Best Bars In Dubai

Dubai has truly become a food lover’s paradise. Its reputation as a global culinary destination has been solidified by its local eateries, creative chefs, and diverse flavors.

However, there’s another aspect that deserves attention – Dubai’s bar scene. It’s been silently growing and transforming behind the scenes. The city now boasts a variety of unique places where skilled bartenders concoct impressive drinks. From fancy and luxurious spots to hidden listening bars and secretive speakeasies, here are some of Dubai’s top-notch bars that you should know about.

Best Bars In Dubai:

1. Bar Buci

Bar Buci Best Bars In Dubai

Overlooking the winding waterways of Jumeirah Al Qasr, there’s a rooftop terrace called Bar Buci. It’s a fancy place where you can have cocktails and enjoy jazz music. It’s designed like a French place. Inside, there’s a nice lounge with a big marble bar under four star-shaped chandeliers. Outside, there’s a big open area. When the weather is nice and cool, you can sit by the olive tree in the middle. They play live jazz music until late at night. The menu is inspired by the music, art, and culture of Paris. So, if you want a classy place to have drinks late at night, Bar Buci is a good choice.


Address: Jumeirah Hotel ,Lobby Floor, Jumeirah Al Qasr,Dubai

2. Bulgari Bar

Bulgari Bar Best Bars In Dubai

Inside the Bulgari Resort Dubai, there’s a fancy bar called Bulgari Bar. It’s really elegant. The drinks here are very upscale and sophisticated. Behind a shiny oval bar, there are beautiful floral arrangements. The Italian bar director, Dario Schiavoni, is in charge. He made a menu that’s inspired by the colors and flavors of nature. The drinks they make are fresh and smell really nice. They use interesting combinations of flavors that go really well with the views of the Arabian Gulf.


Address: Jumeira Bay Island, Jumeira 2, Dubai

3. Gilt

Gilt Best Bars In Dubai

If you’ve been inside Dubai’s famous Burj Al Arab, you know they go all out. Their skybar on the 27th floor, called Gilt, is just as extravagant. The lighting is soft, and there are sparkly lights that make the gold leaf wallpaper shine. The bar and ceiling are covered in gold too. Thibault Méquignon, who’s really good at making drinks, came up with a fancy menu. The drinks play with flavors like smoky, bitter, and sweet. Thibault’s team is there to help you pick something you’ll like. You can sit at the bar and watch them make drinks, or you can sit in one of the comfy velvet booths for more privacy. There’s also a DJ hidden in a booth with lots of plants, playing a nice background music. Going to Gilt for a drink is a great way to see the amazing Burj Al Arab hotel from the inside.


Address: 27th floor Burj Al Arab, Umm Suqeim 3, Dubai

4. Zuma

Zuma Best Bars In Dubai

Zuma Dubai is famous for its delicious food, but its bar on the highest floor of the DIFC location is also a popular place. It’s always busy, whether it’s a weekday or the weekend. The bar makes special drinks influenced by Japanese traditions, and they have a great variety of unique spirits. They even have a list of special Zuma Heritage drinks and Japanese-style aperitivos. The bartenders are friendly and can also make drinks based on your preferences.


AddressPodium Level, Gate Village 06 ,Al Mustaqbal St, Trade Centre ,DIFC ,Dubai

5. Galaxy Bar

Galaxy Bar Best Bars In Dubai

For a while now, Galaxy Bar has been a top choice for those who are familiar with Dubai. It’s tucked away in a quiet part of DIFC’s Gate Village, and it draws inspiration from outer space. The bar is designed to be cozy and intimate, with only a few tables that make it feel special. The ambiance is quite dark, with the main focus on the curved marble bar. Here, the mixologists entertain the guests who sit in quiet corners, putting on a show. The seating is a deep blue, and the ceiling resembles the night sky with sparkling lights that look like stars.


Address: Unit C01, Ground Floor, Gate Village, Building 9 DIFC Dubai

6. Honeycomb Hi-Fi

Honeycomb Hi-Fi Best Bars In Dubai

Behind a secret door at the rear of a cozy vinyl store within the Pullman Hotel Downtown, Dubai’s effortlessly trendy individuals gather. They come here to enjoy carefully crafted cocktails, artisanal beer, and to groove to tunes that might be unfamiliar to you. Honeycomb Hi-Fi stands as the city’s inaugural listening bar, where top-notch speakers and soundproof ceilings guarantee you feel every rhythm. The drinks perfectly match the izakaya-style menu, with a touch of Japan in their essence – sake takes a prominent spot among the selection of music-inspired beverages.


Address: Pullman Dubai Downtown ,Level 2 ,Business Bay, Dubai 

7. Electric Pawn Shop

Electric Pawn Shop Best Bars In Dubai

In The H Hotel, there’s a cool place called the Electric Pawn Shop. It’s not like the fancy places in the city – it has a gritty feel. It is one of the most exciting hidden spots in Dubai.

They serve Asian-style snacks at the bar, and DJs keep playing music from all over the world. They do this from a metal booth that everyone pays attention to as the night goes on. Inside the cozy place, there’s a big square bar where the bartenders make drinks with lots of Asian flavors. Each cool drink has its own personality.


Address: 1 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre ,Trade Centre 1 ,Dubai 

8. LY-LA

Ly-La Best Bars In Dubai

The secret bar called Ly-La has become really popular in the city. You go down a staircase from Alaya, a fancy place with white tablecloths, and you end up in a cozy cave filled with beautiful velvet decorations in an Art Deco style. The most special part is the red tent-like ceiling inspired by the Bedouin culture.

The drinks they make are special too, giving a nod to the Middle East with its tasty flavors and spices in creative mixes. The music is also from the region, with local DJs playing a mix of house music that’s got some Arabic instruments mixed in. People are talking a lot about this place!


Address: Dubai International Financial Center , Gate Village 4 ,Dubai