South Morocco Itinerary

If you’re drawn to nature, vast open spaces, and thrilling adventures, why not consider the South Morocco itinerary and its mesmerizing desert? If you have two weeks and an appetite for the unknown, this journey is perfect for you!

Embrace a mix of hiking, desert explorations, palm groves, Moroccan culture, and stunning landscapes. Starting in Ouarzazate, going through the Dadès Gorges, and venturing into the dunes of Erg Chebbi, your adventure will be extraordinary.

Here is an overview of the highlights you will discover on this itinerary:

South Morocco itinerary

Ouarzazate > Skoura > Dadès Gorges > Tinghir > Merzouga > Zagora

Some practical information before your itinerary in Morocco

Traveling to this country is ideal from May to June and from August to October when the weather is milder, there’s less rain, and the sea is warm enough for swimming. Learn more here.Besides the famous couscous and tagines, don’t skip other Moroccan culinary gems! Try Briouates, triangular pastries filled with either savory ingredients like meat, fish, or veggies, or sweet fillings such as toasted almonds with orange blossom or cinnamon. Don’t forget Harira, a rich soup loaded with chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, and spices. And when in Marrakech, savor Tanjia, a delicious meat dish named after the clay pot it’s cooked in, seasoned with lemon and spices.

The South of Morocco itinerary: step by step

Step 1: Ouarzazate

3 days recommended

What to do in Ouarzazate?

Gateway to the Moroccan south, Ouarzazate and its surroundings will make your South Morocco itinerary unique.

Taouirt Kasbah
Taourirt Kasbah

What to do around Ouarzazate?

Ait Ben Haddou
Ait Ben Haddou

Where to stay in Ouarzazate?

 Riad Dar Daïf
 Riad Dar Daïf

Step 2: Skoura

days recommended

What to do in Skoura?

With its beautiful palm grove and its numerous kasbahs, Skoura will be a great stopover on your journey.

Skoura South Morocco Itinerary

Where to stay in Skoura?

Kasbah Ait Benhadda
Kasbah Ait BenHadda

Step 3: Dadès Gorges

2 days recommended

What to do at the Dadès Gorges?

Dades Gorges will offer you magnificent landscapes and beautiful hikes.

Dades Gorges South Morocco Itinerary

Where to stay in the Dadès Gorges?

La Perle Du Dades
La Perle du Dades

Step 4: Tinghir

2 days recommended

What to do in Tinghir?

This city and its surroundings will amaze you with this nature.

Tanghir South Morocco Itinerary
Palmeraie de Tanghir

Where to stay in Tinghir?

Auberge Le Festival Todra Gorge
Auberge Le Festival Todra Gorge

Step 5: Merzouga

3 days recommended

What to do in Merzouga?

Standing at one of the doorways to the vast desert, you’ll feel incredibly small against its endless expanse.

Merzouga South Morocco Itinerary
Merzouga desert

Where to stay in Merzouga?

Riad Chebbi
Riad Chebbi

Step 6: Zagora

2 days recommended

What to do in Zagora?

Last stage of this 2-week in South Morocco itinerary, Zagora is a good anchor point before returning to Ouarzazate.

Oued Draa South Morocco Itinerary
Oued Draa

Where to stay in Zagora?

Riad Jasmine Sud
Riad Jasmine Sud