Things To Do In Amman

A booming tourist city, Amman shines throughout Jordan! A typical example of a Middle Eastern city, Amman welcomes you in complete privacy to show you its wonders from another time. Ruins, stairs, balconies, remains, a citadel and an ancient theater face an immense modern urban area. Amman is a city of contrasts and paradoxes, nonetheless a jewel of Jordan!

So, if visiting Amman appeals to you, here are the 10 essential things to do in Amman!

1. The Al Abdali district and the Abdali Mall shopping center

Getting To The Mall

The Al Abdali district is one of the most touristy places in the city. In the heart of the city, this is THE shopping destination not to be missed! Spectacular, modern, and refined, the Abdali Mall shopping center dominates the neighborhood. With more than 20,000 m² dedicated to shopping and entertainment, this space offers visitors an extraordinary shopping experience!

Like an oasis of consumerism, Abadi Mall is home to local, regional, and international fashion brands. Thriving and dynamic, this shopping center also hosts a cinema, restaurants, a supermarket, and grocery stores.

Al Abdali district location

2. Rainbow Street

Getting To Rainbow Street

Shopaholics will be delighted to visit Amman! Indeed, after the Al-Abdali district and the Abdali Mall shopping center, take a look at Rainbow Street! Located in the lower town called Jabal Amman, this street is one of the liveliest in the city. A stunning mix of modernity and tradition, this chic neighborhood is home to numerous restaurants, art galleries, and fashion boutiques.

A must-do: visit the house of Bani Hamida, the headquarters of an association that defends Bedouin crafts. Within it, you will find many curtains, fabrics, kilims, and cushions made by residents of Makawir. Low prices and exceptional quality!

Rainbow Street location

3. King Abdullah Mosque

Visit The Amman Mosque

Visiting Amman also means discovering historical sites full of history. The King Abdullah Mosque, erected between 1982 and 1986, is an emblem of the country. Impressive and modern, this building in honor of His Majesty as-Sayyid Abdullah I is a place of worship that can be visited (even for non-practitioners).

You will undoubtedly be captivated by the gigantic blue dome covered with patterns, but also the ceiling of the azure dome which is streaked with fine golden bands, the enormous three-branched chandelier, and the impressive red carpet. We also discover an Islamic museum and some pieces of Islamic art within it.

King Abdullah location

4. The Roman theater

The Roman Theater Of

Backed by Jebel El-Taj, the Roman theater is the main ancient monument to visit in Amman. Built in cut stone in the 2nd century under Marcus Aurelius, it accommodated 6,000 spectators. Stands and statues are some relics of its glorious past.

Today, it is a vast excavation site in which archaeologists are trying to retrace the customs of the time. Mostly restored, it sometimes hosts dance and traditional music shows in summer.

Roman Theater location

5. Amman Citadel

Getting To The Citadel Jabal Al-Qal'A

The Aman Citadel is the archaeological site to visit in Amman! Emblem of the Jordanian capital, it bears witness to the city’s rich past. Touring its ruins is quite quick because few buildings remain. Only the Umayyad palace and the Temple of Hercules (built by Marcus Aurelius) still stand before you.

A must-do to best visit Amman, the ruins allow you to immortalize a bygone and prosperous era.

Duration of the visit: approximately 2 hours

Amman Citadel location

6. Outdoor activities

Camel Ride In Amman

Do you want to visit Amman originally? The many outdoor activities are sure to appeal to you! Whether you are passionate about walking, dancing, or animal excursions, Amman makes all your dreams come true!

Indeed, you can visit Amman via hiking trails and discover the Jordanian panorama differently. However, camel or dromedary rides are also possible if you want to find the country more traditionally. Try traditional dance if you prefer to visit Amman while immersing yourself in local habits and customs!

7. Try Local gastronomy

Eat A Kebab In Amman

Delicious and original, Jordanian gastronomy is largely influenced by Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish cuisines. Visiting Amman also means discovering the local gastronomy.

8. Nightlife

Going Out At Night In Amman

After your long days of sightseeing and walking, take advantage of lively and entertaining evenings in Amman.

So, if you like to party and want to discover the local atmosphere, head to the tourist streets of the capital in the evening! Visiting Amman also means enjoying, the locals, bars, restaurants, and clubs.

9. Go further

Things To Do In Amman

Once you have visited Amman, set off to discover Jordan! This magical country is full of surprises, sumptuous panoramas, historic buildings, modern cities, and small picturesque villages.

So, if visiting Amman is not enough for you, here are some ideas for excursions:

How to get to Amman?

Once you arrive at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, you have several options:

Where to stay in Amman?

Choosing the right accommodation in Amman is essential to enjoying your stay in this beautiful city of Jordan. So where to sleep in Amman? To help you prepare for your trip, we prepared you with some tips!

We recommend staying in the historic center if you want to visit Amman and are looking for excitement. However, if you prefer to enjoy a “village” atmosphere, we suggest the Weibdeh district. Here you discover real Jordanian life off the beaten track.

If you are looking for a modern and commercial area, the modern city of Al Abdali is where you need to stay.