Milky Karak Cafeteria

Karak tea has long been a constant in Abu Dhabi’s ever-changing landscape. While trends come and go, the love for karak chai has remained strong for decades. Even before the UAE became a country, cafés served hot, spiced tea to locals and visitors. The popularity of karak in Abu Dhabi shows no signs of fading, despite all the changes in the city.

If you’re in Abu Dhabi and want to discover top spots with the best Karak in Abu Dhabi read this post:

1. Chai Qissa

 Best Karak In Abu Dhabi In Chai Qissa

Chai Qissa offers something special with their tea served in a clay pot infused with seven different herbs, giving it a unique and intriguing flavor. This spot isn’t just about the tea, though. The menu is loaded with tasty snacks to enjoy while you sip.

They have all sorts of delicious treats like samosas and pakoras, which make for a perfect match with their tea. The combination of aromatic herbal tea and these addictive snacks makes Chai Qissa a fantastic place to relax and enjoy some flavorful bites.

W9, Abu Dhabi

2. Tea Break Cafe

 Best Karak In Abu Dhabi In Tea Break

If you’re looking for a place to get a great cup of Karak tea without spending too much, check out Tea Break Cafe. It’s a small spot, but it’s cozy and has a good vibe. They have a bunch of sandwiches to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. If you like a relaxed setting and don’t want to break the bank, Tea Break Cafe is a great pick.

22nd St, Al Nahyan, Zone 1, Abu Dhabi

3. Mammu Tea

 Best Karak In Abu Dhabi In Mammu Tea

Mammu Tea is a cool cafeteria where you can get Karak tea and samovar tea along with freshly made snacks and sandwiches—all at a reasonable price. Their Karak tea is spot-on, and they make amazing samosas. If you’re in the mood for some tasty snacks with your tea, this is a great place to check out. It’s simple but delivers on quality and flavor, making it a good value for your money. If you haven’t tried Mammu Tea yet, it’s worth a visit for a quick bite and a hot cup of Karak.

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4. House of Tea

 Best Karak In Abu Dhabi In House Of Tea

Tea House is one of the best spots for Karak tea, paratha, and sandwiches. Everything they serve is tasty, spicy, and freshly made. If you want to enjoy a cup of Karak with some delicious food, Tea House is the place to go. If you’re in the area and looking for a place that offers a mix of flavorful and fresh food, Tea House is a great choice.

Abu Dhabi Al Mandous Street, Al Falah 5, Retail 2 Al Sadoo, Abu Dhabi

5. Seashell Cafeteria

 Best Karak In Abu Dhabi In Seashell Cafeteria

If you’re near the Corniche area and need a place for excellent Karak tea, Seashell Cafeteria is a great pick. They serve some of the best natural juices in town and are known for their tasty shawarma. It’s a popular spot with a variety of choices, so you can grab a refreshing juice, enjoy a hot cup of Karak, or dig into a delicious shawarma. If you haven’t tried Seashell Cafeteria yet, it’s definitely worth a visit for its tasty drinks and food in a convenient location.

Liwa St, Al Danah, Zone 1, Abu Dhabi

6. Filli cafe

 Best Karak In Abu Dhabi In Filli Cafe

FiLLi Cafe is famous for its wide variety of teas and tasty snacks. They have everything from classic Karak tea to unique blends that you won’t find elsewhere. The cozy setting makes it an excellent spot for tea lovers and anyone who enjoys a laid-back atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something to eat, you have to try their Z Club Sandwich. It’s a popular choice and pairs perfectly with a cup of tea.

Airport Rd, Al Manhal, Abu Dhabi |