Where To Stay In Nicosia

Are you planning a trip to Cyprus, a land brimming with cultural diversity in the heart of the Mediterranean? Here’s your guide to staying in Nicosia, the island’s vibrant capital!

Nicosia stands unique, a city divided in two: the capital of both the Republic of Cyprus and, since the Turkish invasion of 1974, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus—a territory not internationally recognized. With over 300,000 residents, it’s the most populous municipality on the island.

This city’s peculiarity lies in its division. The northern and southern parts are separated by the “Green Line,” a UN-controlled demilitarized zone that also bisects the entire island. However, in 2008, Greek Cypriots in the southern part dismantled part of this wall, a significant moment in Cyprus’s political history, hinting at a possible reunification. This allowed residents from both sides to cross over and reconnect.

Nicosia, once the seat of Cyprus’s kings, sits on the Pedieos River, centrally located in a mountainous region with a semi-arid climate. Despite past conflicts between communities, the city boasts a rich historical heritage and is an economic hub, especially for the textile market and traditional crafts like leather and pottery.

Wondering where to stay in Nicosia? Here are some tips for a successful stay and finding the perfect place to stay in Nicosia!

Nicosia – Southern part

View On The Northern Part Of Nicosia
View on the Northern part of Nicosia

The southern part of Nicosia has a blend of Greek and British influences, thanks to the United Kingdom’s colonization of the island. Here, you drive on the left, just like in Britain. This area is the European side of the island, making it perfect for those who prefer a familiar environment. Staying in southern Nicosia ensures a wide range of options: good quality hotels and rental apartments are available year-round.

On the terraces, you can enjoy traditional mezzes served at dusk in the alleys sheltered by the old Venetian ramparts. Stroll along the wide, typically Mediterranean avenues, savoring an ice cream or granita under the palm trees that line the boulevards of Agiou Andreou and Stasinou. Don’t miss a visit to the Cyprus Museum, filled with treasures from the island’s excavations, revealing its rich ancient past.



Nicosia – Northern Part

Büyük Han Nicosia
Büyük Han

The contrast here is striking, comparing it to the southern part. The standard of living is three times lower, and you can feel the modesty in the dusty, noisy alleys. But this modesty brings great benefits for those looking to find budget accommodation in Nicosia.

On the other hand, the northern part is full of hidden treasures. If you know where to look, you’ll find gems like the Saint Sophia Cathedral, now the Selimiye Mosque, a true jewel of Cyprus that witnessed the coronation of the Lusignan kings. Then there’s the Büyük Han, a former caravanserai now turned into an art gallery and workshop space, perfect for picking up a unique local craft souvenir.

To wrap up your walk, why not visit the Tekke Mevlevi? This former monastery of the famous whirling dervishes is now a museum, offering a glimpse into a fascinating part of history.

Still wondering where to stay in the northern part of Nicosia? You’ll find accommodations at incredibly low prices. If you choose wisely, many hotels offer basic Western amenities like Wi-Fi and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.