Best Restaurants In Izmir

Exploring Izmir is incomplete without savoring the dishes from its renowned restaurants, where you can enjoy the city’s most beloved flavors.

Discover Best Restaurants In Izmir:

1. Bogazici Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Izmir Bogazici Restaurant

Boğaziçi Restaurant, with its quality and reliability, is a popular choice in Izmir. Whether you prefer dining on a charming stone street with the tram passing by, as at the Bostanlı branch, or enjoying a meal with the soothing sound of the sea and a view of Izmir, like at the Üçkuyular branch, Boğaziçi offers a delightful dining experience. Many people opt for these spots for business lunches due to their welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss out on their delectable salads, which come with fish, meat, and meatball options.

Bostanlı, Şht. Cengiz Topel Cd. No: 38 / B, 35590 Karşıyaka/İzmir, Türkiye |

2. La Cigale Alsancak

Best Restaurants In Izmir La Cigale Alsancak

If you’re looking for a stylish restaurant with great food and music to enjoy with friends, then La Cigale is the place to be. As soon as you enter through the garden gate, you’ll be immersed in its inviting atmosphere. If it’s a bit chilly outside, you’ll be welcomed by a wood-fired stove at the entrance. Inside the restaurant, you’ll notice the charming lighting and flower decorations.

Every detail in this place has been thoughtfully chosen. You’ll find private lodge tables on one side, a stage for live music on another, and a bar on the opposite side. Before your meal, you can savor their special cocktails. Their appetizers are both hearty and delicious, and so are their main courses. Don’t worry about the wine selection; they have a wide-ranging wine menu, and the waitstaff will assist you in making a choice. It’s the kind of restaurant where you can have a delightful time and won’t want to leave. Be sure to make a reservation before heading there.

Kültür Mahallesi Alsancak Mahallesi Fransız Kültür Merkezi Cumhuriyet Bulvarı, 35220 Konak, Türkiye |

3. Izmir Deniz Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Izmir Izmir Deniz

Izmir Deniz Restaurant, located on Izmir’s Kordon, has a fantastic location and has been delighting its guests with its delectable dishes for years. What sets it apart is the attentive staff. Despite often being busy, they maintain high-quality service. You can begin your meal with a selection of appetizers while enjoying the sunset view. Then, relish exquisitely cooked fish under the starry sky and the soothing sound of the sea. We suggest trying their Şevketi sea bass and shrimp. This is a great place to savor raki and seafood on the Kordon.

Kültür, İzmir Palas Oteli, Atatürk Cd. No: 188/B ZEMİN, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye |

4. Topçu Restaurant 

Best Restaurants In Izmir Topçu Restaurant 

Topçu Restaurant, one of Izmir’s long-standing dining establishments, has been welcoming guests for years while maintaining its impeccable taste. In particular, their skewer kebabs are a standout, but don’t miss out on their equally delectable lahmacun and soups.

Akdeniz, Vali Kazım Dirik Cd. No:3/B, 35210 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye

5. Venedik Pizzeria Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Izmir  Venedik Pizzeria

For a romantic dinner, Italian restaurants are often a top choice. Ristorante Pizzeria Venice, situated on Gül Street in Izmir, is known for its pizza and pasta offerings. If you’re craving pizza with thin crust and tasty toppings, paired with a glass of wine, this place is a great option.

Kültür, 1382 Sokak, Alsancak – İzmir Gül sokak No:10/A-B, 35220 Konak, Türkiye |

6. Teras 1885

Best Restaurants In Izmir Teras 1885

Teras 1885 Restaurant is situated in a central location and occupies the upper floor of a stylish seaside building. It’s well-known for its panoramic view of Izmir and is particularly praised for its appetizers. Make sure to book a table in advance. You can still enjoy the view from the middle tables, but if possible, opt for a window table. The sunset view from there is truly mesmerizing.

Alsancak, Atatürk Cd. No:190, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye |

7. Kordon Yengeç Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Izmir Kordon Yengeç

If you’re looking for a spot to savor fish and raki along Kordon, consider Kordon Yengeç Restaurant. The restaurant’s interior is just as inviting as its outdoor seating. It offers a roomy atmosphere with stylish yet straightforward decor. Opting for indoor seating, especially by the upper floor window, will enhance your meal with a view of Kordon. We suggest indulging in some appetizers before enjoying your fish.

Alsancak, Atatürk Cd. 314/A, 35460 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye |

8. Tavacı Recep Usta

Best Restaurants In Izmir Tavacı Recep Usta

Tavacı Recep Usta is not your typical fish restaurant on Izmir Kordon, and that’s precisely why it stands out and has gained immense popularity in Izmir. This restaurant has been pleasing the taste buds of Izmir locals from day one and offers a delightful experience in a charming setting within a historical building on Kordon.

The appetizers served before your main course are quite intriguing, and you might find yourself craving the stuffed meatballs again and again. However, be sure to save room for the main event: Their dishes like sheet pan, tandoori over rice, and lamb delight are all incredibly delicious, and you won’t want to miss out. They even treat you to dessert after your meal, and their baklava is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. As you leave, take a leisurely stroll along Kordon to complete your visit.

Alsancak, Atatürk Cd. No:364, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye |

9. Balmumu Dükkan Lokanta

Best Restaurants In Izmir Balmumu Dükkan Lokanta

The delicious home-cooked meals crafted by owner Chef Ahmet are what make every visitor to this restaurant satisfied. Begin with the diverse selection of olive oil delicacies, and be sure to sample the meat dishes; they’re a must-try.

Alsancak, Kültür Mah, 1388. Sk. No: 5 D:C, 35220 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye |

10. Zaim Usta Et Restoranı

Best Restaurants In Izmir

This long-standing tradesman restaurant has garnered quite a reputation among its regular guests. They specialize in meat doner, grilled meatballs, and a range of both olive oil and meat dishes. You simply make your selection from the display case, and your order is swiftly delivered to your table within minutes. I must particularly recommend their grilled meatballs, although they may take a bit longer to prepare. Zaim Usta tends to get quite busy around noon, but thanks to its efficient service and experienced staff, you won’t encounter any issues.

Çamdibi, Tuna mah, Fatih Cd. No:91, 35030 Bornova/İzmir, Türkiye |

11. Kokoreççi Asım Usta

Best Restaurants In Izmir Kokoreççi Asım Usta

For all you kokoreç enthusiasts out there, make sure not to overlook this gem that’s been making waves in Izmir for years, a spot that’s practically a household name. I highly recommend giving their kokoreç a try; it truly stands out in the world of this delectable dish.

Rafet Paşa, Burak Reis Cd. No:226A, 35500 Bornova/İzmir, Türkiye |

12. Kumrucu Ömür

Best Restaurants In Izmir Kumrucu Ömür

Kumrucu Ömür, situated in the heart of İzmir’s Karşıyaka district, is a fantastic place to savor a delightful kumru sandwich in a roomy setting. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can count on it. Kumru sandwiches pair perfectly with pickles and buttermilk, enhancing their flavor. And if you have a friend who’s not a fan of kumru, no worries—they also offer kumpir for them to enjoy.

Bostanlı, Girne Blv No.2A, 35540 Karşıyaka/İzmir, Türkiye |