Best Beaches In Turkey

Turkey, straddling the Bosporus, the Aegean Sea, and the Turkish Riviera, boasts one of the Mediterranean’s longest coastlines, stretching about 7,200 kilometers! It’s a paradise for beach lovers, offering a mix of sprawling sandy shores and secluded bays amidst palm and olive trees, accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature.

For those seeking sunbathing, swimming in azure waters, thrilling water sports, or just unwinding in trendy beach bars, Turkey’s beaches have it all. The Aegean coast is home to elegant seaside towns like Bodrum and Marmaris, where you’ll find picturesque bays nestled among rocky landscapes. Meanwhile, the Turkish Riviera shines with its long beaches framed by mountains, offering a lot of activities, cultural attractions, and renowned holiday spots.

Here are the best beaches in Turkey to consider for your next trip, promising an unforgettable blend of relaxation and adventure.

The most important things at a glance

1. Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan: Natural Beauty

Best Beaches In Turkey Iztuzu Beach

Down in Dalyan, part of Mugla within the southern Aegean, there lies a beach that’s not just famous in Turkey but also ranks high globally. It’s recognized as the top beach in Turkey for its beauty. Visitors here can enjoy a beach that naturally slopes into the clear and warm sea. This special beach stretches along a peninsula, with fine sand separating the nearby freshwater lake from the ocean.

Though it’s a well-known spot, it never feels too crowded, making it a perfect place for families to relax. When the sun starts to set, the beach’s 5 kilometers offer a perfect path for scenic walks by the sea. An important note: the beach is a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtles, which are rare in the Mediterranean. So, it’s closed in the evenings and at night to protect their nesting sites. You might even get to see these turtles up close while swimming in the clear waters.

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Perfect for :Couples, families
Highlights :Natural, wide sandy beach in a nature reserve
How to get there :By car, paid parking available; from Dalyan by water taxi, rental boat or dolmus (approx. 45 minutes drive) 
Facilities :Toilets, changing rooms, shower, snack bar, rental of sun loungers and parasols

Hotel tip : Not far from Iztuzu Beach, check in at the Dalyan Live Spa Resort Hotel , which scores highly with its spa and wellness area .

2. The Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz: The postcard motif

Best Beaches In Turkey Ölüdeniz Beach

Heading out from Iztuzu Beach, about a two-hour journey leads us to another treasure spot. Just 15 kilometers east of Fethiye, on the scenic Lycian coast, Ölüdeniz Beach shines as a top attraction in Turkey. Enclosed by striking mountains and lush pine forests, this beach, with its long, curved white sands edging the “Blue Lagoon,” ranks as a breathtakingly beautiful spot in Turkey.

The water here sparkles in various shades of blue and turquoise, contrasting beautifully with the soft, sandy beach. Thanks to its outstanding water quality, the beach has been honored with the Blue Flag. The tranquil sea is inviting for swimmers looking for a peaceful dip. While some parts of the beach are conserved, Belcekız Beach and Ölüdeniz Beach are open to the public without any charge. There’s a modest fee for entering Kumburnu Beach. Renting sunbeds and umbrellas costs between about 5 and 10 euros for a day, depending on the season.

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Perfect for :Couples, Families, Photography, Water Sports
Highlights :Breathtakingly beautiful lagoon with aquamarine shimmering sea
How to get there :On foot or by bus, if arriving by car there may be a longer walk from the car park to the beach
Facilities :Perfect infrastructure on the beach sections in the west and east, with natural areas in between

Hotel tip : The popular Club Hotel Letoonia in Fethiye is a perfect starting point for a trip to the Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz.

Tip : The fantastic panorama of Ölüdeniz Beach is best admired from the air: by paragliding from Mount Babadağ! And if you prefer to stay on the ground with your camera, you will find a great view for photos at the launch platform.

3. Kaputaş Beach in Kalkan, Kemer: Dream beach with a rocky backdrop

Best Beaches In Turkey Kaputas Beach

Continuing our exploration of Turkey’s beaches, we head southeast to a hidden gem nestled among stunning cliffs. Kaputaş Beach, located in a small and secluded bay about 85 kilometers from Fethiye on the road between Kalkan and Kas, captivates with its fine golden sand stretching over approximately 150 meters. Here, the sea sparkles in a mesmerizing spectrum of blues against a dramatic backdrop of rocks. Though popular for its breathtaking beauty, Kaputaş Beach often offers a serene escape without being too crowded, making it ideal for a tranquil swim.

Facilities include sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, snacks like ice cream, and cold drinks to cool off. The cool waters, refreshed by underwater springs, make for a delightful dip. The area is also a prime spot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts,with intriguing underwater caves and a vibrant reef to explore. For those who appreciate panoramic views, a lookout point on the nearby highway bridge presents an unmatched vista of the bay.

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Perfect for :Couples, families, divers, snorkelers
Highlights:By bus or car, limited parking, access via a staircase with 170 steps
How to get there :In high season, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, snacks, and no sanitary facilities available
Facilities :In high season, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, snacks, no sanitary facilities available

Hotel tip : The beautiful pool at the Hotel Asfiya Sea View in Kalkan invites you to relax after excursions in the surrounding area.

4. Olympos Beach in Cirali: Dream beach in the nature reserve

Best Beaches In Turkey Olympos Beach

Heading southeast, we arrive at the stunning Lycian coast on the Turkish Riviera, where we find the natural pebble Olympos Beach, about 90 kilometers south of Antalya near the ancient city of Olympos. This spot is a haven of untouched beauty. The small town of Cirali, known for its commitment to eco-tourism and sustainable practices, offers a break from the hustle of large hotel complexes, favoring family-run hotels and quaint guesthouses instead. Campers too are drawn here for its pristine natural surroundings and scenic camping spots.

Spanning approximately 2 kilometers, Olympos Beach lies within a protected national park, just a stone’s throw from the fascinating archaeological remnants of ancient Olympos. The beach provides a unique setting, perfect for strolls, with its clear waters creating an idyllic environment for swimmers due to its sheltered position. For hiking enthusiasts, the cooler dawn and dusk hours are ideal for exploring Olympos Beach as part of the historic Lycian Way, a long-distance trail that meanders through stunning landscapes. Moreover, the sunrises here are truly magical, casting a mesmerizing light across the beach.

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Perfect for :Nature lovers, history buffs, couples, serenity seekers
Highlights :Kilometer-long, nature-filled beach paradise
How to get there:On foot from the ancient city of Olympos, by car
Facilities :Restaurants, but no infrastructure with sunbeds/umbrellas

5. Cleopatra Beach in Alanya: One of the best city beaches in Turkey

Best Beaches In Turkey Cleopatra Beach

Our beach journey in Turkey continues along the Turkish Riviera to Alanya, where the famous Cleopatra Beach awaits. This beach is named after the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra, who, according to legend, once bathed here. While there’s no evidence of Cleopatra’s visit today, what you will find is a stunning, long beach in the heart of Alanya.

Stretching over 2.5 kilometers, Cleopatra Beach offers fun, excitement, and entertainment for all ages. The beach, with its soft sand, towering palm trees, and views of the Taurus Mountains, is breathtaking. It’s particularly family-friendly thanks to its gentle slope into the sea. Lifeguards are on duty during peak season to ensure safety. Right off the beach, there are cafes and restaurants, plus a lot of options for water sports and activities. The exceptional water quality of Cleopatra Beach has earned it the prestigious Blue Flag award.

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Perfect for :Families, couples, water sports
Highlights :Wide, favourite beach for families with a fantastic backdrop
How to get there :On foot from Alanya, by car or bus, barrier-free access
Facilities :Perfect infrastructure, sun loungers, umbrella rental, water sports, gastronomy, lifeguard in season

Tip : Take a stroll into the small, pretty old town of Alanya , where you can discover picturesque alleys, cafes and tea houses.

Hotel tip : The popular Kleopatra Dreams Beach Hotel in Alanya offers a Mediterranean ambiance just a few meters from Cleopatra Beach .

