Best Brunch In Larnaca

If you’re searching for a unique and fantastic brunch experience in Larnaca that combines comfort and style, explore the top ten spots in the city. These places are known for serving the best brunch in Larnaca.

1. Lazaris Bakery Bar

Best Brunch In Larnaca In Lazaris Bakery Bar

Lazaris is a traditional bakery that blends a modern, contemporary feel with a touch of retro charm, making it a perfect spot for a simple coffee or, even better, one of the best brunches in Larnaca. Here, you’ll discover inspired pastries, Cypriot breakfasts, hearty sandwiches, omelets, and unmatched traditional bagels.

Ayiou Lazarou 37-39, Street 6020, Larnaca |

2. Edem’s Yard

Best Brunch In Larnaca Edem'S Yard

If you have a taste for rich flavors and a hint of romance, Edem’s Yard is irresistible. True to its name, Edem’s Yard Hellenistic skillfully balances elements of a French bistro with English countryside charm. Every detail is carefully considered, from the tableware to the delicious and well-prepared menu. Don’t hold back on your order. You’ll find eggs in all styles, sandwiches (with the Monte Cristo and Brunshaw being highlights), freshly baked croissants, Italian dishes, and of course, the beloved pancakes. But the menu’s surprises don’t end there; they’re just waiting for you to explore them.

Evanthias Pieridou 37, Larnaca CY, 4021 |


Best Brunch In Larnaca Mercato

The Mercato is a contemporary establishment, embracing a modern decor style. It confidently draws inspiration from recipes and flavors worldwide to craft one of the best brunches in Larnaca. Here, you can enjoy breakfast in three styles: English, Healthy, or Traditional. Alongside popular choices like croque madame and eggs benedict, you’ll find delightful bruschettas and yogurt bowls. A highlight at The Mercato is the pancakes, the brunch staple, which present a delicious dilemma: sweet or savory?

Agiou Lazarou, 36, Larnaca, Cyprus 650 |

4. Avli

Best Brunch In Larnaca Avli

The restaurant at the boutique Hotel Indigo is a destination in its own right. Avli Restaurant, set in a wonderfully cozy courtyard, provides the luxurious touches you seek while maintaining a homely atmosphere. The menu is equally appealing, featuring all the expected dishes along with some delightful surprises. Additionally, Avli All Day Restaurant is committed to catering to all preferences and desires, which is why it offers a strong selection of vegetarian and vegan options.

Adonidos Street 12 – 16, Larnaca |

5. To Kafe Tis Chrysanthi’s

Best Brunch In Larnaca To Kafe Tis Chrysanthi'S

If you’re a fan of brunch (and more), Chrysanthi’s Coffee is likely on your radar, if you haven’t already been there. This coffee spot is a popular destination in the city for several reasons. When it comes to its brunch offerings, pancakes, bagels, and toasts are some of the staples. However, the value of a hearty meal like the Cypriot or the Full English Breakfast shouldn’t be underestimated. Additionally, the success of their brunch is also attributed to the four specially crafted brunch cocktails, each inspired and unique in its own right.

 WJ7P+27H, Nikolaou Rossou, Larnaca 6021 |


Best Brunch In Larnaca Dolce Cafe

Dolce Cafe, with its elegant and stylish ambiance, offers a delightful mix of naturally sweet and savory options, maintaining refined tastes without going overboard. The menu is delightful, featuring coffee expertly prepared by knowledgeable baristas, a unique space, and top-notch service. Combining all these elements, Dolce Cafe serves one of the best brunches in Larnaca. The menu includes muffins, chicken pies, various egg dishes, and bagels, as well as unique “morning” pizzas and burritos that set it apart.

Atlantidon 2, Larnaca 6058 |

7. The Forest

Best Brunch In Larnaca The Forest

At this restaurant, it’s clear that they excel in breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and they do it effortlessly. Forest Breakfast Brunch Lunch is a top contender for brunch in Larnaca, offering menu items like Avo Twice Smashed, Forest breakfast wrap, and the famous Cypriot breakfast. The vegan options are also plentiful and worth trying, with standout dishes like the Tofu and Vegan Bacon Bun and the Estella McCartney dish. A unique feature is their “make-your-own-pancake” option, which allows you to tailor to your taste preferences and sparks creativity!

Ithakis 23, Shop 4, Frenaridies complex, Dhekelia Road, Larnaca |

8. Mingle Cafe

 Mingle Cafe

Before you begin your shopping spree, or even in the midst of it, taking a break at Mingle for a top-notch brunch in Larnaca is a great idea. This place, known for its playful use of light, offers a menu that’s just as “bright.” You’ll find a range of delicious options, from pancakes and halloumi burgers to frittatas and unique dishes like the First (and also the Second) Kiss. The menu also includes a variety of vegan and raw options, plus wholesome bowls and tonic smoothies.

Ermou 153, Larnaca 6022 |

9. Coffee Corner Cafe

Coffee Corner Cafe

Situated with a view of the city’s famous hotspot, Coffee Corner offers a brunch experience accompanied by the sea and palm trees. Once you’re settled into this wonderful setting, you’ll have a wide array of choices, from endless coffee or shake options to granitas, cocktails, and other drinks. After deciding on your beverage, you can indulge in bagels with smoked salmon, croissants, country omelets, and traditional breakfasts like toast with avocado and scrambled eggs. There are also sandwiches and divine pancakes that will add a sweet touch to your morning experience.

Evagora Pieridi, Larnaca 6022 |

10. Vinaria

Brunch In Vinaria

For brunch, consider visiting the stylish and atmospheric wine bar located in the center of Larnaca, at Q-City Centre. Vinaria boasts an extensively updated wine cellar with many labels to choose from. Additionally, for those who enjoy a good brunch, the place serves a rich brunch daily from 09:00 to 12:00.

Q City Centre, D.N Dimitriou 14, Larnaca 6022 |