Best Alexandria Restaurants

If you’re only in Alexandria for a short time and you want to enjoy great food, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you’re more focused on the food itself rather than a view of the sea (although a couple of these places do have sea views), then you should definitely consider these restaurants. This list includes places that locals have tried and loved, ranging from well-known favorites to hidden treasures.

Best Alexandria Restaurants:

1. White & Blue

White And Blue Best Alexandria Restaurants 

White & Blue is a seafood restaurant that has a view of the Alexandria harbor. They serve Greek food and some seafood dishes. You can also get alcohol there, and they have outdoor seating where you can enjoy the view of the water.


Address: Kayetbai, As Sayalah Sharq, Qesm Al Gomrok, Alexandria Governorate 5321430, Egypt

2. Fish Market Marina

Fish Market Marina Best Alexandria Restaurants

If you enjoy seafood, then you’re going to really like Fish Market Marina in Alexandria. They have a place where people who live there and people visiting can eat really tasty seafood dishes. They have all sorts of different seafood that will make your taste buds go crazy with happiness. This restaurant is close to the Scout Club, so it’s not hard to find.


Address: 6V4P+542, El-Gaish Rd, Al Mazar, Qesm Al Gomrok, Alexandria Governorate 5321384, Egypt

3. Byblos

Byblos Best Alexandria Restaurants

Byblos offers really delicious Middle Eastern food. You can enjoy your meal while looking at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea since the view is so wide. The place looks fancy and formal, which is great for special occasions. The food not only tastes amazing but also looks really nice when it’s served. If you want a meal you’ll remember, this is a great place to go. And the people working there are really good at taking care of you, which is why it’s considered one of the top Middle Eastern restaurants in Alexandria.


Address: 399 El-Gaish Rd, San Stefano, El Raml 1, Alexandria Governorate 5452053, Egypt

4. Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed Best Alexandria Restaurants

Mohamed Ahmed Restaurant is a well-liked place in Alexandria where people often go for breakfast and lunch. They make really tasty falafel, omelets, shakshuka, and other yummy things. The restaurant has a relaxed vibe and it’s a hit with both local people and visitors. Everyone goes there for the amazing Egyptian food they serve.


Address: 6W22+369, شارع شكور, Al Mesallah Sharq, Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate 5372032, Egypt

5. Chez Gaby Au Ritrovo

Chez Baby Au Ritrovo Best Alexandria Restaurants

You should definitely check out Chez Gaby Au Ritrovo, a cute little Italian restaurant in Alexandria. They serve all the classic Italian foods, from salads to pasta to pizza. It’s a bit of a secret spot, but it’s really charming. When you step inside, you’ll feel like you’re in Italy because the decorations are rustic and cozy. The best part is their pizza – they make it by hand and their special sauce is one-of-a-kind. You won’t find that kind of pizza anywhere else.


Address: 22 El-Horeya Rd, Al Mesallah Sharq, Al Attarin, Alexandria

6. San Giovanni

San Giovanni Best Alexandria Restaurants

San Giovanni is an upscale restaurant with amazing views of the sea and the Stanly bridge. The food there is really good, and people love dishes like the chicken apple salad and the Mediterranean seafood. Even though it’s often crowded, it’s a fantastic spot for a romantic dinner or to mark a special event.


Address: 272 El-Gaish Rd, Fleming, El Raml 2, Alexandria Governorate 5452040, Egypt

7. GAD

Gad Best Alexandria Restaurants

GAD is a fast food restaurant that has just improved its kitchen setup and look. The staff there are really skilled and they make tasty dishes quickly. They serve things like forcfol, falafel, slamu with potato chips or mashed shawarma. They make the food quickly, so you get to eat it while it’s still hot. GAD is famous for having really high standards for their Oriental food, and people especially like their onion rings.


Address: 32 El-Horeya Rd, Al Mesallah Sharq, Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate 5372024, Egypt

8. Alban Swesra

Alban Swesra Best Alexandria Restaurants

Alban Swesra is a well-known restaurant where you can get takeout food. They’re really famous for making delicious dishes with lots of melted cheese on them. If you think eating cheesy food for breakfast is a bit much, you’re in for a surprise. This place is close to the Mediterranean Sea, and they have a big menu with all sorts of mixed meat choices like sausages, pastrami, and beef – and they’re all incredibly good. Trying these dishes can make you feel incredibly happy because of how rich and tasty the cheese is.


Address: 82 Port Said St, كامب شيزار, Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate 21525, Egypt