Best Restaurants In Turkey

You can find great food in unexpected places. Sometimes, popular restaurants with long waits can let you down, but you can discover amazing flavors in quiet, unassuming spots you come across by chance. Here’s a list of hidden restaurant gems that have high ratings and have been checked for quality.

Discover 15 best restaurants in Turkey:

1. 7 Mehmet, Antalya

Best Restaurants In Turkey 7 Mehmet

At 7 Mehmet Restaurant, they focus on using seasonal fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. Their menu is designed around when these ingredients are at their peak deliciousness. Chef Mehmet Akdağ, who is the third-generation chef at 7 Mehmet Restaurant, combines ancestral techniques and craftsmanship with modern methods to reinterpret Mediterranean and traditional Turkish cuisine, bringing out the best in local flavors.

Meltem District, Atatürk Culture Park, Dumlupınar Boulevard No:201, Muratpaşa/Antalya |

2. Oburus Momus, Kaş

Best Restaurants In Turkey Oburus Momus

In Kaş, you’ll discover Oburus Momus, a vegan-vegetarian restaurant that defies stereotypes about meatless dishes. The restaurant, owned by Zeynep and her husband Ürün Çakırca, boasts a spacious garden and a menu inspired by both the Far East and the Mediterranean. Their offerings include homemade sauces, breads, and creative dishes like fried rice with vegetables sautéed in sesame oil, among other extraordinary options, all of which are far from boring and deliver satisfying flavors.

Andifli Mah. Hukumet Cad. No:10 Kaş; |

3. Çiy Restaurant, Aydin

Best Restaurants In Turkey Çiy Restaurant

Nestled in Kuşadası, Çiy is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant surrounded by lush greenery. While the menus and dishes here change periodically, one thing remains constant: the freshness and natural quality of the ingredients. Guests are captivated by the atmosphere, scenery, music, and, of course, the food. Each dish, from starters to desserts, is meticulously prepared and filled with unforgettable flavors. It’s a place where you can experience both tranquility and exceptional taste.

Caferli, Zeybekler Sokak, No: 6, 09430 Kuşadası/Aydın |

4. Çiya Sofrasi, Istanbul

Best Restaurants In Turkey Çiya Sofrası

Situated in Kadıköy Caferağa, Çiya is a three-story establishment with a rooftop terrace. Its extensive menu offers flavors to satisfy every palate, featuring dishes from a diverse range of regions, spanning from Mesopotamia to the Ottoman Empire, from the Balkans to the Caucasus, and from Asia to the Arabian Peninsula.

Caferağa, Güneşli Bahçe Sok, Kadıköy/İstanbul |

5. Kebabçı Halil Usta, Gaziantep

Best Restaurants In Turkey Kebabçı Halil Usta

Master Halil embarked on his kebab journey in 1972, passing down his knowledge to his son, İbrahim Halil. He had a stone oven constructed and continued to produce while training his apprentices. Master Halil believes that the taste of baklava relies on the expertise of the chef and the quality of the ingredients. He is committed to providing his customers with the most natural and authentic version of baklava.

Mithatpaşa, Karşıyaka Mah Tekel Cad, Ocukoğlu Sk. No:6, Şehitkamil/Gaziantep |

6. Sibel’s Beycik Restaurant, Kemer

Best Restaurants In Turkey Sibel'S Beycik

Sibel Hatapoğlu opened this unique open kitchen in a spacious garden in Beycik. The restaurant is known for its elegant presentations and use of natural ingredients, with the kitchen managed by Sibel’s siblings, Zuhal and Hilal Hatapoğlu. They specialize in crafting healthy, home-cooked meals using seasonal produce. Additionally, the venue serves as a cooking workshop where you can learn culinary skills. Don’t miss their freshly baked tandoor bread and delicious fruit desserts. Sibel’s Beycik offers an extensive menu, from breakfast to dinner.

Beycik Village No: 3 Kemer |

7. Hışvahan, Gaziantep

Best Restaurants In Turkey Hışvahan

Hışvahan, the oldest inn in Gaziantep, provides a unique and nostalgic experience for those seeking a romantic dinner in a 550-year-old historical inn or a breakfast inspired by Gaziantep cuisine. The inn is renowned for its stylish decor and a delectable menu that harmoniously blends local flavors with modern culinary twists. Beyond its restaurant offerings, Hışvahan also operates as a boutique hotel with ten cozy rooms for guests to enjoy.

Karagöz, Handan Bey Sk No:23/1, Şahinbey/Gaziantep |

8. House of Kamer, Adana

Best Restaurants In Turkey House Of Kamer

At House of Kamer, owned by Kamer Kıraç, visitors can savor a distinctive dining experience that brings together the finest local, traditional, and international flavors. Kamer Kıraç and his wife Necati Kıraç have created an inviting atmosphere, adorned with vintage and antique collectibles from around the world, emphasizing visual aesthetics and meticulous details. The restaurant exudes an elegant and tranquil home-like ambiance. Guests can indulge in a rich menu of delicious traditional dishes prepared daily, showcasing the art of home-cooked delicacies.

Reşatbey, 62031. Sok. No: 9 ,01120 Seyhan/Adana |

10. L’apero, Kaş

Best Restaurants In Turkey L'Apero

L’apéro is a Mediterranean beach restaurant known for its spacious garden, inviting bar, and wooden tables. It boasts a diverse Mediterranean menu filled with delightful, light flavors. The restaurant’s chef and partner, Paul Moisson, hails from France and has a deep-rooted passion for food that runs in his family. The menu features standout items such as tomato tart, various starter plates, honey chicken, cherry artichoke, French onion soup, escargot, and a selection of excellent cocktails and wines.

 Andifli Mah, Doğruyol Cd. No:1, 07580 Kaş/Antalya |

11. Gusto Celepoğlu Konagi, Kırklareli

Best Restaurants In Turkey Gusto Celepoğlu Konagi

Gusto Celepoğlu Konagi, founded by Jülide Başkur, serves up fresh dishes inspired by the Turkish and Greek culinary traditions. Some standout items on the menu include Bosnian ravioli, pastries, Rumelian-style groom’s trotter, black zucchini ‘Tikfinik,’ and various offal dishes. They also offer wine tastings and curated wine pairing menus. Furthermore, this historic mansion hosts special events like weddings and celebrations.

Yayla, Yayla Cd. No:50, 39000 Kırklareli Merkez/Kırklareli

12. Season’s Restaurant by Mutlu Şevket Yılmaz, Alanya

Best Restaurants In Turkey Mutlu Şevket Yılmaz

Season’s, owned by Mutlu Şevket Yılmaz, a two-time winner of the Bocuse d’Or Turkey competition (in 2015 and 2017), stands out with its elegant yet simple decor and lovely garden. This restaurant, open year-round, offers a menu featuring natural ingredients and tropical flavors, following a straightforward concept. Notable dishes include veal tail, hot smoked salmon, tenderloin, and sushi.

Cumhuriyet, Sanayi Cd. No:3, 07425 Alanya/Antalya |

13. Kalkanoğlu Pilavi, Trabzon

Best Restaurants In Turkey Kalkanoğlu Pilavi

Located in the heart of Trabzon, Kalkanoğlu Pilavi is a family-run business that has been passed down through generations. It captivates visitors with its authentic atmosphere adorned with items unique to the Black Sea region. Their menu, renowned for its pilaf, also offers roasted meat, compote, pickles, and a variety of desserts.

Pazarkapı, Tophane Cami Sk. No:3, Merkez/Trabzon |

14. Plato’da Mola-Pokut, Rize

Best Restaurants In Turkey Plato'Da Mola-Pokut

In Pokut, Yasemin Şişman and her family are restoring their 200-year-old wooden house and transforming it into a hostel named Mola in Plato. Mola’s terrace offers a one-of-a-kind view of the plateau, situated on the slope of Pokut overlooking Kaçkar. They produce their own cheese and yogurt from milk and cultivate all their vegetables and herbs. This allows them to create organic flavors from the plateau. Highlights of their breakfast include muhlama, stuffed kale, kardabak, various pastries, and kete.

Pokut Plateau, Çamlıhemşin Rize |

15. Fauna

Best Restaurants In Turkey Fauna

Fauna started as a small restaurant with five tables in 2003 and has been serving the neighborhood as a restaurant with 22 seats and an open kitchen in Ataşehir since 2014. They collaborate with organic farmers and producers, ensuring that everything is prepared or cooked according to the customer’s order. You can savor the daily-cooked flavors presented on healthy and simple plates.

Küçükbakkalköy, Işıklar Cd. No:9 D:B, ​​Ataşehir/Istanbul |