Most Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul

Planning a romantic getaway to Istanbul? You’re in for a treat! This enchanting city, where East meets West, is brimming with romantic experiences that will sweep you and your partner off your feet. From breathtaking Bosphorus cruises to charming old galleries, Istanbul offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and romance. Whether you’re strolling through lush parks, savoring delicious Turkish cuisine, or exploring ancient palaces, there are endless ways to create unforgettable memories together. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through 14 of the most romantic things to do in Istanbul, ensuring your trip is nothing short of magical.

1. Maiden’s Tower

Maiden'S Tower

The Maiden’s Tower is known as Istanbul’s most legendary and romantic spot. When a man suggests a first date here, it’s often seen as a hint that he wants the relationship to go beyond just friendship.

It’s perfect to have dinner there and enjoy the place as if it’s just for the two of you. The boat ride back in the middle of the night is truly wonderful. If you’re looking to book a boat trip around the tower, I suggest checking out this great offer I recommend.

2. A private cruise on the Bosphorus

A Private Cruise On The Bosphorus

Day or night, the Bosphorus tour is a must. Remember, you’re in a city split in two by this beautiful strait, so make the most of it.

You can enjoy a private romantic tour for a very affordable price.

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3. Sleep in an Ottoman palace

 Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbull

The only real Ottoman palace where you can stay is the Ciragan Palace Kempinski, overlooking the Bosphorus on the Besiktas side. It’s truly the most beautiful hotel in Istanbul.

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4. Music event or performance

Nardis Jazz Club

I don’t know about you, but going to see a show is one of my greatest pleasures in life. Istanbul spoiled me, always offering artists on stage.

You’ve got options: Sumeya Opera for a grand time, Nardis Jazz Club for smooth vibes, or a piano performance (Biletix has the schedule). Fazil Say, the top Turkish pianist, plays often, even in Paris. As a woman, I find this super romantic. What do you think?

5. Cycling on the beach

Most Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul

The beach from Moda to Tuzla on the Asian side stretches over 30 km of pure bliss. It’s a fantastic place to cycle alone, with friends, or with your lover for a delightful time (tested and approved!).

You can rent bikes by the hour either through shared bikes or from young locals renting their bikes on Moda or Bostanci Beach. Look for them on site, especially in summer, and remember they only take cash.

6. Have a romantic getaway at the Prince Islands

Prince Islands Istanbul

A truly romantic getaway in Istanbul, the Prince Islands are car-free, charming, and relaxing. The Big Island (Buyukada) is the favorite, though Heybeliada is also lovely. You can reach them by boat from the Kabatas, Kadikoy, and Bostanci piers.

Spend the day cycling, eating ice cream, admiring beautiful old houses, and enjoying fresh fish while playful cats beg for scraps. It’s a perfect moment of happiness to share with loved ones.

7. Admire a sunset from a peak

Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul

Did you know that Istanbul is built on 7 peaks? A great activity for couples is to climb one of these summits and admire the stunning view during a beautiful sunset.

You can visit the peaks of Pierre Loti, Camlica, Otagtepe, and Süleymaniye. Have a coffee or ice cream while enjoying the view, but these spots usually don’t have romantic restaurants. So, plan just for the sunset.

8. Have a body treatment for two

Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul

If you’re visiting Istanbul as a couple, definitely check out the spas that offer special packages for couples at great prices.

Start with the hammam offers; you can get massages together or separately for around 50 euros per couple. Also, explore the spas at major hotels in Istanbul. They have perfect deals for couples too. You’ll be pampered and relaxed.

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9. Have an evening in a wine bar

Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul

A romantic evening is even better with good wine (for those who enjoy it). Istanbul has plenty of wine bars and restaurants offering top-quality wines.

In Galata, check out Sensus. In Kadikoy, Viktor Levi is a great choice. In Taksim, Hazza Pulo and Leb-i Derya are fantastic options. Plus, you’ll find excellent wine in luxury and Italian restaurants throughout the city.

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10. Have a romantic meal in charming, small marinas

Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul

You probably know the city’s well-known ports and piers: Kadiköy, Eminönü, Üsküdar, and Besiktas. Take a cruise on the Bosphorus (highly recommended). You’ll discover other charming ports and marinas, smaller but full of restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast or a delicious fish dinner.

Some great spots include Sariyer Iskelesi, Anadolu Kavagi, Garipce, Kumkapi, Cengelkoy, Beykoz, Kanlica, Istinye, and Moda.

Bebek and Arnavutköy also have excellent restaurants if you prefer trendy and lively areas.

11. Go to a live music concert

Romantic Things To Do In Istanbul

If you find an artist your lover likes and book tickets to see them in Istanbul, it will be an unforgettable experience! For reservations, visit

Concerts in Turkey start off slowly, but once they warm up, the Turks really let loose. Good vibes guaranteed!

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12. Visit the Anadolu Lighthouse

Anadolu Lighthouse

If you want a romantic escape from the city, head north to either shore. Both northern sides of Istanbul, facing the Black Sea, have lighthouses that are used to guide boats. They still operate and attract many visitors for a day trip. The most popular one, with plenty to see, is Anadolufeneri on the Asian side.

Renting a car is the best way to get there, but buses are an option too. Take the 15F to Beykoz, then the 15D to Anadolu Feneri.

13. Walk in the Belgrade forest

Belgrade Forest

The Belgrade Forest is the lungs of Istanbul. Located north of the European side, this slightly out-of-the-way forest is the perfect spot for couples wanting fresh air and a break from the city for a day.

It’s a stunning place for walks, sports, an impromptu picnic, or just to find a quiet spot and have meaningful conversations in the great outdoors.

14. Discover the essential museums in Istanbul

Museum In Istanbul

Istanbul is an ancient city, full of little secrets to discover as a couple. One last thing I recommend is taking an itinerary of the museums in Istanbul and exploring them one by one. There are plenty of museums for a romantic museum-hopping adventure.

With so many museums, you’ll discover a new world each time!

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