Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

For many years in the Arab world, coffee refueling has been really important in Middle Eastern culture. There are lots of shisha cafes all over the city that serve Arabic coffee. But now, there are also new places that are all about fancy coffee and cool Baristas. These new spots are popping up quickly. Let’s check out the best cafes in Abu Dhabi.

1. Tashas Al Bateen

Tasha Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

Tashas Al Bateen sits by the water and has a really cool and relaxed vibe. The inside feels natural with white furniture and umbrellas, as well as some rattan details. Outside, there’s a wooden deck where you can enjoy really good coffee, breakfast, and lunch while being outside. Their coffee menu is seriously awesome – they have everything from regular espresso to iced and oat milk lattes. They even offer Greek, Spanish, and flavored coffee blends. They also have a menu that’s focused on healthy eating, with options like all-day breakfast, salads, sandwiches, and main dishes.

Address: Unit B02 Cafe – شارع المرسى – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

2. Amongst Few Cafe

Amongst Few Cafe Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

The inside of this cool place mixes steel and concrete to make it feel like a city space, which matches its street-style origins. There are touches of teak and curved designs, and they even have a wall that’s taken apart to separate the café and the retail area. The special coffee they serve is really great. They have a blend of Colombian and Indonesian coffee, and they also use four different kinds of beans – Rwandan, Costa Rican, Barundian, and Ethiopian – for their filter coffee. The menu is like a dream for coffee experts: you can choose from drinks like cortado, piccolo, matcha, and maple while you watch the ships go by.

Address: New Iranian Market, Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi

3. Sanderson’s

Sanderson'S Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

The calm café at Al Seef is filled with turquoise sofas and furniture made from rattan. Their food menu is really impressive. They make sure the dishes are good for you, the environment, and are made with wholesome ingredients. And when it comes to coffee, they serve some of the finest in the city. They get their coffee beans from Gold Box Roastery in Dubai.

Address: Andalus Al Seef Resort Salam Street near Khalifa Park – Abu Dhabi 

4. Aptitude

Aptitude Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

Aptitude first started as a cool pop-up café, but because so many people loved it, it’s now a permanent spot in the beautiful grounds of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. They recently made the space even bigger and better. Now, you can enjoy your coffee while being right by the impressive museum of the UAE. The café is painted white and has a terrace filled with plants. There’s also a small indoor area with big windows that give you an indoor-outdoor feel, no matter what the weather is like. They serve coffee that’s sourced responsibly, and you can choose from different types like Aeropress or cold brews. They also have some unique local flavors like rose or saffron lattes.

Address: Al Saadiyat Island – Cultural District – Abu Dhabi

5. Blacksmith Coffee Company

Blacksmith Coffee Company Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

Blacksmith Coffee Company is a simple and stylish café located at New York University Abu Dhabi. It has a cool and relaxed atmosphere that takes you back to your university days. They get their coffee beans from Kenya, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, and they roast them fresh at their own roastery in Abu Dhabi. If you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll love their offerings like batch brew, Aeropress, and Chemex. They also serve classic café snacks that are both sweet and savory.

Address: NYU Abu Dhabi D2 Bldg – Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hwy – Al Saadiyat Island – Saadiyat Marina District – Abu Dhabi 

6. Parallel Cafe

Parallel Cafe Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

Parallel Café is designed with a beachy and stylish vibe, featuring natural wood and soft white interiors. The furniture is made from rattan, and there’s a nice touch of bright green plants too. This peaceful café and coffee spot offers brunch dishes and freshly made coffee. However, what really stands out is their ice cream bun – a warm, freshly baked bun with creamy ice cream that melts in your mouth. This treat is a favorite among the locals.

Address: Al Bateen – Abu Dhabi

7. The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

The Lighthouse is a place that’s all about three things: being creative, enjoying coffee, and eating good food. It’s located at Yas Bay Waterfront, and it has a cool and stylish vibe like the Scandinavians, but it’s also relaxed so you can do things like eat, shop, and drink coffee all day. When the sun sets, they even have a special time called “aperitivo” for drinks and snacks.

They really care about coffee here. They make special and unique coffee drinks, like iced coffee with pistachio, a special brew made from dried cascara with orange juice, rosemary, and tonic, as well as traditional Turkish coffee and cappuccino.

The food is also popular. You can have breakfast anytime you want, and they have a small but well-designed menu of main dishes too. But the most amazing treats are found in their patisserie, where they make extraordinary pastries and sweets.

 Address: Yas Bay Waterfront – near Hilton Hotel – Yas Island – Abu Dhabi

8. Cafe James

Cafe James Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

Cafe James is not your usual café. It’s both stylish and sophisticated. The place has a trendy vibe, with a mix of modern and fancy elements. The space is mostly in shades of grey, with white tables that stand out against the sleek black chairs. There’s a central coffee bar that adds to the modern look. It’s a visually pleasing place that offers a menu that’s both detailed and easy to understand.

For breakfast, they serve incredibly well-made coffees using different methods like chemex and V60. They also offer drinks like cortados and flat whites. These delicious coffees pair perfectly with their freshly baked and buttery croissants.

Address: Shams Boutik – Al Reem Island – Shams Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi

9. Alkalime

Alkalime Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

Alkalime is definitely one of the finest cafés in Abu Dhabi. It has a beachy and stylish vibe with wicker chairs, hammocks, and hanging baskets. It’s a great place to go for breakfast, lunch, or a bite to eat during sunset. They offer a variety of dishes on the menu, including nutritious salads, cauliflower-based pizzas, bean burgers, and more.

They also have a trendy coffee bar where you can get your morning coffee fix. The atmosphere and menu make Alkalime a top choice for those looking for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.

Address: Soul Beach, Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island 

10. Rain

Rain Best Cafes In Abu Dhabi

The tagline of Rain café is ‘Let it rain coffee,’ and they really embrace this weather theme. Inside, you’ll find puffy cloud decorations, blue armchairs, and simple walls for a minimalist look. Their menu is full of delicious goodies, especially for people who have a sweet tooth. They offer cakes, tiramisu, rocky road, and other delicious treats.

Address: Mohammed Bin Khalifa St – Al Nahyan – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi and also different locations