Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, with its modern and cosmopolitan vibe, promises unforgettable experiences with a diverse range of local and international cuisine in breathtaking settings. Whether you’re looking for traditional delicacies in desert hotspots or craving Chinese, French, Lebanese, or Moroccan dishes at award-winning restaurants, Abu Dhabi has it all.

The city’s Michelin-starred chefs elevate its culinary scene, turning it into a top-notch food destination. Indulge in the delights of these ten restaurants, and you’re in for a gastronomic adventure like no other!

Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi:

1. Li Beirut

Li Beirut Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Li Beirut is a mandatory stop for all those who enjoy Lebanese food. Highly rated and considered one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Li Beirut is an award winning restaurant. Enchanting its guests with a spectacular view of the surrounding sea, Li Beirut serves traditional and contemporary Lebanese dishes cooked with a fusion of European influences. The menu itself is a culinary masterpiece.

Address: Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Corniche Street, opposite Emirates Palace / Ras Al Akhdar Area, Abu Dhabi

2. Al Maqam

Al Maqam Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Situated in the Abu Dhabi desert, Al Maqam completes and refines the romantic Arabian experience. Part of a luxury complex – Arabian Nights Villages – Al Maqam offers a high class journey into the desert kingdom and legends. Its Arabic style, floor-level seating, handmade decorations, palm-fringed terrace, and live art performances create a cultural oasis in the middle of the desert where travelers can enjoy exquisite cuisine.

Address: Arabian Nights Village, Razeen Al Khatim Area, Abu Dhabi Al Ain Road, Al Khatim

3. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill

Marco Pierre Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Run by British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, one of the youngest of his time to be awarded 3 Michelin stars, this restaurant is the perfect place for carnivores who crave perfect steaks. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill stands out as one of the upscale culinary venues in Abu Dhabi. Though primarily focused on a variety of meat specialties, the menu is extensive.

Address: Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Khor Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi

4. Hakkasan

Hakkasan Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Hakkasan offers a first-class experience of Chinese cuisine in an eclectic setting. Abu Dhabi’s version of the famed Hakkasan, boasting a huge dining room, is a unique blend of modern UAE spirit and assertive Chinese influence. Talented and visionary, Hakkasan Chef Lee Kok Hua wows his guests with signature dishes such as the tempting Peking Duck with Caviar, succulent Wagyu Beef Roast with King Soybeans and a variety of other recipes that demonstrate understanding of culinary creativity.

Address: Emirates Palace, West Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi

5. Villa Toscana

Villa Toscana Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Villa Toscana is the best place in Abu Dhabi to savor a memorable rendezvous with the richly flavored scenery of Italian cuisine. Enjoying an excellent location in one of the city’s luxury hotels, Villa Toscana recreates the sophisticated and elegant atmosphere of a Tuscan villa.  A fine Abu Dhabi restaurant, Villa Toscana serves up a range of Italian delicacies, from pizzas to refined dishes that take two days to cook, such as tagliatelle with lamb ragù and powdered chocolate.

Address: The St. Regis Abu Dhabi Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi

6. Tashas Cafe

Tashas Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Tashas Cafe Abu Dhabi truly stands out among other restaurants in Abu Dhabi. It has become widely popular, particularly among those who love “Italian-European-Arab” cuisine and those seeking a cozy family-friendly ambiance. Visitors often recommend trying their famous dishes, such as teriyaki salmon with black rice, pesto pasta, and delicious steak. These dishes have won the admiration of numerous guests and are definitely worth experiencing!

Address: Unit b02 cafe, Marsa, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi

7. Byblos Sur Mer

Byblos Sur Mer Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Byblos Sur Mer restaurant is renowned as one of the most stunning dining places in Abu Dhabi, offering a delightful balance that pleases a wide range of tastes.

Many people visit this restaurant to savor its signature dishes, including kebab with cheese, grilled kofta, and mouthwatering grilled shrimp. These unique offerings have earned the restaurant its well-deserved fame.

Address: InterContinental ,King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St ,Al Bateen ,Abu Dhabi

8. Patron Meat House

Patron Meat House Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Patron Meat House is a great place for steak lovers! Their meat selection is top-notch, though it might be a bit pricey. The food quality is excellent, and the staff is simply amazing. Don’t miss out on their delicious Turkish sweets! Plus, the restaurant’s location with a sea view adds to the overall experience.

Address: A’l Bahar – The Corniche, Abu Dhabi

9. Mamafri

Mamafri Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Mamafri restaurant offers an exciting menu with a variety of dishes, including ramen, wagyu sandos, and curries. They also have fusion delights like the Indo Chick bun, featuring crispy chicken with Indo slaw and sambal mayo, as well as hoisin crispy chicken bao and Asian buffalo shrimp for those craving something spicy. For fans of the original branch, the sushi bar experience and breakfast menu take this spot to a whole new level, making it one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Address: Sheikha Fatima Park, Abu Dhabi 

10. TAON

Taon Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

TAON, located at Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche, proudly claims to be the UAE’s first Korean fine dining restaurant, making it a must-visit for Korean cuisine enthusiasts.

Their menu offers a delightful array of dishes, including barbecue, stews, Korean-style spicy chicken, bulgogi, and more. For meat lovers, the ‘whole cow set’ featuring a delectable assortment of rib-eye, rib meat, striploin, brisket, and galbi is a perfect choice.

Besides Korean cuisine, TAON also serves Japanese food, featuring sushi and robata options.

Address: Corniche Road East Capital Plaza Complex , Abu Dhabi Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche