropriate season, prepare your equipment completely, plan your route and accommodation, and supply enough water and food. Spring and autumn are the most suitable seasons as the weather is cool and nature is lively. Don’t forget to take basic equipment with you, such as appropriate shoes for long walks, a backpack, a water bottle, some snacks, and sunscreen.

4- Kabak Bay

Pumpkin Dark

Kabak Bay, a nature paradise that you can explore with both Fethiye boat trips and nature walks, is one of the most well-known beauties of Fethiye. Located within the borders of the famous Faralya Village and decorated with red pine trees, the bay is protected as a 1-degree protected area.

Surrounded by pine forests and the deep blue sea, with no construction, Kabak Bay was discovered in 1987 and quickly became one of the most famous bays in Turkey with its fascinating beauty. Surrounded by steep rocks on both sides, the bay has a small but clean beach of 200 meters. You can also find well-equipped camping areas in Kabak Bay, which is one of the most beautiful places where you can swim in Turkey with its clear sea where you can see every shade of blue, and enjoy the sea accompanied by magnificent natural views.

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Author’s Note: You should choose comfortable and suitable shoes when walking in Kabak Bay or going to the beach. We also recommend that you keep a water bottle with you, especially while hiking.

5- Saklıkent Canyon

Saklıkent Canyon

Just 43 kilometers from Fethiye lies Saklıkent Canyon, Europe’s second-largest canyon, attracting half a million visitors annually. This natural wonder stretches for 14 kilometers through mesmerizing rock formations and stunning scenery, featuring narrow and towering passes between two mountains. An unforgettable walk awaits you among the icy waters and labyrinthine paths, with challenging yet well-organized hiking trails.

For the adventurous, Saklıkent Canyon offers more than just hiking. You can enjoy fresh fish and local products at facilities along the way, relax in country gardens, or unwind at recreation areas on piers by the river. If you’re up for more excitement, try river rafting with professionals through the canyon’s rough waves.

Every season brings breathtaking views in this world-renowned canyon. Explore Saklıkent with nature tours and photo safaris from Fethiye for an unforgettable adventure.

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6- Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay | Bündü

Paradise Bay, known for its pristine beauty where green meets blue, truly lives up to its name with a tranquil, heavenly atmosphere. This gem, also called Cennet Bay, is a must-visit in Fethiye for those who love crystal-clear waters and lush nature. Its untouched charm is preserved by the surrounding cliffs, making it a bit challenging to access.

Famous for its calm, clear waters teeming with diverse fish species, Paradise Bay offers an unforgettable swimming experience. Around the bay, you’ll find camping areas and hiking trails, making it a favorite stop on Fethiye boat tours. Heaven Bay, part of the famous Lycian Way, also hosts scuba and non-scuba diving tours due to its rich underwater life.

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7- Paspatur Bazaar

Paspatur Bazaar

Paspatur Bazaar, the oldest settlement in Fethiye and one of the most popular travel areas is famous for its colorful umbrellas and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The bazaar, which offers quality restaurants, cafes, and dozens of souvenir shops on its narrow street lined with bay windows whose windows are covered with flowers, is one of the most popular shopping spots in the center of Fethiye and is lively at all hours of the day.

In Paspatur Bazaar, where Greek shops were located until 1920 and whose history dates back to the 1700s, you can buy leather and jewelry products as well as hand-woven carpets and rugs, taste the most popular flavors from both Aegean and world cuisines, and after an evening walk, you can visit roadside cafes. You can take a break and enjoy the historical atmosphere of Paspatur Bazaar while sipping your coffee. Located a short walk from Fethiye Marina, the market can be easily reached from almost any point in Fethiye on foot or by public transportation.

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8- Fethiye Kordon

Fethiye Kordon

Fethiye Kordon, a very popular walking path stretching along the Fethiye coast, reminds me of Izmir Kordon with its beauty and liveliness. Fethiye Kordon, which is lively at all hours of the day with its colorful fishing boats tied to the shore, magnificent Aegean sea views, a walking path surrounded by palm and fruit trees, quality cafes and restaurants, is the first place visited by locals and foreign tourists in Fethiye who want to take photos, especially at sunset.

You can shop in the souvenir shops of Fethiye Kordon, where you can take pleasant walks accompanied by beautiful evening lighting, sip your tea in cafes while watching the view, or enjoy romantic dinners with fresh seafood in restaurants.

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Author’s Note: Fethiye Kordon is perfect for cycling and skating.

9- Calis Beach

Calis Beach

Blue Flag Çalış Beach, which you can easily reach because it is located in the center of Fethiye, is the first place visited by local or foreign tourists who want to enjoy the clean sea and sun during their Fethiye holidays, with its long beach of up to 4 kilometers. The beach, which provides a pleasant sea day with its breeze even on hot days, is surrounded by beach clubs, restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, and water sports centers.

You can take pleasant evening walks along the coastal path of Calis Beach, which, in addition to being one of the longest beaches in Fethiye, is also famous for being one of the nesting areas of sea turtles in April and November; You can have a great time with dozens of water sports activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and parasailing throughout the day.

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Yakapark, which tourists visit during their Fethiye holidays to swim in the icy waters coming from the mountains on hot summer days and taste fresh trout, is located within the borders of Yaka Village and is only 32 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye. Yakapark, located on the Saklıkent Canyon road; is very lively both in summer and on weekends, with its nature adorned with dozens of types of trees, trout farms established by the stream, country gardens, cafes, and walking paths.

In Yakapark, which also has playgrounds for children, pools where ducks and geese swim, tiny waterfalls, and viewing terraces, you can relax in the fresh air by lying on hammocks, and enjoy the view by tasting trout and local delicacies on the wooden piers. Yakapark is also one of the important stopping points for jeep safaris organized from Fethiye, Kaş, and Kalkan.

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Author’s Note: Visit in the morning or afternoon and be prepared with appropriate clothing. Yakapark’s cool and shady environment is suitable for those looking for refreshment, especially on hot summer days. Visiting in the morning or at noon provides a more enjoyable and relaxed experience. You should also choose comfortable and appropriate shoes when hiking and exploring. Depending on the weather, you may want to consider dressing in layers.

11- Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu | Nejdet Duzen

One of the most famous beaches of the region is the 4.5-kilometer-long blue flag Iztuzu Beach, located 106 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye. A beach famous for its golden sands, it is shown as one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey by many international tourism magazines. Offering an unforgettable swimming experience with its calm sea and clear waters, Iztuzu Beach is also one of the few nesting areas for endangered sea turtles. Because of these cute turtles, Iztuzu Beach is also known as Turtle Beach.

Another important feature of Iztuzu Beach, which was declared a special protection area in 1988 and closed to the public between 20:00 and 08:00 in the morning for the protection of sea turtles, is that it is one of the few beaches located between seawater and fresh water. You can join scuba and non-scuba diving tours to see the rich underwater riches of the beach, which you can also reach by boat tours.

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Author’s Note: Be careful to protect caretta carettas. Since Iztuzu Beach is the spawning ground of sea turtles, you must act by protecting nature on the beach. During spawning season, you must stay outside designated areas and follow regulations.

12- 12 Islands

12 Islands

The 12 Islands, which are the most important destination for Fethiye and Ölüdeniz boat trips, do not actually consist of exactly 12 islands. This group of islands, also known as Menteşe Islands and located off the coast of Fethiye in the Aegean Sea, includes a combination of nearly 20 islands, large and small. The larger islands of the 12 Islands, including Greek islands such as Meis, Simi, and Kos, are highly developed in terms of tourism, while the smaller islands have managed to preserve their untouched natural beauty.

You can have a good time at the blue flag beaches, bazaars, and entertainment venues of the islands where tourism opportunities are developed; On small untouched islands, you can swim in hidden bays and dive and witness the fascinating underwater beauties. 12 Islands boat tours, which attract great interest from both local and foreign tourists, start early in the morning at Fethiye Marina and last all day, covering the 12 Islands as well as other islands and bays that should be seen in the region.

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13- Saklıkent Waterfall

Hidden Kent Waterfall

Saklıkent Waterfall, one of the must-see spots for nature lovers during their Fethiye trips, is only 47 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye. Saklıkent Waterfall, which is very close to Saklıkent Canyon, is among the first places visited by holidaymakers and nature photographers who want to cool off on the hot days of summer.

You can also take wonderful photographs on the viewing terraces and walking paths around the Saklıkent Waterfall, where you will witness a different beauty in every season with its white waters flowing through the untouched natural beauties surrounded by pine trees. You can relax on the swings and hammocks set up on the stream around the waterfall, where there are a few tourist facilities, taste local delicacies, or cool off by entering the ice-cold waterfall ponds. You can reach the Saklıkent Waterfall, famous for its fascinating natural beauty resembling tropical forests, with a 1-hour journey from Fethiye by Saklıkent minibusses.

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Author’s Note: We do not recommend you to walk with shoes on in Hiddenkent Waterfall. You can rent slippers for 3 TL or buy slippers for 10 TL if you wish.

14- Katrancı Bay Nature Park

Tar Dark

Kazancı Bay Nature Park, one of the nature excursion areas very close to the center of Fethiye, spreads over a large green area of ​​20 hectares. The tent and caravan areas in Katrancı Bay Nature Park, which was declared a nature park and protected in 2011, attract great attention. You can take pleasant walks among the gum trees, red pine trees, tamarisk trees, and sweetgum trees specific to the region in the park, which also hosts Katrancı Bay and Kızlar Bay, where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea accompanied by magnificent natural views.

Katrancı Bay Nature Park, which is one of the places frequently visited by nature photographers in Fethiye with its endemic plant species and rich wildlife diversity, has a country garden, restaurant, sports fields, observation terraces, and well-organized walking paths. You can swim in deep blue waters away from the crowds among pine forests in Katrancı Bay and Kızlar Bay, which are frequented by boats, and discover the untouched beauty of Katrancı Bay Nature Park with photo safaris and nature excursions.

Katrancı Bay Nature Park entrance fees

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15- Knight Island

Knight Island

Knight Island, one of the most frequently visited tourist spots in Fethiye with both its untouched natural beauty and historical treasures, is also known as Fethiye Island. The island is ideal for a quiet holiday or day trip with its boutique hotels with magnificent Aegean Sea views. Knight Island, a very small island with only 70 houses, 4 hotels, and fish restaurants, is located in front of Fethiye Harbor in Telmessos Bay.

Knight Island, protected as a first-degree protected area, takes its name from the Knights of Rhodes who lived on the island in the 15th century. You can swim to your heart’s content on the quiet beach of the island, which attracts the attention of archeology enthusiasts with its castle built by the knights and its impressive mosaics, visit its historical treasures, and take beautiful photographs by walking on the quiet island streets. You can reach Knight Island, which is only 1.9 nautical miles from Fethiye, by minibusses and boat trips.

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16- Afkule Monastery

Afkule Monastery

Afkule, built at the foot of a mountain that is difficult to reach on the Kaya Village road, is one of the most important addresses for nature walks in Fethiye and Ölüdeniz. The area, which attracts attention with the Af Kule Monastery built at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, is famous for its nature with endemic plant species and panoramic sea views.

Af Kule Monastery, which can be reached via 1-kilometer walking paths among pine forests, is thought to have been built in the 5th or 6th century. The monastery, a small part of which survives today, is frequently visited due to its location. At Afkule Monastery, which has a magnificent view where you can even see the Island of Rhodes, you can walk in the fresh mountain air and examine the living rooms and monastery sections carved into the rocks.

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Author’s Note: If you are going by car, you need to reach a certain point and then walk on a medium-difficulty path. Choosing the right shoes is important as the ends of the trail can be a bit challenging.

17- Fethiye Darboğaz Bay

Fethiye Darboğaz Bay

Darboğaz Bay, one of the must-visit places in Fethiye for both nature walks and camping, is famous for its turquoise sea and naturally formed rock ponds. Since there is no road transportation, you can easily go by boat to Darboğaz Bay, one of the rare Aegean bays that preserves its untouched beauty.

You can have an unforgettable day at Darboğaz Bay, where you can swim in rock ponds with colorful fish, accompanied by stunning views of interesting rock formations that have been shaped over thousands of years. The bay, which has no facilities or construction, is among the most preferred places for diving tours. Don’t forget to visit Darboğaz Bay, just 25 kilometers from Fethiye, and enjoy the lush green landscape.

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18- Faralya Village

Faralya Village

Faralya Village, located 25 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye, quickly gained a worldwide reputation for its fascinating beauty. The village, which is also a part of the Ancient Lycian Way, is located on the mountain slopes surrounded by pine trees, overlooking the panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. You can stay in bungalows and boutique hotels designed in harmony with nature, or spend a few days admiring nature views by setting up your tent in well-equipped camping areas among the forests of the village.

Faralya Village, one of Turkey’s paradises to be discovered, is worth seeing as one of the most beautiful villages of the Aegean. Faralya Village, where you will witness fascinating rock views similar to Scotland; is among the most visited places in Fethiye for nature sports such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, trekking, and mountaineering.

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19- Tlos Antik Kenti

Tolos Antik Kenti

Tlos Ancient City, located within the borders of Yaka Village, 42 kilometers from the center of Fethiye, and one of the most important historical treasures of the region, was built in 43 AD during the Roman period. The Ancient City of Tlos, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List for its historical importance and is one of the 6 major cities in the Lycia region such as Pınara, Olympos, and Myra, has spectacular views with its striking rock houses and temples built on the mountain slopes.

You can also visit the ancient city, which attracts history enthusiasts with its city walls built at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, dominating the region, its impressive ancient theater, temples, and living spaces carefully carved into the rocks, with guided tours. In the city where many ancient temple tombs are located, the reliefs depicting the winged horse Pegasus fighting the three-headed monster Chimera are the most popular works.

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20- Gunallu Bay

Daily Bay

Located between the two districts, 17 kilometers from Fethiye and 10 kilometers from Göcek, Gündelü Bay is among the most popular places you can go in Fethiye to enjoy the crystal clear sea surrounded by pine forests. Located in Küçük Kargı Nature Park, famous for its diversity of trees and plants, Günlü Bay will make you feel like you are swimming on a tropical island with its wide and fine sandy beach lying right next to the pine forests.

You can also have a good time doing various water sports in the bay, where there are tourist facilities where you can rent sun umbrellas and sun loungers. Gunlulu Bay, surrounded by small streams where ducks swim, walking paths, recreation areas with sea views, and well-equipped camping areas, are among the places that nature lovers should add to their list.

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21- Yanıklar Village

Yanıklar Village | Anzax

Yanıklar Village, one of the natural paradises located only 15 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye and surrounded by sweetgum trees unique to Anatolia, is one of the newly discovered tourist spots of the Aegean. In Yanıklar Village, which is famous for its fine sandy beach and clear sea where you can see every shade of blue, the nature hotels lined up among fruit and pine trees also attract a lot of attention.

In Yanıklar Village, which has been selected as one of Turkey’s pilot regions in the field of eco-tourism, you can enjoy the cold waters of untouched streams and streams as well as the sea. Nature walks and camping are among the most popular activities in Yanıklar Village, where gastronomy enthusiasts can also have a good time with local cuisine prepared with organic products. It is possible to reach Yanıklar Village by minibuses from Fethiye, a short 20-minute journey.

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22- Telmessos Ancient City

Telmessos Ancient City

You can also visit the Ancient City of Telmessos, one of the most well-known ancient cities in Turkey, during your Fethiye holiday. It is one of the first settlements in the Aegean Region and dates back to B.C. Dating back to 3000 BC, the Ancient City of Telmessos was one of the largest cities of the period in ancient times. The ancient city took its name from Telmessos, son of Apollo; It attracts history and archeology enthusiasts from all over the world with its huge temple carved into rocks, shrines, and living rooms.

You can explore the Ancient City of Telmessos, where historical artifacts dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods, an ancient theatre, sarcophagi, and impressive rock tombs were found during excavations, with nature walks, culture and history tours organized in Fethiye, accompanied by guides.

