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As the days grow warmer and summer approaches, people in Istanbul are beginning to look for vacation spots where they can swim and relax. Finding a tranquil spot in the city to escape the crowds and urban fatigue can be challenging. Wondering where to swim in Istanbul? We’ve put together a list for you.

1- Beykoz/Poyrazköy


Poyrazköy is Istanbul’s gateway to the Black Sea and is quite the hidden gem. The area around its beach is dotted with seafood spots and cafes, set up perfectly for anyone looking to enjoy the ocean. You can wander around the local fishing spots, boats, and charming houses right by the water.

The beach itself isn’t very large, but there are also two other small beaches nearby. The calm waters, free from strong winds or currents, make it a great spot for a swim.

At Poyraz Beach, you’ll find all the necessities like toilets, showers, spots to change, places to lounge under the sun with umbrellas, and parking. They’ve also got safety covered with a lookout tower, lifeguards, and flags for warnings, making sure you have a safe and pleasant time by the water.

How to get to Poyrazköy?

Poyrazköy is a village in Beykoz. It is located 33 km away from central places. You can reach Poyrazköy 4 km after passing Beykoz . Just follow the Poyrazköy-Anadolu Feneri sign. If you want to come by public transportation, you can take bus number 135 from Kavacık.

2- Sarıyer/Kumköy


Kumköy on the European side of Istanbul, is a popular choice for those looking to take a dip. It hosts both public and many private beaches and tends to get quite packed in the summer. Kilyos Beach, along the Black Sea, boasts one of the longest shorelines in Istanbul.

Other Beaches in Kilyos



Şile, on Istanbul’s Black Sea coast, is like a secret paradise, often called the city’s hidden gem. It’s filled with beautiful beaches and coastal spots where you can enjoy the sea. Make sure to check out the biggest lighthouse in Turkey, and the second biggest worldwide, while you’re there.

Beaches where you can swim in Şile:

4- Şile/Karacaköy Beach

Şile Karacaköy Beach

Fancy a swim in the sea after breakfast in Istanbul? Şile Karacaköy Beach is just the place you’re searching for. This paradise is right next to Istanbul. Stretching over 2 km, Karacaköy Beach is just a 1.5-hour drive from the center of Istanbul. Plus, there’s a business right on the beach to cater to your needs.

5- Şile/Sofular Beach

Sofular Beach

Situated 15 km from the center of Şile, this natural marvel is a favorite for those looking to escape the crowds and discover new spots. Spanning 2300 meters, the beach area is spacious. For those interested in camping with a tent, Sofular Beach is an ideal choice. The entry fee to the beach is 150 TL. Facilities include parking, showers, changing cabins, and toilets.

5- Sarıyer/Rumeli Kavağı


In Istanbul, Sarıyer is a hit for its stunning beaches and views. If you’re looking to enjoy the sea and dodge the city noise, check out Altınkum Beach, Military Beach, and Women’s Beach in Rumeli Kavağı.

6- Florya


If you’re eager to hit the sea but don’t want to leave the city behind, Florya has just what you need. Head over to Florya Güneş Beach, stretching 800 meters, for a great sea experience. Plus, there’s Menekşe Beach in Florya too, run by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, where you can get in without paying a dime.

7- Islands


Whenever you think of swimming in Istanbul, the islands often pop up first in the conversation. Büyükada, the biggest among the Prince Islands, becomes a hotspot for swimmers in the summer. Across Büyükada, Heybeliada, Kınalıada, Burgazada, and Sedef Island, you’ll find plenty of beaches welcoming those looking to take a dip.

8- Riva


Riva stands out as one of the nearest getaways from Istanbul, situated just 40 km away. Elmasburnu Beach in Riva is particularly popular, attracting numerous visitors keen on swimming.

9- Büyükçekmece Beach


You don’t need to venture far from the city to enjoy a swim on the European Side. This beach, conveniently located near Büyükçekmece and Avcılar, becomes a hotspot during the summer. You can get there easily by public transport or by renting a car.

10- Agva

Agva Beach

Ağva is a haven for those who adore nature and the sea. Kilimli Bay, İmrenli Bay, and the Public Beach in Ağva come highly recommended for anyone looking to swim. If crowds aren’t your thing, İmrenli Bay and Beach offer a quieter alternative.

Beaches on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul:

Beaches on the European Side of Istanbul: