Best Bars In Cyprus

Explore the best bars in Cyprus, known for their unique character and special offerings. We’ve selected nine great bars that are popular with visitors. Each bar provides a special experience, whether it’s because of its cozy size, unique drinks, or great atmosphere. These bars are well-loved and offer more than just a drink; they provide a memorable experience.

1. Sunmoon Creative Space

Best Bars In Cyprus Sunmoon Creative Space

Located in the vibrant Agios Lazaros area, surrounded by trendy shops and intriguing displays, Panagiotis Savva hosts seminars and workshops for catering professionals at the Sunmoon Creative Space cocktail club. This versatile venue also transforms every Thursday evening into a lively bar, offering special cocktail nights. These events feature a range of expertly crafted cocktails, including both aged varieties and contemporary mixes. It’s a unique spot where professionals can learn and enthusiasts can enjoy a delightful evening of sophisticated drinks.

Ayiou Lazarou 77, Larnaca 6020, Cyprus |

2. Marvel Bar Paphos

Best Bars In Cyprus Marvel Bar

Boasting a diverse cocktail menu with 35 different options, including 20 signature cocktails, this venue is a paradise for cocktail enthusiasts. Its extensive collection of spirits, featuring around 70 different whiskey labels and a large assortment of gin, makes it a must-visit destination. The selection isn’t limited to just whiskey and gin; you’ll also find vodka, brandy, cognac, and more. For those looking for a bite to accompany their drinks, the venue offers snacks like cheese and fruit platters, as well as sushi sourced from the nearby Sushi Mass.

Thermopylon Rd 34, Paphos 8010, Cyprus |

3. Volvèr

Best Bars In Cyprus Volver

Situated on Ledras Street, this establishment, named after an Almodóvar film, presents a compelling reason for booking a seat. Its menu may be simple, but it’s impactful, featuring delicious classics and signature cocktails made with fresh ingredients. The place becomes even more vibrant almost every night with a DJ playing selected music, creating a unique atmosphere that even draws representatives of the bar industry in the morning hours. It’s one of those spots that attract people due to its distinct style and ambiance, making it a popular gathering place for those who appreciate good music, great cocktails, and a lively vibe.

Ledras 67, Nicosia 1011, Cyprus |


Best Bars In Cyprus Last Word

Adopting the motto “hard to find, harder to leave,” this venue has made its mark in the city and has become a beloved spot. Here, patrons first fall in love with the expertly crafted cocktails and the exceptional selection of single malts from Taiwan and Japan. Adding to the allure is the discreet lighting, which casts an air of mystique, complemented by sophisticated music, often featuring DJs spinning vinyl records.

Ifigeneias 6, Limassol 3036, Cyprus |

5. Kinky

Best Bars In Cyprus Kinky

This spot in the city center is known for its casual vibe and early buzz, making it a popular choice for a relaxed outing. The bar boasts an impressive selection of spirits, featuring over 150 different types of gin. The colorful and original cocktails are perfectly complemented by funky and groovy music, often played by DJs. To satisfy your hunger, the place offers delicious homemade pulled pork in a bun with coleslaw, along with pizza options. It’s a great recommendation for those looking for a laid-back atmosphere with quality drinks and tasty bites in the heart of the city.

Thermopylon Rd 84, Paphos 8010 Cyprus |

6. Kathikas Square Gin Bar

Best Bars In Cyprus Kathikas

This all-day bar exudes a retro vibe, starting early with a range of offerings including coffees, various snacks, cakes, pancakes, ice creams, and waffles. It specializes in gin-based drinks and cocktails, with a cellar that boasts an impressive collection of over 80 gin labels and a wide array of tonics. If you find yourself in the area, this is the ideal spot to enjoy a drink. Additionally, the bar features an adults-only section, providing a more private space for those seeking a quieter atmosphere.

Charalambou Kalaitzi 1, Kathikas 8573, Cyprus |

7. Oinou Strata

Best Bars In Cyprus

Located in Vouni, this atmospheric wine bar is set in a beautifully restored mansion that also houses suites. The establishment seamlessly blends modern elements with classic style. The wine bar offers an extensive selection of over 50 well-chosen wine labels from Cypriot, Greek, and international vineyards. Alongside the impressive wine list, there’s a menu featuring gin and various cocktails. These beverages are perfectly complemented by a range of food options including salads, assorted platters, and sandwiches. Reservations are required.

Vouni 4772, Cyprus |


Best Bars In Cyprus

In the quaint village of Lympia, Michalis, and Chariklia transformed an old stone-built café into a charming bar-cafe. This delightful spot is a labor of love, offering a pleasant atmosphere, carefree moments, good music, and themed evenings. The menu features a selection of Cypriot wine labels, a variety of Koumandaria and Zivania, craft beers, cocktails, and a full range of spirits. Complementing these drinks are delicious charcuterie, cheese, and fruit platters. During the summer, the backyard, shaded by fig trees, becomes a particularly enchanting setting, adding to the overall appeal of this cozy bar-cafe.

Ολύμπιας 6, Lympia 2566, Cyprus |

9. Telex Bar

Best Bars In Cyprus Telex Bar

Telex Bar (next to Telex Cigars), is a small cocktail bar that offers a wide variety of single malt whiskey, cognac, rum, tequila, beers, and of course several cocktails at very reasonable prices (from €5 to €10). In essence, the two shops function as one, where along with chill-out music with an emphasis on jazz and rock, you can enjoy a cigar by combining it with a cocktail. Be sure to try Spicy Berry Bliss Pear Delight

 Vasileos Pavlou 13A, Nicosia, Cyprus 1096 |