Telmessos Ancient City entrance fees

Per person: 20 TL 

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Author’s Note: On the way to the city, it is necessary to climb stairs and climb steep slopes. Therefore, it is not a suitable route for families with children and elderly.

23- Kızılada


Kızılada, another natural paradise that you can explore with boat tours available at any time in Fethiye, takes its name from its red sands that shine at sunset. Located 6.4 kilometers away from the Fethiye coast, Kızılada has only a cute lighthouse, a seafood restaurant, and a small hostel.

Built with bricks brought from France in the 1800s, Kızılada Lighthouse has been guiding sailors for hundreds of years and is visited due to its panoramic view. You can swim on the quiet and peaceful beach, dive to see the underwater riches, and enjoy romantic dinners at the fish restaurant on the island, accompanied by the magnificent red view at sunset.

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24- Çubucak Nature Park

Marmaris Cubucak Forest Camp

Located 2 hours away from the center of Fethiye and covering a large green area of ​​20 hectares, Çubucak Nature Park was taken under protection in 1971 and declared a nature park in 2011. In the nature park, which has a camping area for 400 tents as well as a caravan park for 35 vehicles, the walking paths stretching among red pine trees, sweetgum trees specific to the region, laurel and sandalwood trees are very popular.

Çubucak Nature Park, where you can enjoy recreation areas and camping areas with sea views in the red pine forest, also hosts dozens of bird species. You can swim in the deep blue sea all day long in the quiet bays of the nature park, where you can find facilities such as viewing terraces, a country garden, changing cabins, showers, and toilets.

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25- Toparlar Waterfall

Toparlar Waterfall

Toparlar Waterfall, which has no construction and has managed to preserve its natural beauty, is only 69 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye. Toparlar Waterfall, which is quite small, is an ideal place to spend a nice day in nature, away from the modern world and crowds, with its white waters flowing through impressive rock formations and its pond that remains ice cold even in summer. You can visit the waterfall in the summer heat to swim in the cold waters of the waterfall and take wonderful nature photographs. You can also dive in the waterfall’s pond, which reaches a depth of many meters.

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26- Cold Water Bay

Soguksu Bay

Soğuksu Bay, one of the most important stopping points of Fethiye boat tours, is only 14 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye. The bay is very difficult to reach by land and you can easily go there by boat; It is famous for its beach stretching between rocks decorated with pine trees, crystal clear sea, and water that remains cold even on the hottest days.

Snorkelling, scuba diving, and scuba diving are also the most popular activities in Soğuksu Bay, where yacht and boat tourism is developed. If you prefer swimming in cold waters during the summer months, you should visit Cold Water Bay to both swim with the fish in the clear sea and spend a peaceful day among natural beauties.

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Author’s Note: Transportation from Kayaköy center may be a bit challenging, but it can be easily reached by an average car. To enter the bay, you must use the entrance of a place called LasTunas. The parking fee in the area is 60 TL. It would be beneficial to bring your food and beverage with you.

27- Fethiye Fish Market

Fethiye Fish Market

Fethiye fish market, one of the tourist places visited by local and foreign tourists during the Fethiye holidays, has been established for more than 60 years. The fish market, where you can find dozens of types of fresh seafood, is also famous for its stylishly decorated fish restaurants.

Fethiye fish market restaurants, where you can taste Aegean and Mediterranean seasonal fish as well as local appetizers, squid, and octopus salads, are among the places you should visit in Fethiye if you like seafood. Since it is located in a beautiful location in the town center, you can reach Fethiye fish market with a short walk or by public transportation.

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28- Dalyan Rock Tombs

King Rock Tomb

Dalyan Rock Tombs, the most impressive part of the Ancient City of Kaunos, one of the most important trade cities of ancient times, located 71 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye, attract the attention of history and culture enthusiasts all over the world with its fascinating view.

Dalyan Rock Tombs, also known as Kaunos Rock Tombs, date back to B.C. It is thought to have been built during the Roman period in the 4th century. Lycian-type rock tombs carved on huge rocks have adorned the covers of many tourism magazines. In the region, which is one of the permanent addresses of Fethiye history and culture trips, you can also have the chance to see the ancient theater, agora, Roman bath, and various temples up close. Dalyan Rock Tombs, where you will witness a unique view, especially at sunset, are among the most visited places in Fethiye by foreign tourists.

