Things To Do In Bursa

Bursa, a fascinating city in the Marmara Region, welcomes visitors throughout the year with its diverse attractions. With its rich history, Bursa offers a chance to explore numerous historical sites and has various opportunities for nature enthusiasts, such as hiking and other outdoor activities.

Discover Best Things To Do In Bursa:

1. Visit Uludag

Things To Do In Bursa

Uludağ, one of Turkey’s prime winter destinations, is situated in the Bursa province, approximately 40 kilometers from Bursa city center. You can reach Uludağ by taking buses or minibuses from the city center, or you can opt for the cable car lines for a direct route.

Uludağ is a bustling hub of activity, especially during the winter months, offering a wide range of recreational options. When visiting Bursa, you can head to Uludağ for activities like hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and various festivals. Additionally, there are comfortable and cozy hotel accommodations available in the area, making it easy to enjoy your winter holiday to the fullest. Exploring the natural beauty and attractions in Uludağ will provide a memorable experience.

If you’re looking to have a fun-filled winter season, consider Bursa, which boasts the largest ski resort in Turkey, and plan your holiday accordingly.

2. Visit Mudanya to enjoy the Marmara Sea

Things To Do In Bursa

Mudanya, known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Marmara Sea in Bursa. Located approximately 30 kilometers from Bursa city center, you can easily reach Mudanya by taking buses, minibuses, or private taxis, which depart regularly from the city center.

Mudanya holds great historical significance as it was the site where the Mudanya Armistice Agreement was signed on October 11, 1922. Today, you can visit the Armistice House Museum, where this historic agreement was finalized. In addition to this, don’t miss exploring the Historical Greek Quarter, Tahir Pasha Mansion, and Mudanya Orthodox Church while you’re in the area. Visiting Mudanya allows you to savor the beauty of the Marmara Sea and witness its magnificent vistas.

3. Marvel at Nature’s Beauty in Golyazi

Things To Do In Bursa

Gölyazı, one of the most captivating areas in Bursa, is like a secluded peninsula within the province. To reach Gölyazı, which is roughly 40 kilometers away from Bursa city center, you can conveniently take regular bus and minibus services departing from the city center.

Gölyazı, situated on the picturesque shores of Uluabat Lake in the Nilüfer district of Bursa, stands out not only for its natural beauty but also its historical charm. Accessible from the city solely via a bridge, Gölyazı is nestled on the tranquil Uluabat Lake. Despite its small size, Gölyazı has gained recognition, especially in recent years, as a location for various TV series and movie shoots. During your visit to Gölyazı, make sure to explore the 700-year-old Weeping Plane Tree, observe the ducks, pelicans, and diverse birdlife on the lake, and visit the St. Panteleimon Church. These are just a few of the highlights awaiting you in Gölyazı.

4. Visit Bursa Atatürk Museum

Things To Do In Bursa

AtatürkMuseum, situated on Çekirge Street in Bursa, is a significant place to pay tribute to Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey. To visit Atatürk Museum, you can easily reach it by taking public transportation or private taxis heading to Çekirge Street.

This house was gifted to Atatürk by Miralay Mehmet Bey after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s second visit to Bursa. In 1968, the General Directorate of Museums acquired the house, and it has been welcoming visitors as a museum since 1973. The museum’s collection exclusively comprises items that belonged to Atatürk.

Atatürk House is closed on Mondays but open to visitors on all other days of the week. You can explore this museum between 08:00 and 17:00 during its regular opening hours.

Address: Çekirge, 16070 Osmangazi/Bursa, Türkiye

5. Visit Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum

Things To Do In Bursa

The Turkish Islamic Arts Museum, also known as Sultaniye Madrasa, is situated in the Yıldırım district of Bursa. Since Yıldırım is approximately 10 kilometers away from the city center of Bursa, you can easily reach the museum within a few minutes using public transportation or private taxis.

This museum, one of the earliest Ottoman madrasahs in Bursa, was constructed by Hacı İvaz Pasha in 1424. The museum’s collection comprises works dating from the 13th to the 20th centuries. Notably, it includes wooden, carved, tile, and ceramic pieces from the Seljuk, Ottoman, and Principality eras. Additionally, you can view a Holy Quran and various Islamic artifacts belonging to Yıldırım Beyazıt in the museum.

The Museum of Turkish Islamic Arts is closed to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays. During weekdays, it opens its doors in the summer from 10:00 to 17:00 and in the winter from 08:00 to 17:00.

Address: Yeşil, 1. Yeşil Cd. No:56, 16360 Yıldırım/Bursa, Türkiye

6. Connect with Nature in Soganli Botanic Park

Things To Do In Bursa

Located in the heart of Bursa and known for its lush greenery, Botanical Park is a place worth visiting. To reach the Botanical Park, you can take any of the buses or minibuses heading to Bursa’s Osmangazi district, as it is situated on Nilüfer Street.

Covering an extensive area of 400 decares, the Botanical Park boasts captivating features such as Japanese and French gardens. Additionally, the park is home to a zoo, making it a unique place where you can connect with nature. Families with children and young people frequently visit the park, which showcases various flower and plant species.

Address: Çukurcaköy, 16190 Osmangazi/Bursa, Türkiye

7. Visit Inns of Bursa

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Bursa is renowned for its historic inns scattered throughout the city, each offering a glimpse into its rich trading history.

One of these inns is İpek Han, situated in the heart of Bursa’s Osmangazi district. Built by Mehmet Çelebi, İpek Han boasts 81 rooms across two floors and is known for its silk and cocoon production.

Another notable inn is Koza Han, also located in Osmangazi. Beyazıt II brought this inn to Bursa, and it features 95 distinct rooms.

Emir Han, positioned beneath the Grand Mosque, is another significant structure. With 74 rooms and cellars, many of its rooms now operate as shops.

8. Visit places near Bursa

While there are many different places to visit near the center of Bursa, there are also places that you can visit on a daily basis from the center. 


Things To Do In Bursa

Iznik, located about 75 kilometers from the center of Bursa, is known for its beautiful Iznik Lake. To reach this district, you can easily take buses or minibuses from Bursa’s city center.

The primary natural attraction in Iznik is Iznik Lake. You can visit the lakeside, where many of the district’s top restaurants and cafes are situated, and enjoy a swim in the lake to cool off during the hot months of the year. Iznik holds a special place in history, having been the capital of four different states at various points. Today, it remains an intriguing destination that you should not miss exploring.

Oylat Cave

Things To Do In Bursa

Oylat Cave, situated in the İnegöl district of Bursa, is approximately 75 kilometers from the city center. To reach Oylat Cave, you can take İnegöl buses and minibuses departing from the city center.

Covering a length of 665 meters, Oylat Cave is one of İnegöl’s most renowned attractions. This cave consists of two interconnected floors, accessible by stairs. There’s a cafe at the cave’s entrance where you can enjoy tea and coffee. The cave is also home to various animal and bat species, making it visually interesting and worth a visit.

Oylat Cave welcomes visitors every day of the week from 08:00 to 21:00, allowing you to explore and tour the cave during these hours.

Location: Hilmiye, 16400 İnegöl/Bursa, Türkiye