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Igneada sits at the very top of the Marmara Region, marking the point where the Black Sea’s waves meet the land. Hidden away, it’s a hidden spot surrounded by deep green forests. Let’s explore Igneada together !

Where is Igneada?

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İğneada is a coastal town within the Demirköy district of Kırklareli, nestled along the Black Sea coast in Thrace. This town has a lengthy 22-kilometer beach and lies near the Turkey-Bulgaria border.

How to Get to Igneada?

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Igneada is 100 km from Kırklareli and just 26 km from the Demirköy district. If you’re coming from Istanbul, it’s about 250 km away, sitting at the eastern tip of Thrace. You can get there by renting a car in cities like Istanbul, Tekirdağ, or Kırklareli.

For those starting from Istanbul, some buses run daily to Igneada. You can catch one from the Ataşehir terminal on the Asian side or the Esenler terminal on the European side, and you’ll be there in roughly 5 hours. The bus route includes stops through Silivri, Çorlu, Lüleburgaz, Pınarhisar, and Demirköy.

Driving yourself? You’d follow the same path the buses take. There are also bus services from Edirne and Lüleburgaz to Igneada, giving you plenty of options to reach this charming seaside town.

Places to Visit in Igneada

1. Igneada Longoz Forests National Park

Igneada Longoz Forests National Park

Established in 2007, Igneada Longoz Ormanları Milli Parkı is within Bulgaria’s borders. The park’s landscape, known as a langoz, came from sediments carried by rivers from the Yıldız Mountains into the Black Sea. This region is a bustling home for diverse plant and animal life.

2. Igneada Lighthouse

Igneada Lighthouse

Located at the furthest west point of the Black Sea, the İğneada Lighthouse was built by French engineers in 1866 when Sultan Abdülmecit was in power. It’s often referred to as “the French Lighthouse.” Nowadays, its upkeep is managed by the General Directorate of Coastal Safety.

3. Demirköy Foundry

Demirköy Foundry

During the Conquest of Istanbul, the cannonballs used by Fatih Sultan Mehmet were produced in this location, chosen for its abundant iron ore resources. This foundry functioned as the Demirköy Tophane-i Amiriye Enterprises from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

4. Palivor Farm

Pallivor Farm

Palivor Farm, in Demirköy, Kırklareli, has become quite the name since starting in 2011. Winning awards and turning into a well-known brand, you can find their stuff even in Istanbul markets. They focus on natural, seasonal items, made right there or sourced locally. A cool thing about the farm is you can stay over and enjoy breakfast surrounded by greenery, with dishes like menemen, sausage, and eggs. Plus, they have that special milk jam and red pepper jam. Shopping there is an option, too.

For staying, they’ve got farmhouses that vary in size, fitting groups of 10, 8, or 7, equipped with stuff like an American kitchen, a living area with a fireplace, a place for barbecues, and a terrace. Perfect for big gatherings with family or friends. Just remember to book ahead.

5. Bulanık Dere Longozu

Igneada Guide

Bulanık Dere Longozu stands out as a favorite spot in Igneada, captivating visitors with its pristine nature, array of birds, and plant life. The place paints a vivid scene with its blend of blue and green shades, making you feel as if you’re inside a masterpiece.

6. Sarpdere


For those looking to beat the heat of summer, the ice-cold water of Sarpdere is the perfect retreat. Imagine tables and chairs set right in the stream, allowing you to dine and relax as the chilly water rushes over your feet. All around, the sounds of birds and the display of nature’s wonders add to the tranquility.

7. İğneada Coast and Beach

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Igneada Beach stretches over 22 kilometers, surrounded by numerous places to stay and social spots. Right by the shore, you can enjoy the deep blue waters of the beach.

8. Hamam Lake Longozu

Hamam Lake

The Hamam Lake in Igneada, beautiful in every season, showcases a vibrant mix of green, yellow, and orange. This floodplain is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, presenting breathtaking colors.

9. Zindandere

Dungeon Stream Waterfall

Zindandere is a great sightseeing area. Forest and stream walking, waterfall to cool off, and medium-difficulty rock climbing on the way back.

10. Lake Saka

Lake Saka

Saka Lake, positioned as the furthest south among Igneada’s floodplains, creates a stunning landscape where it meets the sea periodically throughout the year. It’s a habitat rich in different fish species, with much of the area blanketed by reeds. During the winter, this floodplain transforms into a breathtaking scene well worth a visit.

11. Durpnisa Cave

Durpnisa Cave

Durpnisa Cave is a unique spot in Thrace, being the only cave in the region that’s open to visitors. It’s found where deep valleys cut through the Istranca Mountains by the Rezve Stream. With a complex structure that includes two levels and three different caves, it stretches a total of 2720 meters, though the section open for tours is 1977 meters long. Every year, it draws crowds of tourists, both local and international, eager to explore its depths.