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29- Belcekız Beach

Belcekiz Beach

One of the most beautiful places where you can swim in Fethiye is Belcekız Beach, which has gained worldwide fame with its 3-kilometer-long and golden sandy beach. The beach, located in Ölüdeniz town, 12 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye, is very lively with local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer months.

The beach, where you can sunbathe while enjoying the impressive views of Babadağ, is also used as a landing pad for paragliders from the Babadağ peaks. You should visit Belcekız Beach, where you can do dozens of water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, and parasailing, as it has a windier and wavier sea than other beaches in the region.

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Author’s Note: It is not suitable for families with children or those who are not confident in swimming. It is worth mentioning that it can suddenly become deeper.

30- Hisarönü

Ölüdeniz Hisarönü

Hisarönü, a small and touristic neighborhood of Ölüdeniz town; is among the most preferred places for accommodation in the region with its boutique hotels, authentic bazaars, cafes, bars, and restaurants lined among pine forests. Hisarönü, famous for its air with high oxygen levels, is also ideal for nature walks.

Hisarönü is located 13 kilometers from the center of Fethiye and only 10 kilometers from Ölüdeniz; It is one of the most preferred places for day trips with its historical wooden and stone mansions adorning its narrow streets, lively bar street, and markets where you can find hundreds of types of local products. In Hisarönü, which is also popular with its horse farms, you can take horse riding lessons for all age groups and start exploring the historical and natural beauties of the region by going on horse safaris with your children.

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31- İnlice Beach

İnlice Beach

İnlice Beach, located between Fethiye and Göcek, is one of the most popular beaches in the region. The back side of İnlice Beach, which is one of the most preferred beaches in Fethiye by families with children with its wide coast and shallow sea, is surrounded by recreation areas, boutique hotels, hostels, restaurants, and cafes. The beach, which you can enter free of charge, also offers tourist facilities where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas or buy snacks. At İnlice Beach, you can enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters while being enveloped by the refreshing scent of pine trees. This blue-flag beach in Fethiye offers a perfect blend of nature and pristine sea.

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32- Dalaman Stream

Dalaman Stream

Located 68 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye, Dalaman Stream is one of the first places visited by those who want to do water sports and rafting. Dalaman Stream, which has been one of the most developed places in our country in the field of water sports in recent years, is among the places preferred by families for rafting because it has an easy track.

Fish restaurants established around the stream, where you can also go on canoe trips, welcome holidaymakers who want to spend a nice day in the fresh air among unique natural views. You can spend a relaxing and exciting day with your family on the Dalaman Stream, which has a total length of 230 kilometers.

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33- Kıdrak Bay

Kıdrak Koyu

Located between Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay, Kıdrak Bay is a part of Kıdrak National Park, which spreads over a large green area of ​​25 hectares. The bay, which is visited for activities such as bird watching, nature photography, trekking, and camping, as well as boat trips and diving tours, is also very popular with its walking trails offering panoramic sea views. You can also find a few restaurants and tourist facilities in Kıdrak Bay, where you can spend a peaceful day among the pine forests on the fine sandy beach. Do not end your trip without seeing the beauty of Kıdrak Bay, which is considered one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye.

Kıdrak Bay entrance fees

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34- Sidyma Ancient City


Sidyma Ancient City, located between Fethiye and Kaş, 48 kilometers from the town center, fascinates its visitors with its 2000-year-old history and impressive structures. The ancient city, located within the borders of the Seydikemer district, was one of the most important trade centers during the Roman period and maintained this position until the Byzantine period. You can watch the panoramic view of the region from the watchtower of the Ancient City of Sidyma, surrounded by walls of 35 meters in length and 3 meters in height.

The most interesting place of the ancient city, where you can visit Lycian period mausoleums, Roman baths, churches, and the Temple of Artemis, is the impressive rock tombs designed in the shape of a pigeon nest. You can explore the Ancient City of Sidyma, which you can visit to see both its natural beauty and historical treasures closely, with guided history tours organized in Fethiye.

