Best Cafes In Nicosia

In Nicosia, there are several sidewalk cafes that not only serve quality coffee but also boast beautiful terraces and patios. These are the perfect spots for a relaxing break where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee. Discover the best cafes in Nicosia for such delightful experiences.

1. Apomero

Best Cafes In Nicosia Apomero

Hidden in a narrow alley near the Famagusta Gate, the Apomoro cafe stands as a tranquil haven in the capital, open from early morning until late at night. The first person to greet you there will be Mrs. Androulla, the warm and welcoming hostess. She prepares homemade savory and sweet dishes, including delights such as orange pies, mahalepi, spinach pies, and syrup pies. These treats can be perfectly paired with your choice of beverage, ranging from coffee (from traditional Cypriot to cappuccino), to beer, wine, or ouzo. This cozy cafe offers a charming escape with its delightful homemade offerings.

 Polyviou, Nicosia 1016 |

2. Ta Kala Kathoumena 

Best Cafes In Nicosia Ta Kala Kathoumena 

Ta Kala Kathoumena, established in 1996, has been a popular spot ever since, consistently drawing crowds throughout the year, regardless of the season. The café is always bustling, with guestss often waiting for hours to get a table. Alongside coffee, it offers refreshing homemade lemonades and a variety of beers, including Cypriot and other brands. Additionally, the café is known for its unique beverages like sumada and its signature PonyRose cocktail, a delightful mix of lemonade, rose, bream, soda, and fresh mint.

Nikokleous 21, Faneromeni Square, Nicosia |

3. 7 Kleidia (7 Κλειδιά)

Best Cafes In Nicosia 7 Kleidia

This popular hangout spot in Nicosia has truly “conquered” a serene pedestrian street, situated just a short distance from the lively center of the old town. Open from 4 pm until late at night, it’s the perfect place to order coffee, ouzo, and beers, along with cheese and charcuterie platters. The establishment also boasts a catalog of quality wines and a lengthy list of alcoholic beverages, including cognac, gin, whiskey, and vodka. Additionally, it offers a unique and creative cocktail named Pikramandalo, which features bitter almond liqueur, mastic, and lemon. This spot is a must-visit for those seeking a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere close to the heart of Nicosia.

Trikoupi 92, Nicosia 1015 |Καφενείο-7-κλειδιά

4. Kafeneio 11

Best Cafes In Nicosia Kafeneio 11

In one of the most picturesque parts of the capital, near Hamam Omerye, there lies a hidden courtyard adorned with climbing plants and bougainvillea, accessible through the interior. Kafeneio 11 starts its day at 10 am with coffee and breakfast, featuring items like bread, homemade jams, eggs, lunza, and cheeses. As the day progresses, the atmosphere shifts to afternoon lemonades and transitions into late-night gatherings with ouzo, wine, and zivania, perfectly paired with well-loved small plates. Be sure to try their specialties, including fava beans, marinated anchovy, vinegared octopus, dakos salad, giants, vegetarian dolmades, and Burlotto with bucovo, feta, and tomato baked in the oven – the latest addition to their menu. This spot is a delightful blend of traditional charm and delicious cuisine.

 Pyreos 27, Nicosia 1016 |

5. swimming birds

Best Cafes In Nicosia

This cozy and bright spot, featuring large windows that open up to the pedestrian street near the archaeological findings of the new Nicosia City Hall, offers a delightful setting. In the morning, it welcomes guests with aromatic coffees and delicious espresso, along with drinks, snacks, and sweets in the back courtyard. As the day progresses into the afternoon, it transforms into a bar, offering a selection of wines, cocktails, craft Cypriot beers, and homemade iced tea, all accompanied by pleasant music. Enjoying a Negroni at sunset here allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of the old town.

Παλιάς Ηλεκτρικής 5, Nicosia 1016 |


Best Cafes In Nicosia Kivu

KIVU, a quaint little shop located on Ifigenias, is sure to captivate you with its warm atmosphere and aromatic coffee. Here, coffee is elevated to an international experience, with beans sourced from Brazil, Kenya, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. The shop specializes in preparing specialty coffee using the aeropress and dripper methods. The staff are more than happy to answer any questions, guiding you through the magical world of coffee. Alongside your coffee, you can enjoy savory, freshly baked croissants, steamed spinach pie, and a variety of sweet delicacies to suit every taste.

35A Ifigenias, Strovolos, Nicosia |


Best Cafes In Nicosia To Dixoro

A unique coffee bar located in an ancient mansion in old Nicosia. It’s a cozy spot in the neighborhood where you can savor aromatic coffee, cheese and fruit platters, cocktails, fine wines, tasty pancakes, and hookah. The ambiance is enriched with a mix of jazz-hop, chill-hop, funk, swing, and old-school music.

Ermou 271, Nicosia 1017 |

8. Korniza Baroque

Best Cafes In Nicosia Korniza Baroque

A laid-back and spontaneous café bar located in a historic building in the old town. It offers a range of coffee and tea, natural juices, assorted beers and wines, along with alcoholic drinks and cocktails. The menu includes “side” snacks, sandwiches, and individual pizzas. Enjoy pleasant music from the decks, with DJs playing on Friday and Saturday nights. In the summer, there’s a cozy courtyard with outdoor tables.

 Σούτσου 9, Nicosia 1016 |