Historical Cities In Turkey

Turkey is like an open-air museum with its cities steeped in history. Every corner bears the traces of thousands of years of history, and every stone opens the door to a story. In this blog post we will take you on a magnificent journey to discover the fascinating history of Turkey. These cities, full of stone structures from ancient times, mysterious streets and legendary mythologies, will take you into the depths of time. Are you ready to uncover the historical treasures of Turkey and be fascinated by these cities? So, let’s start a breathtaking journey through the historical cities in Turkey!

1. Istanbul

Historical Cities In Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest and most famous city, is home to beautiful buildings and landscapes. Situated between the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, Istanbul creates a beautiful contrast between the calm blue waters and the bustling city. Istanbul, which is the point where the East meets the West both geographically and culturally, has many beautiful mosques, churches, and palaces. The faithful preservation of art and architecture makes Istanbul one of the best places to see the ruins of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires together.

Main Historical Places to See in Istanbul

  1. The Hagia Sophia Mosque
  2. Topkapi palace
  3. Sultan Ahmet Mosque
  4. Galata tower
  5. Basilica Cistern
  6. Suleymaniye Mosque
  7. Dolmabahçe Palace
  8. Rumeli Fortress
  9. Anatolian Fortress
  10. Maiden’s Tower

2. Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa Historical Cities In Turkey

Şanlıurfa, known as the city of Edessa during the Mesopotamian period, is located on the main trade routes between Europe, Asia, and Africa. The city has witnessed many of the important historical movements in Turkey, as well as the invasions of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Alexander the Great. Şanlıurfa, also known as “The City Where Prophet Abraham was Born”, is an important center considered sacred by many religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. When you wander around the historical streets of the city, you can see ancient stone structures and traditional houses. Especially Harran, Göbeklitepe, and Balıklı Lake are the most popular historical places in the city.

Main Historical Places to See in Şanlıurfa

  1. Göbeklitepe
  2. Balıklı Lake
  3. Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum
  4. Rizvaniye Mosque
  5. Mevlid-i Halil Mosque

3. Mardin

Mardin Historical Cities In Turkey

Mardin, a city that breathes history through its stone houses, narrow streets, and stunning views, stands on the edge of the Mesopotamian Plain. It’s a melting pot of Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, and other cultures. From the towering minaret of the Grand Mosque to the sacred ambiance of Forty Martyrs Church, Mardin’s rich history spans from ancient civilizations to Artuqid architectural marvels. You can gaze out at the breathtaking city panorama from Mardin Castle and wander among stone buildings that showcase the grandeur of its past.

Main Historical Places to See in Mardin

  1. Deyrulzafaran Monastery
  2. Mardin Museum
  3. Mardin Castle
  4. Mardin Grand Mosque
  5. Zinciriye Madrasa

4. Izmir

Izmir Historical Cities In Turkey

Izmir dances with the Aegean breeze, mixing old stories with new life. This city holds treasures from the past, like the ancient Smyrna’s Agora and the grand ruins of Ephesus Ancient City. Walking through Izmir’s Kemeraltı Bazaar, you’ll find old inns and markets from the Ottoman era. Izmir is a special place for anyone wanting to dig into Turkey’s rich history.

Main Historical Places to See in Izmir

  1. Ephesus Ancient City
  2. Agora Ancient City
  3. Smyrna Agora
  4. Pergamon Antik Kenti
  5. Izmir Clock Tower

5. Bursa

Bursa Historical Cities In Turkey

Bursa, set in the heart of Anatolia, uniquely marries history and nature. The city is adorned by Uludağ‘s snowy peaks, contributing to its breathtaking natural scenery, with a rich historical backdrop. Esteemed as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa captivates those interested in history with its grand Grand Mosque, the exquisite Green Tomb, and the historic covered bazaars from the Ottoman era.

Main Historical Places to See in Bursa

  1. Bursa Grand Mosque
  2. Green Tomb
  3. Koza Han
  4. Osman Gazi Tombs
  5. Irgandı Bridge

6. Edirne

Edirne Historical Cities In Turkey

Edirne is a city where the old meets the new, famous for its stunning Ottoman buildings. The Selimiye Mosque, with its impressive minaret, shows off the best of Ottoman design, and the Old Mosque’s walls are beautifully decorated with tiles. Walking through Edirne’s streets feels like traveling back in time, thanks to its historical houses. Known as the gateway to the west for the Ottoman Empire, Edirne is also known for its beautiful stone bridges over the Meriç River.

Main Historical Places to See in Edirne

  1. Selimiye Mosque
  2. Old Mosque
  3. Üç Şerefeli (Burmese) Mosque
  4. Historical Rüstempaşa Caravanserai
  5. Bayezid Complex

7. Canakkale

Canakkale Historical Cities In Turkey

Çanakkale is a city that takes you on a special trip into history, showing off Anatolia’s mystical and legendary stories. Located on the Gallipoli Peninsula, it’s famous for its battles. Walking around Anzac Cove, you feel peaceful. But the Çanakkale Martyrs’ Monument helps you see the heroism of Turkey’s ancestors up close.

Main Historical Places to See in Çanakkale

  1. Çanakkale Martyrs’ Monument
  2. Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center
  3. Ancient City of Troy
  4. Seddülbahir Castle
  5. Kilitbahir Castle

8. Konya

Konya Historical Cities In Turkey

Konya, known as Mevlana’s city, is a gem in the middle of Anatolia. It’s famous for the teachings of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi and the mesmerizing Sema ceremonies. The Mevlana Museum welcomes visitors to experience the dervishes’ serene dances. Walking through Konya, you’ll see beautiful minarets and mosques from the time of the Seljuks. Also, the historical Karatay Madrasa‘s tiles and the finely designed İnce Minareli Madrasa captivate those interested in history.

Main Historical Places to See in Konya

  1. Museum of Mevlana
  2. Karatay Madrasa
  3. Ince Minareli Madrasa
  4. Konya Archeology Museum
  5. Alaaddin Keykubad Mosque

9. Antalya

Antalya Historical Cities In Turkey

Antalya is a city where old meets new and nature meets history, all next to the bright blue sea and sky. The center of Antalya, called Kaleiçi, is full of history with its tight, stone paths, old houses from Ottoman times, and gardens bursting with colors. Besides being right by the beautiful sea, Antalya is also known for its many ancient ruins. It’s one of the prettiest cities in Turkey, pulling in visitors for a dreamlike adventure.

Main Historical Places to See in Antalya

  1. Perge Ancient City
  2. Olympos Ancient City
  3. Aspendos Ancient Theater
  4. Termessos Ancient City
  5. Phaselis Ancient City

10. Trabzon

Trabzon Historical Cities In Turkey

Trabzon is a city wrapped in mystery and history. The Hagia Sophia Museum( now closed, but you still can admire it from the outside), with its ancient columns and frescoes, is like a time machine to the past. Trabzon Castle, standing tall by the sea, shows the might of the Ottoman Empire. The Sumela Monastery, carved into the cliffs, captivates visitors with its mystical aura and stunning views.

Main Historical Places to See in Trabzon

  1. SUMELA Monastery
  2. Hagia Sophia Museum
  3. Atatürk pavilion
  4. Vazelon Monastery
  5. Trabzon Museum