Amistas Rock Tomb entrance fee

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35- Boncuklu Bay

Boncuklu Bay

Boncuklu Bay, which consists of two parts Büyük Boncuklu Bay and Küçük Boncuklu Bay, is one of the untouched beauties of Fethiye adorned with pine forests. The bay, where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea, is also among the most important stops for boat trips. Boncuklu Bay, which has recreation areas, walking tracks, bicycle paths, and children’s playgrounds around it, also provides facilities such as showers, changing cabins, and toilets.

Küçük Boncuklu Bay, on the other hand, has a very small beach, away from the crowds, with its fine sandy shore that will make you feel like you are swimming on a tropical island. You can do water sports in the bay or rent a canoe. These free bays also have well-equipped areas for those who want to camp.

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36- Kumburnu Beach


Located at the tip of the peninsula within Ölüdeniz National Park, the blue flag Kumburnu Beach is a natural beauty that you can reach with a short walk from Ölüdeniz center. Since it is located in the protected area of ​​the national park, the beach has managed to preserve its untouched beauty. With its 2-kilometer-long beach, waveless sea, and shallow waters, it is ideal for both families with children and holidaymakers who want to swim away from the tourist crowds. You can also visit Kumburnu Beach, a nature paradise surrounded by lush pine forests, after a walk in the national park and immerse yourself in the cool waters.

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37- Babadag


Babadağ, one of Turkey’s most famous and touristic mountains, is also a true nature sports center. Known for its hiking trails offering panoramic views of Ölüdeniz and Fethiye, Babadağ, at an altitude of 1969 meters, has become famous worldwide with its quality paragliding centers. You can watch incredible views over Ölüdeniz with paragliding, which you can do with a short training with professional parachutists in every season.

Babadağ, which also has a small ski slope at an altitude of 1200 meters, is considered one of the 10 mountains in the world that should be protected because of its rich diversity of endemic plants and wildlife. You can taste world cuisine accompanied by unique nature and sea views at the restaurant at the top of Babadağ, which is one of the most visited places in our country for nature sports such as camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, and mountaineering.

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38- Sarigerme Beach

Interior Of Sarıgerme Olajı

Sarıgerme Beach, one of the longest beaches in our country with a length of 7 kilometers, is only 55 kilometers away from Fethiye. The beach, which you can reach by walking among the peacocks in the forests, is worth seeing with its golden sands and deep blue sea.

Sarıgerme Beach, which has no concrete structures and therefore preserves its natural beauty, is one of the most preferred beaches in the region for both having a picnic in nature and enjoying the sea. After enjoying the sea at the beach, which is also famous for its sunset views, you can take photos accompanied by romantic sunset views.

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39- Amistas Rock Tomb


Amistas Rock Tomb, one of the world-famous historical treasures of the region, which you can easily reach from the center of Fethiye, dates back to B.C. An architectural masterpiece built during the Lycian period in the 4th century. It is not known exactly in whose name the impressive tomb, carved on huge rocks that offer views of Fethiye and the Aegean Sea on a hill overlooking the region, was built. The surroundings of the magnificent rock tomb are full of many sarcophagi.

You can take wonderful photographs of both the ancient structure and Fethiye at the Amistas Rock Tomb, which is famous for its two-storey, quadrangular, and arched design, as well as the reliefs depicting battles on both sides.

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40- Letoon Ancient City


Letoon Ancient City, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988 and is one of Turkey’s most well-known ancient cities in the world, dates back to B.C. It is estimated that it was founded in the 7th century. During the excavations carried out in the ancient city, which was the religious center of the Lycian civilization and famous for its impressive temples of Leto, Apollo, and Artemis, B.C. Inscriptions from the 4th century were also found.

Letoon Ancient City, which is the most important address for history tours with its magnificent temples, sarcophagus tombs, ancient fountains, columned streets, and a church built in the Roman period, can also be explored as part of the Lycian Way. You can visit the Letoon Ancient City, visited by thousands of people every year, with Fethiye history tours and make an unforgettable journey into the past.

