Best Vegan Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant and diverse city, drawing tourists from across the globe. It’s famous for its fantastic restaurants, offering a wide array of cuisines. For vegans, there’s plenty to enjoy too! If you’re someone who avoids meat and animal products, there’s no need to worry when visiting Dubai. The city caters to all dietary preferences, ensuring that vegans can find delicious options to suit their lifestyles.

This article shares 8 best vegan restaurants in Dubai:

1. Veganesha

Best Vegan Restaurants In Dubai Veganesha

Veganesha, a vegetarian restaurant is one of the best in town! The prices for Dubai are relatively affordable and I advise you to try the pav bhaji with green bhaj (an Indian dish that mixes different types of vegetables). Thai curry rice is also a great house classic! Finally, the regulars also take the guacamole sev puri, as well as the honey chili potato (spicy potato with honey). To consume on the spot, there is a large space upstairs in the restaurant.

Address: Parking Building 312-605, Meena Bazaar, Dubai

2. Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi Dubai

If you’re looking for some of the healthiest and most delightful treats in town, Wabi Sabi is the place to be. This holistic haven offers a wide selection of premium vegan dishes in a relaxed and inviting ambiance adorned with marble, soft lighting, music, and mirrors. Whether you’re craving plant-based tacos, burgers, arancini, or other delectable options, the chefs at Wabi Sabi prioritize balance and flavor. They create dishes that are always nice, occasionally indulgent, and guaranteed to make you a returning customer. The journey to Mirdif is well worth it for this exceptional dining experience.

Address: Level 1, Mirdif Avenue Mall, Mirdif, Dubai

3. Just Vegan

Just Vegan Best Vegan Restaurants In Dubai

The Just Vegan Restaurant Marina has a beautiful terrace to enjoy the good weather. The flavors are there, even if the quantities served are rather limited. The vegan stroganoff , as well as the mushroom pasta, are restaurant specialties, and the blueberry pie for dessert is delicious. The service is impeccable! In 2022, this restaurant was recognized as the best vegan restaurant in Dubai by the Deliveroo Restaurant Awards. From the same chain, you also have the Just Vegan Jumeriah. In this restaurant, everything is delicious; from the soup to the desserts, of course, the dishes. We recommend trying the vegan omelet. To fill up on vitamins, smoothies are also a very good option. 

Address: Marina Promenade, Pearl Marina Hotel Apartments, Shop 4, Dubaï

4. SEVA Table

Seva Table In Dubai

SEVA Table is a renowned vegan restaurant in Dubai, offering a beautiful setting surrounded by greenery. They pride themselves on using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally. You can rest assured that your meal will be free from any harmful additives like GMOs and MSG. What sets this place apart is its versatility, offering not just delicious food but also wellness classes and treatments. Don’t miss out on their mouthwatering nachos, loaded with hand-chopped toppings and covered in homemade vegan cheese.

Address: Villa 5,1 B 27 B St , Jumeirah, Dubai

5. Folia

Folia In Dubai

Folia has an outstanding fully plant-based menu, served in a serene garden-inspired atmosphere. With a name that translates to “from the leaves” in Latin, chef Matthew Kenney stays true to his mission of creating delicious and nourishing vegan cuisine. You can savor signature dishes like the wild mushroom pizza, refreshing watermelon poke bowl, and the irresistible hot crispy mushroom sliders that satisfy your cravings most delightfully.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road 2, Jumeirah, Dubai

6. Green Earth Café

 Green Earth Café In Dubai

Located in Wasl 51 Mall, Green Earth Café is a popular lunchtime spot where people flock to indulge in delicious Asian pan noodles, sushi, and mouthwatering nasi goreng. What makes it even more enticing is the wide variety of in-house plant-based milk options available to accompany your hot beverages, such as cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and pumpkin milk. And when your sweet tooth kicks in, they’ve got you covered with their elusive vegan ice cream selection. Best of all, you can enjoy all these delectable treats at affordable prices, making it no surprise that this place has gained such popularity.

Address: Shop nr6/A ,Wasl 51 ,Wasl rd,Jumeirah 1, Dubai

7. Planet Terra

Planet Terra In Dubai

Planet Terra is a unique eatery that takes pride in its 100 percent organic and purely vegan cuisine. Drawing inspiration from their chefs’ worldwide travels, they have gathered a collection of flavorful recipes that embrace diverse tastes and sustainable practices. With a thoughtfully crafted menu, their dishes are made by hand, free from artificial sweeteners, and bursting with bold flavors. From mouthwatering burgers and shawarmas to delightful ‘fish’ and chips, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And here’s the best part: Planet Terra even has a pet-friendly outdoor terrace!

Address: Panorama Building, 6th St, The Greens, Dubai 

8. Wild & The Moon

Wild And The Moon Restaurant In Dubai

Even if you’re not a devoted vegan, chances are you’ve savored a delicious meal at Wild & The Moon. This trendy café in Alserkal offers a variety of flavors to satisfy every palate. Their plant-based cuisine is not only tasty but also free from additives, chemicals, soy, and gluten. The menu boasts an impressive range of salads, sandwiches, and all-day breakfast options. And when it comes to desserts, you’ll be delighted by their heavenly plant-based treats like doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies, and banana bread. The best part? You can indulge guilt-free knowing that all the offerings are made with wholesome ingredients.

Address: Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, H77, Al Quoz,Dubai