12. Liman Baba Tomb

Liman Baba Tomb

Located in Avcılar Village, you’ll find the resting place of Liman Baba, alongside the tomb of Ali Baba. It’s said that these two were among the seven siblings of a figure known as “Telli Baba” in Istanbul, believed to safeguard and keep a vigilant eye on sailors.

13. Sislioba Castle

Sislioba Castle

Sislioba Castle, once a Roman garrison, is in Sislioba Village. Nowadays, it’s a ruin. To get there, you’ll need to take a long walk.

14. Begendik Village

Begendik Village

Beğendik Village is a quaint community with 50 households and around 200 residents. While it doesn’t offer traditional accommodations, the village is well-equipped for camping and caravan stays.

15. Şahindere Trail

Şahindere Trail

For those who love trekking, here’s a fantastic trail to explore: the Şahindere Canyon Trekking Trail. Spanning 27 km, this route offers a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.

What to Eat in Igneada?

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In İğneada, there’s a lot of special food to try from Thracian cooking. You can eat different kinds of seafood like turbot and bonito, and traditional stuff like poached fish, Albanian liver, a special rice dish for Hıdrellez, pancakes cooked on a metal plate, and lamb skewers. Plus, you’ll find a lot of dishes from the Balkans, so there’s a big mix of flavors to check out.

Best Places to Eat In Igneada

Catkapi Restaurant

Uğur’un Yeri Kafe Limanköy: If you’re not having breakfast where you’re staying, consider heading to Uğur’un Yeri Kafe Limanköy, a top breakfast spot in İğneada. They serve a wide-ranging breakfast with a great sea view. Their jams, particularly the milk jam, are favorites—you can buy jars to take home. Also, try the Turkish coffee brewed on sand. And if the morning’s nice and the sea looks inviting, you might even take a dip before breakfast. Click for location.

Mest Cafe & Restaurant: offers everything from burgers to chicken doner. While not on the street, it’s perfect for those who love sitting on a terrace. It’s the spot if you’re into grilled sausages and meaty dishes. You can grab breakfast too, but the vibe shifts a lot from morning to evening. Evening visitors often go for the red meat dishes, like tenderloin. The view of İğneada from the terrace is special. It’s open daily until 01:00. Click for location .

Çatkapı et Balik: a seaside restaurant, making it a prime spot for seafood lovers. It has a big glass section inside to enjoy the view, yet we find the outside seating more delightful. The ambiance is especially nice for evening dining. It welcomes guests every day, from the morning hours till 02:00 at night. Click for location.

İğneada Festivals

Festival Igneada

Where to Stay in İğneada?

İğneada Camping Areas

Igneada Camping Area

Mert Lake Recreation Area: A camping area in the center where setting up a tent is free. However, you need to solve issues such as toilets and bathrooms from the surrounding businesses. The surroundings are much more lively than Beğendik Village Camping Area. You can also light a fire in a controlled manner. Click for location .

Beğendik Village Beach and Harbor: It is a place where you can pitch a tent for free, but there are no facilities around. That’s why you should come prepared with your food and drink. There are grocery stores and small businesses where you can shop in the center of Beğendik Village. This place is much quieter, calmer, and more peaceful than Mert Lake Recreation Area. It is the farthest camping area from the center, on the border with Bulgaria. Click for location .

İğneada Aylak Meşe Camping Area: A peaceful place surrounded by nature, 15-20 minutes by car from İğneada. It is especially preferred if you are looking for a quiet place to pitch your tent, away from the crowds. Toilets and showers are spotlessly clean. Click for location .

Candaş Camp: An option you can choose for caravan camping. In the forest, all caravans, tents, and accommodation areas are located by the stream. Common toilets are clean. It also has a restaurant. There is no electricity or water for the caravan. Click for location.

İğneada Camping Area Saklıkent Beylerbeyi Farm: A camping area where you can stay in a tent or a bungalow, surrounded by nature. The toilet is clean. There are areas where you can barbecue. Click for location .

Other camping areas:

Best Hotels In Igneada

Longosphere Glamping

Longosphere Glamping

Longosphere Glamping has become the go-to spot, especially for families with kids, lately. They offer two tent types: Squirrel and Turtle. Squirrel tents are basic, without a toilet or bath. Turtle tents are like small houses, with their own bathroom and toilet. The place also has lots of restaurants, bars, and fun stuff to do.

Nayu İğneada

Nayu Igneada

Nayu İğneada, which opened in the summer 2023, stands out for being really fresh, tidy, and well looked after. It’s among the best spots to stay in İğneada, thanks to its spot by the water, nicely done-up common areas, roomy places to sleep, and a food spot with great dishes cooked by a chef.



Inemare hotel is one of the trendiest in İğneada, starting its operations in the 2022 season. It’s known for being clean, contemporary, and stylishly furnished, with a team that pays close attention to guests. Rooms with views of the sea are popular choices. Plus, it’s just a 10-minute journey from Lake Mert.