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41- Küçük Kargı Nature Park

Little Kargi Bay

Küçük Kargı Nature Park, also known as Ömer Eşen Nature Park, covers a large green area of ​​15 hectares in the Yanıklar region of Fethiye. Küçük Kargı Nature Park, protected as a 3rd degree natural protected area and surrounded by sweetgum trees unique to the region, is also visited for the crystal clear sea of ​​Kargı Bay.

You can also have the chance to see many wild animals, from woodpeckers to hawks and foxes, in the nature park, which is decorated with many types of trees such as red pine, eastern plane, holm oak, and tamarisk, as well as sweetgum trees. Küçük Kargı Nature Park, where you can both walk in the fresh air and swim in the crystal clear sea in the quiet and peaceful environment of Kargı Bay, also provides facilities such as country gardens, toilets, and showers.

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42- Kayaköy

Kayaköy Streets

Kayaköy, built on the ruins of Karmylassos, one of the important cities of the ancient world, is also known as a ghost town. Kayaköy, famous for its abandoned stone houses spread over the mountain slopes left by the Greeks who left the region as a result of the population exchange after the War of Independence, is one of the most important points of Fethiye trips with its impressive view and mystical atmosphere. You can find many facilities in the region, where tourism opportunities have begun to develop due to its proximity to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz, from nature hotels to villas and boutique hotels serving in historical stone houses.

Kayaköy, which is an open-air museum with houses, churches, and deserted streets that have remained intact for hundreds of years, dates back to B.C. You can also examine the sarcophagi tombs from the 4th century. Kayaköy, which attracts the attention of photographers from all over the world, is also the permanent address of horse safaris and nature walks.

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43- Girdev Lake

Girdev Lake Fethiye

Girdev Lake, located within the borders of Seydikemer district, 87 kilometers from the center of Fethiye, is one of the hidden natural wonders of the region, hosting dozens of bird species. Girdev Plateau, which is 1800 meters above sea level surrounding the lake and its surroundings, is among the pleasant travel areas in the summer months.

Girdev Lake, where jeep and motorcycle trips are also organized, is one of the most beautiful places in Fethiye where you can go for a picnic with its cool air on summer days, go on nature trips, take photos of water birds, and fishing. Girdev Lake and Girdev Plateau, which you can visit in every season of the year, are the most frequently visited places in Fethiye by bird watchers and nature photographers.

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Author’s Note: Since it is located 1800 meters above sea level, it can be very windy and cold. Be sure to bring warm clothing, especially if you are going with your children.

44- Fethiye Lovers Hill

Lovers Hill

Famous for its fascinating view of Fethiye, especially at night, Fethiye Lovers Hill is one of the most popular sightseeing areas in the district. Country gardens, cafes, and small shopping shops provide service on Lovers’ Hill, which you can reach with a pleasant walk among fruit and pine trees.

The Lycian tombs around Aşıklar Hill, located on the Fethiye Castle road, are among the favorite sightseeing areas of local and foreign tourists. We recommend you to visit Fethiye Lovers’ Hill to both take great photos and sip tea accompanied by magnificent panoramic views of Fethiye.

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45- Pınara Ancient City

 Pınara Ancient City Fethiye

Another world-famous ancient city in the region is Pınara Ancient City, one of the 6 largest cities of the Lycian civilization. Pınara Ancient City, which is one of the three cities with voting rights in the Lycian Union assembly and where the foundations of today’s democratic system were laid, dates back to B.C. It is estimated that it was built around 340. B.C. The city, which was besieged and captured by Alexander the Great in 334, remained under the rule of Pergamon and the Roman Empire for a long time.

You can examine the agora, living spaces, and temples in Pınara Ancient City, famous for its impressive ancient theater with a capacity of 3200 people, located on a high hill overlooking the region and offering magnificent views of Babadağ. We recommend you visit this part of the ancient city, which hosts hundreds of rock tombs carved into the rocks on steep slopes. You can visit Pınar Ancient City, which is 45 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye, with guided tours or you can easily reach the city with Minare Village minibuses.

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