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Abu Dhabi , the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a destination that does not yet have the aura that Dubai can have with tourists. However, this large, authentic and booming city manages to attract more than ten million travelers each year, and its tourist infrastructures and the attractions it offers are increasingly numerous .You are advised to avoid the hottest periods, but you will also have to settle in the right place. In this guide, you can find all the information you need to choose where to sleep in Abu Dhabi. I will present to you the best areas to stay in Abu Dhabi, whether for their location or the price of the hotels you can find there. You will also find some examples of establishments that have already satisfied many travellers.  

How to choose where to sleep in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi

There’s a lot to see in Abu Dhabi, and the city is quite sprawling. All the neighborhoods that I will present to you in the rest of this post have in common to be  well located . Some are closer to the city center, major shopping areas, others are closer to entertainment or the airport, which can already be a first point to help you make your choice.
Of course, some neighborhoods are also more luxurious than others, and your budget will have to be taken into account. Moreover, keep in mind that  booking your hotel  in advance will always be more interesting for you, whatever the period in which you plan to make your trip to Abu Dhabi.

But more generally, your choice should above all be directed towards a district that offers an  atmosphere  that suits you, and from which you can easily reach the  attractions that interest you the most.

The hotel offer is vast and of very good quality in Abu Dhabi, and you should be able to have an excellent stay in many establishments located in the best areas of Abu Dhabi , which you will be able to discover in the rest of this post.

Al Khalidiya

Al Khalidiya

Al Khalidiya  is a very central district of Abu Dhabi, very popular with tourists, but also with European expatriates.

If you like shopping, you will be in the right place, since here you can find several shopping centers and a large number of shops. There are also many very pleasant green spaces, such as Al Khalidiya Park, where it is possible to enjoy a little shade, which is always very pleasant in Abu Dhabi.

Al Khalidiya  is also  one of the best areas  where you can settle in Abu Dhabi if you want to spend a  lively evening or two  during your stay. Abu Dhabi is really not the party destination par excellence, but the  bars of the hotels located in this area are among the rare exceptions.

Where to sleep in Al Khalidiya?

courtyard marriott world trade center
Oryx Hotel 

Al Zahiyah

Here is a neighborhood in downtown Abu Dhabi that enjoys a prime location and is one of the liveliest in the city. Al Zahiyah  was known as the “Tourist Club Area”, after an artificial beach was built there in the 1970s. Although this beach is no longer present, this name pretty much sums up what it is still Today.

It is a large district focused on leisure  and  entertainment  , which is home to a very wide variety of restaurants of all kinds and which offer culinary specialties from the United Arab Emirates, but also from many other countries from all continents.

As far as accommodation is concerned, the offer is vast and diversified in this district, and you can quite easily find particularly welcoming hotels there.

It is also in this very lively district that you can discover the Abu Dhabi Mall , often considered the real heart of the city, a huge shopping complex that brings together a lot of brands from all over the world.

Where to sleep in Abu Dhabi in the Al Zahiyah district?

Al Diar Dana Hotel in Abu Dhabi
beach rotana abu dhabi

The Corniche

beach the corniche abu dhabi

The Corniche district   (Al Markaziyah) runs along Abu Dhabi’s main beach. It is one of the must-see places in the city. On this walk, you can enjoy great views of the Arabian Gulf and the city’s skyscrapers.

Corniche beach is a long, particularly well-maintained white sand beach, where you can enjoy a pleasant swim in turquoise water. On the large central esplanade of the district are many very pleasant restaurants and cafes, and you can also find several pretty gardens and parks, some of which have play areas for children.

The Corniche is also close to the island of Al-Marina and the Marina Mall , one of the city’s large shopping centers, which includes more than 400 stores of all kinds and many other attractions (cinemas, bowling, ski slope , panoramic restaurant…).

Like everywhere in the city, hotels here are not cheap, but you can find slightly less upscale establishments, which often offer good value for money for sleeping in Abu Dhabi.

Where to sleep near the Corniche?

Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche 
royal meridien abu dhabi

Khor Al Maqta

mosque abu dhabi

Khor Al Maqta  is the waterway that separates the city of Abu Dhabi from the mainland, and which is guarded by  Al Maqta Fort , a bicentennial fort located on a rocky islet. It is also sometimes called “Grand Canal”. It is an essentially residential area, well located and well connected. It is connected to the mainland by 3 bridges.

On either side of this inlet are many restaurants that showcase cuisines from around the world. Here, the atmosphere is quite lively, this district is home to the  Souk Qaryat Al Beriet shopping center , and you can also find some tourist sites such as the Venetian village located in the Ritz Carlton park. The  Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center  is also nearby.

In Khor Al Maqta, you will be able to find large high-end resorts, but also more affordable hotels.

Where to sleep in Khor Al Maqta?

Traders Hotel, Abu Dhabi  
ritz carlton abu dhabi

Saadiyat Island


Saadiyat Island  is a veritable temple of luxury in Abu Dhabi. Here, luxurious villas and large properties by the sea follow one another, and you can find large luxurious hotel complexes, to spend a particularly pleasant stay, making the most of the beach and the sun. An idyllic island to sleep in Abu Dhabi!

It is also here that the cultural space of Abu Dhabi is located, which brings together the largest museums in the city, including the  Louvre Abu Dhabi  and the  Guggenheim Museum Abu Dhabi .

And not to spoil anything, the island of Saadiyat is very well located, since by car it will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to reach the most central points, and the airport is only about twenty minutes away.
Saadiyat Island is an area where accommodation is often very expensive. You will basically find large 5-star hotels with private beaches.

Where to sleep on Saadiyat Island?

Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort 
Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas  

Yas Island

ferrari world abu dhabi

Yas Island  is an artificial island almost entirely devoted to entertainment. You will necessarily spend a lot of time there during your stay in Abu Dhabi, so necessarily, staying there can save you a lot of time. In addition, you will also be close to Abu Dhabi International Airport  .

On this unique island, you can find several world-renowned amusement parks:

It is also here that the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit is located  , where the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is ​​held.

As you will have understood, Yas Island is really one of the best places where you can put your suitcases in Abu Dhabi, especially during a family trip.

Where to sleep in Abu Dhabi on Yas Island?

Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island
wb hilton abu dhabi

We are coming to the end of this article on where to sleep in Abu Dhabi. I hope that the information has allowed you to know a little more about the appropriate neighborhood for your stay!