Dubai Best View Hotel

Giorgio Armani created his first hotel in the famous Burj Khalifa. It’s on the first eight floors and has special rooms on floors 38 and 39. The rooms on top have big windows facing a beautiful lake where you can see the Dubai Fountain.

Discover with us Dubai best view hotel!

1. Style and design

Armani Dubai Best View Hotel

The Armani design is very strong and all fits together. It’s like imagining you’re at a cool party at Giorgio’s fancy house – that’s what they want you to feel. When you come in, you’ll see tall bronze arches that curve like the hotel’s logo. If you look closely, you’ll notice the same design on tables and door handles – they really pay attention to small things. There are colorful flower decorations that stand out in a mostly black and brown color theme. The lights are soft, and the hallways can make you feel a bit like you’re in a maze because they all look almost the same.

2. Location

Armani hotel has a private entrance and occupies 11 floors of Dubai’s iconic skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. It’s the most important building in Downtown and looks over lots of shops, restaurants, and cool things to do. One of those cool things is the Dubai Fountain that was thought up by WET Design, the same people who made the famous water show at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. There’s also a cool place nearby called Dubai Opera. They have a restaurant called The Loft that does a special brunch on Fridays.

3. Service & Facilities

Armani Dubai Best View Hotel

On the first floor, there are three shops that guests might find really interesting: Armani/Dolci where you can get chocolates, Armani/Galleria for fashion accessories, and Armani/Fiori where you can buy flowers. If you go up to the third floor, you’ll find the Armani/Spa. They have special rooms with domed ceilings for treatments, and they also have things like a hot room called a laconium, a steam room, and a sauna for thermal therapies. Outside, on the terrace, there’s a pool, a bar, and some chairs to lie down in the sun. The Lifestyle Managers there are really nice and helpful. They can do things like a butler or a concierge, and they can help you with stuff like getting an iron or booking a massage.

4. Food & Drink

Armani Dubai Best View Hotel

There are seven places you can enjoy, and they all have the Armani style. You can end your day at the Privé nightclub or start your day at Mediterraneo with a fancy breakfast buffet .They make really great frittatas there that are light, airy, and full of cheese – the chefs are really good.

If you want a casual meal, you can go to the Lounge and Deli. For a special dinner, you can choose between Hashi (Japanese), Amal (Indian), or Ristorante (Italian). It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so good, but if there’s one dish that stands out, it’s La Sfera at Ristorante. They make it like how glass is blown, and inside the delicate sugar sphere, there’s a mix of panna cotta, cream, compote, and biscuit that tastes really amazing.

5. Rooms

Armani Dubai Best View Hotel

You can use an iPod to control the Roman blinds, which open to let in light and show off the same taupe and sable colors that Armani likes. The walls are soft and curved, which matches the outside of the building. The beds are super comfy, and the pillows are made with goose down and feathers – very cozy!

The bathrooms are a bit too dark if you want to put on makeup, but they have a bathtub, a shower, and two sinks. They give you toiletries from Armani/Privé.

6. Family Friendly

Armani Dubai Best View Hotel

If you want, you can get rooms that connect to each other. They also provide free baby beds, and if you need an extra bed, it costs AED 220 ($60). All the restaurants have special menus for kids who are six to eleven years old, and kids who are five or younger can eat for free. If you need someone to babysit, they hire someone from outside the hotel to do that.

7. Value for money

Armani Dubai Best View Hotel

During the less busy times, a double room starts at AED 1,600 ($433), and during the busier times, it starts at AED 3,400 ($913). If you’re staying in a Classic or Deluxe Room, breakfast costs AED 178 ($48) for adults. But if you’re in a fancier room, breakfast is included. You also get free Wi-Fi.