Best Cafes In Jeddah

Jeddah has a lively coffee culture, constantly welcoming new cafes with distinct ideas and dedicated offerings. We’ve gathered a list of the best ones in the city that you should definitely check out. Whether it’s specialty coffee roasters or themed bistros, these cafes provide exceptional experiences and serve fantastic coffee.

Best cafes in Jeddah:

1. Cup & Couch

Cup &Amp; Couch Best Cafes In Jeddah

Cup & Couch | Neighborhood Cafe is a fancy café in Jeddah. They serve various coffee flavors, both hot and cold, like cardamom, coconut, and nut-infused coffee, along with mocha, cappuccino, iced latte, macchiato, and espresso. They also have delicious cakes and cookies for dessert.

This café offers free Wi-Fi for customers, serves breakfast and healthy meals, and has screens where they broadcast important sports matches, especially during big tournaments. It’s a popular spot in Jeddah to watch games, and it’s family-friendly.

Al Yamamah Street, Al Salamah District, Jeddah,

2. Mikel Coffee

Mikel Coffee Best Cafes In Jeddah

Mikel Coffee is an upscale international Greek café known for its unique coffee offerings. They have a wide range of beverages, including hot and cold coffee, Greek coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and hot chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, they also serve delicious desserts like cookies, cake, and donuts in various flavors.

The café has multiple floors and provides numerous cozy seating options, both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they have several screens for broadcasting sports matches, making it a great place to catch the game.

Prince Sultan Road, Al Khalidiya District, Jeddah,

3. Deera Cafe

Deera Cafe Best Cafes In Jeddah

Deera Café boasts a diverse menu featuring a wide selection of hot and cold beverages, including seasonal drinks.

Some of the most popular drinks at Deera Café include almond coffee, Arabic and Turkish coffee, cold coffee, and iced tea. In addition to beverages, they serve snacks, breakfast dishes, and various sweets like Hanini, Basbousa, and Al-Marasi.

Stars Avenue, Sari Branch Street, Al Zahra District, Jeddah,

4. Good Hood

Good Hood Best Cafes In Jeddah

This vibrant cafe in Ar Rawdah is the perfect example of a cool neighborhood spot you’ll want to visit again and again. Whether you’re stopping by for coffee or a full meal, Good Hood has you covered. You might even end up staying longer, playing board games, or joining in on activities.

Abdul Maqsud Khojah, Ar Rawdah, Jeddah 23435,

5. Gathering

Gathering Best Cafes In Jeddah

This café is in the Ar Rawdah outlet. When you enter, you’ll feel the cozy and welcoming atmosphere. You can sit down and enjoy a specialty coffee. Besides its great coffee and ice cream, Gathering is famous for being a place where people come together. They often have events and art activities that bring the community together.

Ar RawdahAl Khayyat Commercial Center, Jeddah 21577,

6. Culture Café

Culture Café And Best Cafes In Jeddah

Culture Café and Lounge is in a great spot along the Jeddah Corniche. They have comfy seating and unique decorations, plus lovely views of the Red Sea and Jeddah Port. They offer a variety of Arabic coffee, sandwiches, burgers, juices, and more. I tried their delicious frappuccino and saffron cake while enjoying the beautiful sunset and the stunning King Fahad’s Fountain.

7281 Al Kurnaysh Road Al Hamra District, Jeddah 23212,

7. Brew 92

Brew 92 Best Cafes In Jeddah

Cafe Brew 92 stands out as one of the top cafes in Jeddah. It’s conveniently located with comfortable seating and a pleasant atmosphere. The architecture adds to the overall appeal of the place. When it comes to the drinks, I tried a regular latte and it was delicious. I also ordered a brownie on the side, and it was really good. While the prices may be slightly higher than those major coffee chains like Starbucks, the quality of the drinks and the ambiance make it well worth it.

Prince Saud Al Faisal, Jeddah Saudi Arabia,

8. Ekleel Cafe

Ekleel Cafe Best Cafes In Jeddah

Cafe Ekleel offers a scrumptious breakfast and a welcoming atmosphere. Their coffee is a true delight; I ordered a flat white along with a brioche club sandwich, and I was thoroughly satisfied. Let me tell you, their salt caramel latte is simply divine. While it can get a little busy at times, there’s a clear reason for it – their coffee is outstanding!

Abdullah Sulayman St, Al Fayha’a, Jeddah 22246,

9. Pals

 Pals Best Cafes In Jeddah

Pals is a charming, relaxed deli-style spot with friendly staff. They serve a fantastic cold Americano that’s full of flavor. Their Feta Cheese Sandwich is also excellent, made with high-quality ingredients. I also tried their delicious grilled cheese sandwich and smoked salmon toast. Don’t forget to taste their great matcha latte!

Rovan Tower, Prince Saud Al Faisal, Ar Rawdah, Jeddah,

10. Layla’s Gourmet

Layla'S Gourmet Best Cafes In Jeddah

Layla’s Gourmet is a delightful find in Jeddah. Its French-inspired decor and old-school menu make it a charming spot for those who appreciate nostalgia. You must try their fantastic chocolate cake, and don’t miss out on the delightful high tea experience. The desserts and coffee are also top-notch!

Villa #50, Mahmoud Nassif, Al Andalus, Jeddah 23326,