6. Pirate Bay near Gazipasa, Antalya: The hidden gem

Best Beaches In Turkey Gazipasa Bay

Turkish beaches are stunning, and it’s rare to find hidden gems that remain off the beaten path. However, for those in search of such a spot, Pirate Bay near Gazipasa is a must-visit. This secluded bay is located next to the ancient ruins of Antiochia ad Cragnum, on the outskirts of Güney village, about a half-hour drive from Alanya.

What makes Pirate Bay exceptional is its location on a lagoon peninsula, enclosed by a 40-meter-high rock wall, featuring a naturally formed rock gate crafted over millions of years. This breathtaking entrance adds to the bay’s allure. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by its untouched beauty, with sparkling turquoise waters perfect for a refreshing swim away from crowded tourist spots.

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Perfect for :Couples, romantics, peace seekers, hikers
Highlights :Hidden bay with light blue shimmering water
How to get there :By car about 60 km from Alanya, bus stop nearby
Facilities :Natural, no infrastructure

Hotel tip : In Alanya, the family-friendly Grand Kaptan Hotel with its beautiful pool is the ideal retreat after your excursions.

7. Mermerli Beach, Antalya: A gem on the Turkish Rivera

Best Beaches In Turkey Mermerli Beach

Antalya, the bustling hub of the Turkish Riviera, is surrounded by beautiful beaches, and one of the most accessible is Mermerli Beach. Located in the city’s heart, next to the marina, this picturesque spot for a swim is nestled below the old city walls, surrounded by scenic cliffs. You can easily walk to this small, fine city beach from the old town, with access through a stairway descending the rocks.

Mermerli Beach, while not the typical family beach due to its size and popularity, offers a perfect spot for those looking to unwind on a sun lounger or enjoy a quick dip. The beach slopes down sharply, and the water deepens quickly, so it’s important to keep an eye on children. Its excellent water quality earns it a Blue Flag.

For a delightful experience, there’s a restaurant on the historic city wall with both indoor and outdoor terraces. You can also have drinks and snacks delivered right to your lounger from the beach. It’s an ideal spot for relaxation amidst Antalya’s vibrant atmosphere.

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Perfect for :Couples, Singles
Highlights :Popular city beach with a historic vibe below the city walls
How to get there :From the port and the old town on foot
Facilities:Rental of sunbeds/umbrellas, restaurant above the beach, service at the sunbeds

8. Patara Beach near Fethiye and Kas: One of the most beautiful in the world

Best Beaches In Turkey Patara Beach

Our trip across Turkey’s coast takes us next to Patara Beach, which the world loves as the fourth most stunning beach globally. This spot is a stretch of 18 kilometers of pure beauty on the Lycian coast, where the sand meets the open sea. Even when it’s a favorite spot during the busy season, there’s enough beach for everyone to find a peaceful place to sunbathe and swim.

Patara stands out because of its vastness and exposure to the sea, which makes it perfect for those who love windsurfing. Walking here means you’re moving through an exquisite landscape of dunes, without the usual crowd and noise of beach sports and activities. This openness makes Patara a hit with families looking for space and tranquility.

After enjoying the sun or the cool sea, the beach’s soft sands are perfect for long, relaxing walks. But, remember, Patara Beach is special because sea turtles lay their eggs here, so everyone has to leave by evening to keep the turtles safe.

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Perfect for :Couples, families, hiking, nature lovers, surfers
Highlights :Turkey’s most beautiful natural beach with a great dune landscape
How to get there :Approximately 45 to 60 minutes drive from Fethiye or Kaş, accessible by dolmuş or car, parking available
Facilities:Beach bar/restaurant, showers, toilets, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas

Hotel tip : A stylish pool and modern designed rooms await you at the Aqua Princess Hotel in Kas.

9. Incekum Beach near Alanya: Favorite for families

Best Beaches In Turkey Incekum Beach

Incekum Beach, nestled near Avsallar about 30 kilometers from Alanya, shines as one of the Turkish Riviera’s gems. Its sandy shores, easing into the clear sea, make it a hit with both locals and visitors. Not just a paradise for sun-seekers, this beach is a playground for those eager for adventure on the water. From parasailing and jet skiing to banana boat rides and a dive school, there’s never a dull moment.

Stretching over a kilometer, Incekum’s golden sands are lined with restaurants and snack bars, offering plenty of options for a seaside meal or a quick bite. Beachfront hotels have their designated spots on the sand, complete with loungers and umbrellas, but don’t worry, you can still grab a spot and an umbrella in the public areas to enjoy a day under the sun. The beach is especially family-friendly, thanks to its stone-free entry into the sea, making it easy and safe for children to wade into the waves

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Perfect for :Couples, families, sunbathing, water sports
Highlights :Favorite beach for families with soft sand
How to get there :By car or bus, on foot, barrier-free access
Facilities :Showers, changing rooms, toilets, umbrella and sunbed rental, catering

10. Ilica Beach, Izmir: Warm thermal springs for wellness fans

Ilica Beach

Before diving into the urban treasures of Istanbul after our beach getaway in Turkey, we visit an extraordinary spot: the well-loved Ilica Beach in Izmir province, close to Cesme. This beach has warmer waters than others in Turkey, thanks to hot thermal springs under the sea bed, warming the waters beyond the sun’s embrace. Imagine swimming in the turquoise shallows, feeling as though you’re at a spa.

Stretching over 1.5 kilometers, Ilica Beach offers more than just endless swimming. Its soft, fine sand, enriched with coral, sparkles in stunning light hues, inviting walks along its expanse. Here, you can lounge on rented chairs under traditional straw umbrellas, savor Mediterranean dishes at seaside restaurants, or cool off with treats from ice cream sellers. It’s the ideal beach day in our book!

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Perfect for :Bathing, couples, families
Highlights:Wide beach with particularly warm water
How to get there :By car, dolmus, parking available
Facilities:Restaurant, rental of sun loungers and parasols, sanitary facilities

Hotel tip : In the stylish Ilica Hotel Spa & Thermal Resort you can relax in the spacious wellness and spa area after you visit the beach.

Frequently asked questions about the best beaches in Turkey

Whether it’s a wide sandy beach, a romantic bay with a Caribbean feel, or a natural spectacle between the glittering Mediterranean and the rocky backdrop: Turkey’s beaches have many faces and are ideal for beach walking, water sports, and relaxation. We’ll answer your most important questions below.

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Turkey?

Best Beaches In Turkey

Surrounded by thousands of kilometers of sea, Turkey is guaranteed to be a favorite for every beach lover. While the beaches on the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara are particularly popular with domestic tourists, international vacationers prefer to visit the sunny destinations around the Aegean Sea and Turkish Riviera. The most beautiful for fans of long beach walks are certainly the wide beaches on the Turkish Riviera around the popular seaside resorts of Antalya and Alanya. If you prefer small, beautiful bays, we recommend the picturesque bays of the Aegean Sea.

Where there is the turquoise sea?

Best Beaches In Turkey

Turkey’s name might as well hint at the color turquoise, considering how its seas shimmer in every shade of blue, making for stunning photo opportunities and inviting swims. For those aiming to wow their social media followers with the ultimate shot, the Aegean bays are your go-to for that flawless turquoise hue. Among the Turkish Riviera’s hidden gems, the secluded Pirate Bay near Alanya stands out, offering a mesmerizing setting that’s hard to resist.

Where there are beautiful sandy beaches in Turkey?

Best Beaches In Turke Kaputas Beach Near Kalkan

Turkey has a large number of natural sandy beaches, alternating with pebble beaches . Golden sand can be found mainly on the wide beaches of the Turkish Riviera around Antalya and Alanya. Both Side and Belek are among the most popular seaside resorts and have beautiful beaches that are known for their excellent infrastructure. The Incekum beach near Alanya, with its soft sand, is one of the absolute favorites in the region and is particularly popular with families .

Where is the sea most beautiful in Türkiye?

Best Beaches In Turkey

The answer is simple: the sea in Turkey is beautiful everywhere! If you are looking for pristine beauty, we recommend the beautiful beaches in nature reserves such as Iztuzu Beach on the Aegean coast: Day visitors are allowed to visit these for swimming, while at the same time, special rules apply to protect nature. This gives the beach and sea a particularly authentic atmosphere and since there is no lively tourist infrastructure or large hotel buildings here, the natural backdrop is simply unique!