Romantic Restaurants Nicosia

Known for its rich history and vibrant culture, Nicosia is also home to some of the most romantic restaurants that are perfect for a special evening . Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a date night, or simply looking to enjoy a meal in a cozy and intimate setting, Nicosia’s culinary scene has something to offer. Discover a list of the best romantic restaurants Nicosia, each offering a unique experience to make your evening unforgettable.

1. Bar Souvenir

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Bar Souvenir

In Strovolos, right next to the Cultural Center, you’ll find a buzzworthy spot operated by the High & Wet team. This talk-of-the-town venue, interestingly without a sign, welcomes you with its unique charm. It features a long, narrow hall with a view, bathed in pink lighting. The decor is a mix of kitsch, with statues and period sofas, all set to the backdrop of loud electronic music, often played by DJs.

The bar is known for serving imaginative cocktails, and the menu offers a variety of spirits, with a special emphasis on Gin & Tonics. Additionally, you can enjoy pizzas and a selection of delicious snacks. The courtyard area becomes especially inviting in the summer, enhancing the night’s beauty. It’s one of those places that leaves a lasting impression, making you want to visit again.

2 Prodromou Ave., 2063, Nicosia |

2. JinCo brunch & more

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Jinco Brunch &Amp; More

In a charming setting that blends traditional elements with modern decor, chef Konstantina presents a delightful brunch experience on weekends. The focus here is on using excellent raw products and maintaining beautiful aesthetics in every aspect. The menu includes a variety of brunch options, such as yogurt bowls and pancakes, alongside a selection of coffees, smoothies, milkshakes, tea, and other drinks. This place is a perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a weekend brunch in a stylish and romantic atmosphere.

27J2+HQC, Pera 2650, Nicosia |

3. Skinny Fox Restaurant

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Skinny Fox

Recently renovated and making a dynamic comeback to the capital’s culinary scene, this bar restaurant stands out as one of the most beautiful in the area. It introduces a new concept with Portuguese influences, featuring decorative tiles, strategically placed furniture offering great views, and atmospheric lighting that attracts a fashionable crowd.

The talented chef, Stefanos Zacharian, presents a diverse menu characterized by clean flavors, complex dishes, and attractive presentation. Complementing the dining experience is an interesting wine list and excellent service, all offered at good value for money. This place certainly merits special interest for those seeking a romantic dining experience.

 Menandrou 14, Nicosia 1066 |

4. Ethimo

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Ethimo

Located in the city center, next to THOK, this romantic restaurant specializes in Greek cuisine, offering dishes that are not only delicious but also rich in herbs and great value for money. The wine list is regularly updated and focuses on quality, with an emphasis on Greek vineyards and a selection of Cypriot labels. The menu highlights the use of pure ingredients, a variety of herbs, and extra virgin olive oil, all contributing to the authentic Greek culinary experience.

 Vasileos Pavlou 13, Nicosia 1096 |

5. Pralina Experience

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Pralina Experience

Boasting a highly aesthetic design, this restaurant offers the perfect urban setting for both fine dining and romantic dinners. Here, you can enjoy international cuisine with a menu crafted by Ilias Aristotelous. The menu features an array of dishes, including Iberian pork cheeks, sea bass, cockerel ravioli, and fish cannelloni. Additionally, the restaurant prides itself on its updated wine cellar, meticulously curated by head sommelier Vassos Manolis.

Stasikratous 31, Nicosia 1065 |

6. Tocayo

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Tocayo

Tocayo Restaurant, situated in the heart of Nicosia on Makariou Street, has become the talk of the town due to its impressive menu. This dining spot specializes in Latin-Asian Fusion cuisine. Its minimalist decoration and interior design, characterized by distinctive arches, create a standout atmosphere that can set the tone for a romantic evening. The final touch to your dining experience at Tocayo should be their exceptional cocktails, which are sure to enhance the romance of your evening.

Prevezis 10, Nicosia 1065 |

7. Palea Elia

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Palea Elia

Palaia Elia is a contemporary restaurant that offers unique dishes, making it a perfect destination for fans of Greek and Cypriot cuisine. Some of its standout dishes include the Palaia Elia salad, bifteki, and sheftalia. The restaurant also features delightful cocktails and live music, which are sure to elevate your evening experience.

If you’re planning a romantic night out with your partner, Palea Elia is an excellent choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening at this charming restaurant, enjoying great food, drinks, and entertainment.

 Stadiou 44, Strovolos 2062, Nicosia |

8. Rokoko Kitchen & Bar

Romantic Restaurants Nicosia Rokoko

Rokoko, a well-known and beloved restaurant, certainly earns its place on our list as one of the capital’s favorites.

This restaurant is celebrated for its delicious Italian cuisine, featuring incredibly good dishes. Some of the highlights include the burrito salad, Tagliatelle Nero, and for dessert, the Mascarpone Calzone. The pleasant ambiance of Rokoko contributes to making any special day even more beautiful and exciting. It’s the perfect spot to satisfy you, your partner, and your appetites, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Christodoulou Sozou 21, Nicosia 1096 |

9. Aigaion


In Old Nicosia, there’s another romantic restaurant where you can savor delightful Cypriot and Greek dishes, like calzone. Everything served here is wonderfully tasty!

At this restaurant, dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, adding a delightful touch to your evening. The romantic yet unique decor of the space, along with the pleasant atmosphere, is sure to enhance the dining experience for you and your partner, making it a truly special night.

Ektoros 40, Nicosia 1016 |

10. Beba


Beba is another favorite dining romantic destination where you and your partner can enjoy amazing gourmet dishes. This particular restaurant is ideal for ordering a variety of dishes to share, as many of the restaurant’s fine delicacies are worth trying. Some notable menu items include Risotto, Baklava, Beef Carpaccio, Halloumi, and Pitta with Cheese and Fries. Sharing these dishes can make for a delightful and diverse culinary experience.

 Pindarou 2a,b,c, Nicosia 1060 |