Live Music Nicosia

If you’re in Nicosia and looking for tavernas with a great atmosphere, tasty snacks, and live music, the city has several options to offer. We can suggest some of these places for a truly satisfying and entertaining experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these top spots with live music Nicosia are sure to provide a delightful evening with their unique blend of ambiance, food, and music.

1. The Heart of the Maga

Live Music Nicosia In The Heart Of The Maga

“The Heart of Maga” in Pallouriotissa is a tavern that brings to mind the charm of Athenian canteens. Here, you can enjoy tasty food, ouzo, and Greek music. Every evening, the tavern serves a rich Cypriot meze for 18 euros per person, featuring a generous spread of 22 dishes. Alongside the main meze, they also offer ouzo mezes for 12 euros per person. This includes a smaller selection of plates with items like salad, olives, sardines, and more, allowing you to mix and match as you like.

Trikomou 7, Nicosia 1047 |

2. Kafeneio 11 

Live Music Nicosia In Kafeneio 11

This newly renovated cafe, now under new management, boasts a décor that harks back to the 60s. Situated behind the Hammam, it’s open from early noon until late at night, offering coffee and snacks. The cafe has seating both indoors and outdoors. Adding to its charm, every Friday and Saturday, it hosts live rebetiko music, creating a lively and traditional atmosphere.

59F8+365, Pyreos, Nicosia 1016 |

3. Stin Palia Mas Geitonia

Live Music Nicosia

At this location, you can enjoy delicious sieftalies and a perfectly cooked leg, served as part of a meze that includes around 20 different dishes. From Tuesday to Saturday nights, the focus is on mezes and grilled foods. Particularly from Thursday to Saturday, the place comes alive with live music for entertainment. During these nights, the menu is exclusively dedicated to meze, offering a variety of flavorful options to accompany the lively atmosphere.

 Archiepiskopou Makariou III 284, Lakatamia 2311, Cyprus |

4. Odofragma

Live Music Nicosia Odofragma

In a unique transformation, an old garage has been converted into a tavern that exudes a neighborhood charm and offers classic flavors and live music. This simple and welcoming establishment serves food in the style of an old cafe, featuring grill items, mezes, and ofto Kleftiko in clay pots (it’s recommended to make a reservation for this dish). Located at the barricade of Agios Dometios, behind the disbanded Police outpost, the tavern creates a cozy atmosphere in its spacious courtyard.

The menu includes a variety of grilled dishes, all served in generous portions made with quality ingredients. Enjoy the offerings with Cypriot fries and cold beer for a complete dining experience. Be sure to save room for ekmek kadaifi, a delightful dessert that perfectly rounds off the meal.

Andrea Kariou, Agios Pavlos, Nicosia 2362 |

5. Orfeus Ouzeri

Live Music Nicosia Orfeus Ouzeri

This established tavern, known for its excellent live music experience, serves perfectly cooked meats in a beautifully restored historic building. It offers outdoor seating, refined appetizers, freshly cut salads, and hearty, well-prepared, juicy souvlaki.

23 Athinas Avenue Chrysaliniotissa, Nicosia 1017 |

6. Karvounotsimpimata

Live Music Nicosia

In a charming, simple, and intimate setting, you can enjoy live music and savor unique, tasty mezes. The decor features prominent use of wood and stone, creating a cozy atmosphere where you can indulge in rich, high-quality appetizers, along with some à la carte options.

Achaion 35, Nicosia 1101 |


Live Music Nicosia Marabou

In the old town, there’s a simple and inviting space that celebrates specific genres of Greek music. This place has a special affinity for rebetiko, old folk, and artistic songs, but it also embraces alternative, rock, punk, and reggae. You’ll experience warm hospitality from Telis, known for making delicious snacks. The space focuses on fostering connections and idea exchanges among guests and features a large courtyard that’s perfect for summer gatherings.

Patriarchou Grigoriou, Nicosia 1016 |

8. Geusicleous 62

Live Music Nicosia

Geusicleous first opened its doors on Perikleous Street five years ago, starting modestly. Since then, it has grown, earned recognition, and gained a devoted following. Now, it’s so popular that if you don’t make a reservation in advance, you might not find a table available.

The restaurant prides itself on serving 100% traditional flavors and live music. Each day, they issue a different menu featuring the day’s special dishes. Alongside these daily offerings, grilled dishes, a platter for two, and appetizers are consistently available as part of their standard menu.

Perikleous 62, Strovolos 2021, Nicosia |