Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Explore the best rooftops of Marrakech, each offering its own unique vibe and style.

All the rooftop bars on our top 12 list not only provide stunning views, but also serve delicious food, expertly crafted drinks, and create a fantastic atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a night out or just a relaxing sundowner, these rooftop bars have got you covered.

Get ready to experience Marrakech from every perspective with our selection of the best rooftop bars in the city. Each one guarantees an unforgettable night out that you won’t want to miss.

12 Best Rooftops In Marrakech:


Nomad Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Located near the Semmarine souk, the Nomad restaurant offers a pretty terrace overlooking the medina. Inspired by contemporary cuisine, the restaurant offers revisited traditional dishes and some international dishes with a Moroccan touch.

Address: 1 Derb Aarjane, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco


Cafe Des Epices Best Rooftops In Marrakech

 The rooftop of the Café des épices overlooks the lively Lakdima square known for its basketry.

Designed by Anne Favier, interior designer, the Café des épices is chic in Moroccan way. Straw hats available to customers during mealtimes are all the rage. On the plate, we find traditional Moroccan cuisine that is fairly classic but well done.

Address: 75 Rahba Lakdima, Marrakech Medina, Morocco


Le Foundouk Best Rooftops In Marrakech

The Foundouk is the Arabic word for the caravanserai, the inn that allowed merchant caravans to rest. With the advent of the automobile and transport by boat, the foundouks disappeared. This turned into a restaurant.

Located not far from the Orientalist Museum of Marrakech, it offers a pretty roof terrace and both Moroccan and international dishes.

Address: 55, Souk Hal Fes – Kaat Bennahid


Dar Dar Best Rooftops In Marrakech

The DarDar Rooftop features a spacious layout with both indoor and outdoor seating, adorned with delightful details. The highlight is the panoramic view that encompasses the Koutoubia, the Medina rooftops, and the majestic Atlas mountains.

DarDar Rooftop has an extensive selection of authentic Moroccan dishes with a contemporary twist. These homemade culinary delights are perfectly complemented by a fine assortment of wines and expertly crafted signature cocktails.

Address: 4 Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim, Marrakesh 40000


La Pergola Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Located just a short distance from Jemaa El Fna in the heart of the old town, the charming Riad Monceau hotel boasts a rooftop jazz bar called La Pergola, .It features an urban and exotic garden ambiance, surrounded by lush greenery and offering splendid views of the Koutoubia and the Medina.

At this rooftop bar, you can indulge in a selection of Moroccan wines, crafted cocktails (such as the Morocco Mule), and a variety of appetizing dishes. From cold meat and cheese platters and Moroccan tapas to hearty meal salads and pulled beef burgers, the menu has something for everyone.

Address: Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim, Marrakesh 40000


Terrasse Des Epices Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Located in the heart of the medina in the souk cherifia, the Terrase des epices is one of gourmet restaurants in Marrakech. 

On the plate, there is excellent Moroccan and Mediterranean fusion cuisine including the most famous specialties of Marrakech. Lively atmosphere.

Address: 15, souk cherifia, sidi abdelaziz, Marrakech Médina


House Of Photography Best Rooftops In Marrakech

The Maison de la Photographie has great rooftop, which is like the museum, out of time. It is great to have a drink there, a calm of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

Address: Rue Ahl Fes, 46 Rue Bin Lafnadek, Marrakech 40030


Cafe Zeitoun Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Located at the northern end of the Jeem El-Fna square, the Zeitoun café is an address that is always full. Pleasant terrace, more intimate than the previous ones even if the view is less spectacular.

Traditional Moroccan cuisine.

 Address: 107 Place Jemaa El Fnaa، 40000, Morocco


Mandala Society Best Rooftops In Marrakech

The Mandala Society is an address that mixes international and Moroccan influences. Very nice contemporary decoration. Mainly English-speaking clientele. Between the Jemaa El-fna square and the Bahia palace. Excellent Moroccan iced tea (slightly peppery), brunch for light meals. 

Address: Mandala Society, 159 Rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco


L' Amazigh Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Tucked away from the busiest parts of the Medina, you’ll discover a hidden gem called L’Amazigh.

The venue has a charming and authentic atmosphere, with a restaurant on the lower level. However, the real highlight is the rooftop area. It features a combination of comfortable sofas and dining tables, providing a splendid view of the majestic Koutoubia and a fantastic sunset.

L’Amazigh offers a diverse, creative, and delicious menu. You can indulge in Asian and international dishes, along with plenty of Moroccan cuisine.

Address: 38 MOULAY TAYEB, Souk Laksour, Marrakech 40030


M Rooftop Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Located atop the Medina Heritage, M Rooftop is a modern and stylish restaurant and bar on a rooftop.

From here, you can enjoy incredible views of the Marrakech Medina rooftops and the iconic Koutoubia.

The rooftop restaurant and bar at M Rooftop serves exceptional cuisine, featuring both authentic Moroccan dishes and international options. You can also choose from a refreshing selection of mocktails.

Address: 58, Angle Rue El Ksour et, Rue Fhal Zefriti, Marrakesh


Kabana Best Rooftops In Marrakech

Kabana Rooftop Food & Cocktails is a modern and urban oasis located in the heart of Marrakech Medina. It’s a special place that combines an indoor lounge with a beautiful open-air terrace, offering breathtaking views of the Koutoubia.

The rooftop bar serves a wide selection of delicious food and drinks, like Mediterranean and Latin-inspired cuisine, with options for vegans and vegetarians.

The drink menu is impressive, featuring both signature and classic cocktails and mocktails. They use high-quality Moroccan artisan products and also offer Moroccan draft beers, spirits, and wines from around the world.

Address: Rue Fatima Ezzahra R’mila 1 Kissariat Ben Khaled, Medina, Marrakech 40000