New Restaurants In Limassol

In 2023, Limassol saw a notable increase in new restaurant openings compared to previous years. As we bid farewell to the year, we’ve highlighted some of the most significant new restaurants in Limassol. Each of these establishments stood out for unique reasons, contributing something special to the culinary scene of Limassol. These restaurants not only sparked conversations about their distinct qualities but also brought a diverse array of flavors and experiences to the table.

1. Amber Dragon

New Restaurants In Limassol Amber Dragon

Amber Dragon restaurant in Limassol has been making waves since its opening, establishing itself as a new high-end dining destination. This Pan-Asian restaurant, known for its fusion touches and an air of mystery, offers a unique culinary experience. The interior of the restaurant is neat, elegant, and minimalistic, yet welcoming, adorned with earthy color schemes. Inspired by the Michelin-starred Amber Dragon at City of Dreams Macau, it promises a delightful and sophisticated dining experience.

Nikou Kavvadia, Limassol 3046 |

2. Anais

New Restaurants In Limassol Anais

City of Dreams Mediterranean has introduced Anaïs, the first French Gastro Club in Cyprus, offering resort guests a chance to enjoy culinary delights inspired by the Côte d’Azur along with unique entertainment experiences. Capturing the essence of French gastronomy, Anaïs features a distinctive artistic program that includes live music, DJ sets, and spectacular dance performances.

The restaurant uses fresh seafood, succulent vegetables, aromatic herbs, and fine meats to create classic French dishes. These are paired with beautifully crafted cocktails that cater to every guest’s taste. The ambiance of Anaïs combines contemporary elegance with a timeless feel, creating a luxurious entertainment experience. This makes Anaïs the ultimate destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Nikou Kavvadia, Limassol 3046 |

3. Sera

New Restaurants In Limassol Sera

“Sera,” meaning evening in Italian, sets a clear intention for the atmosphere and experience at the namesake restaurant. Sera by Ettore Botrini, an atmospheric establishment, offers a menu that is a tribute to authentic Italian cuisine. This culinary dedication is inspired by the renowned and charismatic chef Ettore Botrini, for whom cooking is more than a creative art – it’s a means of communication and expression.

The philosophy behind this new culinary concept, which opened in May at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, revolves around providing a complete dining experience. Chef Hector Botrini’s approach in Sera is to immerse guests in the essence of Italian culinary traditions, blending traditional flavors with his unique style of communication through food.

Four Seasons Hotel, Amathustos Ave 67-69., Agios Tychonas , Limassol |

4. Columbia Pier

New Restaurants In Limassol Columbia Pier

In February 2023, the Columbia Restaurants group launched a new venture, Columbia Pier, located next to the iconic Air Pier in Limassol. This establishment merges the concept of a modern café, operating from morning till night, with the charming sense of nostalgia evoked by the historic surroundings. Columbia Pier offers a unique setting with light, atmospheric music, serving quality coffee and light meals right by the beach. This combination creates a delightful ambiance for patrons looking to enjoy a relaxed and scenic dining experience.

Akti Olympion A Beach, 28th October 331, Enaerios Pier Area, Limassol 3106 |

5. Salone

New Restaurants In Limassol Salone

Salone, situated in Limassol, is a pizza and pasta bar that uniquely blends Italian flair with an aristocratic touch, reflecting the origins of its restaurateurs from Saint Petersburg. This trattoria skillfully merges traditional and contemporary elements, evident in both its decor and menu. The offerings include classic recipes, handmade pasta, and fine desserts, all presented with a modern twist. At Salone, the dining experience is further enhanced by the option to pair your meal with an array of cocktails and wines, adding to the restaurant’s elegant and inviting ambiance.

Arch. Makarios III Avenue 181, Limassol 3030 |

6. Petite Plage

New Restaurants In Limassol Petit Plage

Petite Plage is a chic seaside restaurant situated along the coast of the Agios Tychonas tourist area. It’s the perfect spot for those looking to enjoy the sandy beach, and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, and sunbathe in luxury with the restaurant’s plush sunbeds and umbrellas. The menu at Petite Plage is thoughtfully curated, featuring a selection of delectable Mediterranean dishes, complemented by an extensive wine list and signature cocktails. Additionally, it’s an ideal destination for breakfast or brunch by the sea. Set in a verdant, serene environment with warm decor, Petite Plage offers a tranquil and relaxing dining experience.

Amathountos 51A, Agios Tychon 4532, Limassol |

7. Plage Du Soleil

New Restaurants In Limassol Plage Du Soleil

Last summer, Limassol welcomed the much-anticipated Plage Du Soleil, a bar-restaurant situated where the former Nissos was located on Lady’s Mile. The establishment underwent significant renovations, adopting a more exotic vibe. It now boasts an elegant yet relaxed environment, characterized by an Aegean aesthetic and a more ethnic ambiance.

The menu at Plage Du Soleil focuses on seafood, featuring fresh fish, oysters, mollusks, and more. This is complemented by a selection of cocktails and wines, rounding out the offerings for a complete and sophisticated dining experience.

Lady’s Mile Beach, Limassol 4652 |


New Restaurants In Limassol  Nerea

NEREA, a highly anticipated new dining destination, recently made its debut at the luxurious AMARA hotel in Limassol. The choice of the name “NEREA” is significant, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology where Nireus was a sea god known for his truth and virtue. He symbolizes the benevolent aspect of the sea, offering its riches for human prosperity through the abundant seafood it provides.

The menu at NEREA is meticulously crafted, focusing primarily on seafood and fish. However, the chef has thoughtfully included a selection of fine meat dishes to cater to all preferences of the guests, ensuring a comprehensive dining experience. NEREA also offers diners the unique opportunity to select any fish and have it prepared exactly to their liking.

AMARA Hotel, 95 Amathustos Avenue, Agios Tychonas, Limassol |