Best Brunch In Limassol

If you’re familiar with the beauty of Limassol, or you’ve experienced its wonderful taverns and restaurants, wait until you explore its brunch scene! Pancakes, omelettes, egg creations, and all the classic brunch items are infused with local recipes and fresh ingredients, making Limassol’s brunch scene a must-try. Here are 12 places with best brunch in Limassol.

1. Jam

Best Brunch In Limassol Jam

The Jam is the quaint restaurant of the Old Port boutique hotel. At first glance, it might seem unassuming. It’s small and cozy, with beautiful decorations and splashes of color that add to its relaxing atmosphere. However, if you’re seeking luxury and eye-catching extravagance, just take a look at their menu. You’ll find delightful dishes like Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, and amazing sandwiches (the steak sandwich is particularly noteworthy!). Their bagels, especially the “vromiko” – a bagel loaded with various toppings – are a treat. The menu also includes burgers, French toast, pancakes, and healthy bowls that cater to a more health-conscious lifestyle. This impressive selection is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Δημήτρη μητροπουλου 2, Limassol 3036 |

2. The Cookhouse

Best Brunch In Limassol The Cookhouse

The Cookhouse is a charming, small restaurant with a city-like feel. It’s a great spot to visit at any time of the day. But, what really sets it apart is its brunch. There’s something special about this place and its menu that makes it one of the best brunch spots in Limassol. They offer an impressive selection, including creatively made bowls, fresh quiches and tartines, tasty banana breads, fluffy pancakes, and a wide range of egg dishes, which are always a highlight of any brunch.

Gladstonos 112, Limassol 3032 |

3. Milkbar

Best Brunch In Limassol Milkbar

Milkbar, as its name might hint, has a vintage charm. But don’t think of it as old-fashioned or out-of-date. Instead, it offers a nostalgic atmosphere where you can enjoy bagels, freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, and omelettes. It’s also known for its comprehensive breakfast and brunch options in Limassol that are memorable and satisfying.

Arch. Makarios III Avenue 226, Limassol 3030 |

4. Stoa Urban Kitchen

Best Brunch In Limassol Stoa Urban Kitchen

If you’re a fan of hidden city gems and are on the lookout for unique brunch spots, you’ll adore Stoa Urban Kitchen. This charming eatery, boasting the most beautiful garden, is nestled in a portico, ready to serve a variety of delicious dishes. From scrambled eggs and avocado toast to the spicy “Matia tis Stoas”, croissants, pancakes, and the incredibly energizing Acai bowl, it’s a brunch paradise right in the heart of the city.

Irinis 148, Limassol 3041 |

5. The Shopkeeper & Co

Best Brunch In Limassol The Shopkeeper &Amp; Co

The Shopkeeper & Co, one of Limassol’s most unique spots, now offers a brunch that’s a must-try. This place keeps your interest high and might just inspire your “shop-till-you-drop” spirit, before leading you into another delightful and delicious experience. Alongside well-loved classics, they serve excellent Coconut Chia Pudding and the Sticky Fingers breakfast bowl. Freshly baked croissants, a savory waffle, and the Ultimate Breakfast Platter, which is quite comprehensive, are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Gladstonos 92, Limassol 3040 |

6. Veranda Cafe Bistro

Best Brunch In Limassol Veranda Cafe Bistro

Veranda, known for its laid-back atmosphere, lovely views of the Municipal Garden, and delicious offerings, has become a favorite brunch spot for both locals and visitors in Limassol. With a menu that’s frequently updated to keep things fresh and exciting, Veranda serves a variety of toasts and croissants, omelettes, tasty pancakes, and hearty full breakfasts. If you’re looking for the most standout dish, be sure to try the bugacha.

Olympion 25, Limassol, Cyprus 3035 |

7. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Best Brunch In Limassol Wolfgang'S Steakhouse

This place might be known as one of the top steakhouses in Limassol, but it’s also making a name for itself in the brunch scene. It’s become a city hotspot for those who appreciate carefully chosen and expertly served brunch options. Fluffy pancakes, inventive bagels, delicious sandwiches, and omelets are perfectly complemented by the exquisite desserts at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, ensuring a truly valuable dining experience.

Amathountos Ave 6, Limassol 4531 |

8. Food Factory

Best Brunch In Limassol Food Factory

The FoodFactory stands out as one of the most unique places in the city. With its interesting, minimal, and modern space, FoodFactory challenges the idea that fast food has to be unhealthy. Here, you’ll find dishes like oatmeal with coconut milk and homemade peanut butter, poached eggs with options like beetroot, salmon, or Virginia ham, and croissants filled with fruit and honey, homemade jam, or tuna and mayonnaise. The sandwiches come in an incredible variety, born from moments of creative inspiration, and are perhaps only outshone by FoodFactory’s selection of homemade desserts.

Lord Byron 2223, Limassol 3105 |

9. Bar du Soleil

Best Brunch In Limassol Bar Du Soleil

Bar du Soleil is not just a great spot for your evening outings; with its view of the sea, unique aesthetic, and intriguing brunch options, it’s also a top choice for your mornings. Enjoy a coffee, juice, smoothie, or even one of their signature cocktails. Pair it with their Greek flavors omelette, a tempting French cake, an Acai bowl, or the amazing Banana and caramel pancakes to start your day off right.

 Old Port, Limassol 3042 |

10. Marina Breeze

Best Brunch In Limassol Marina Breeze

Marina Breeze, located in the prime area of Limassol Marina, is the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee while taking in the beautiful view. The menu caters to all tastes, offering everything from classic dishes like English breakfast to healthier options such as porridge with quinoa and yogurts. Besides tasty meals, you’ll also find a wide selection of hot and cold coffees, fresh juices, smoothies, and cocktails on the menu.

 Limassol Marina , Shop E3, Limassol, 3601 |


Best Brunch In Limassol Do Grill House By Punin

Located on the ground floor of a stunning, grand building along the city’s beach road, this place offers a special and tastefully designed space that creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy refined and elegant dishes, including classic pancakes in various styles, egg dishes, salmon, and other delicious options. A highlight is their Eggs Benedict, which can be paired with salmon, jamon iberico, spinach, or crab with avocado. For pancakes, try the ones with fresh anari cheese, walnuts, honey, and strawberries, adding a Cypriot twist to your dessert. Complement your brunch with their selection of coffees, cocktails, juices, and healthy smoothies.

Pearl building, Amathountos 50E, Agios Tychon, 4532 Limassol |

12. Epsilon Resto Bar

Best Brunch In Limassol

Epsilon Resto Bar, an award-winning restaurant located at Limassol Marina, is notable for its beautiful terrace with views of the yachts and its delicious menu. The open-air setting, combined with its decor and music, creates a relaxed, chill-out vibe.

M29Q+VP2, Limassol Marina St, Limassol 3014 |