Boutique Hotels Istanbul

Istanbul is an incredible city that draws millions of visitors annually. People come here to explore its iconic religious landmarks, indulge in delicious cuisine, and immerse themselves in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere that’s uniquely Istanbul.

With so many hotels in the city, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But if you’re looking for an exceptional experience in a small, trendy hotel set in a fashionable part of town, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best boutique hotels Istanbul to make your decision easier.

1. 10 Karakoy Istanbul

Boutique Hotels Istanbul 10 Karakoy

This hotel will immediately impress you with its tall rooms, the lobby’s decor, and especially its stunning windows. The delicious food from their kitchen will also amaze you. It was designed by a famous architect and it’s located in Karaköy, dating back to the 19th century. Finding parking can be tough in Karaköy, but luckily, the hotel has its own parking lot, which is a big plus.

On the lobby floor, you’ll find “Kupaj Restaurant & Bar,” named after the blending method in winemaking. It’s a great place for long dinners by the fireplace and they even have jazz performances on Fridays. Don’t miss out if you can fit it into your plans.

On the terrace floor, you’ll find “Bahane 10,” offering more delicious flavors and a view of the historical peninsula. The hotel stands out with its fantastic restaurants. Chef Kaan Arığ, who has served as the “Executive Chef” at special events for the Royal Family in England, runs the kitchen.

In a nutshell, 10 Karaköy is a remarkable hotel with its decor and cuisine, but if you have to choose one, food lovers, this is your destination!

2. A’jia Hotel  

Boutique Hotels Istanbul A'Ija

Explore the incredible Bosphorus view of Istanbul at A’jia. This unique Ottoman mansion is a real standout, known for its impressive architecture. It’s like a precious gem along the Bosphorus coastline. A’jia combines modern interior design with its ancient historical structure, creating a place that feels trendy and exciting.

A’jia Hotel goes the extra mile with its attention to detail and special service, redefining how hotels are managed. Even though it’s conveniently close to the city’s historical and cultural hotspots, A’jia offers a special escape from the busy city life. They have 16 rooms, all with stunning Bosphorus views.

What’s really cool is that each room has its own unique design, mixing the timeless elegance of the 1800s with modern comforts and amenities. This makes every stay at A’jia a special treat for their valued guests.

3. Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet

this hotel boasts a special collection of 168 modern paintings that portray life during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. With 59 rooms, including 5 suites, offering all sorts of comforts and personalized service, it truly stands out as a top-notch hotel.

Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet is not just any hotel; it’s the first museum hotel in Turkey and possibly the only one of its kind globally. It marks a new era in Sultanahmet, an area once known as the “Great Palace” during the Byzantine era and is now a vital tourist destination in our country.

Within the hotel, you’ll find 49 historical artifacts of exceptional artistic value. These artifacts originate from the Hellenic, Roman, and Byzantine periods, showcasing their remarkable architectural decorations. Additionally, precise replicas of a rare Ottoman Empire Iznik tile collection, the originals of which are displayed in the British Museum in London, England, are on exhibit at the hotel.

4. MFB My Finest Bosphorus Hotel Tarabya

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Mfb

My Finest Bosphorus Hotel Tarabya is a charming boutique hotel that beautifully combines style and comfort with a touch of elegance. It stands out in Istanbul with its unique Yalı Hotel concept, both in its overall architecture and interior design.

This place offers you the perfect opportunity to unwind, far from the bustling atmosphere of larger hotels. If you value privacy and serenity, you’ll adore this place. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy having their very own jacuzzi in their room?

5. Régie Ottoman

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Regie Ottoman

Régie Ottoman combines the history and culture of Istanbul with modern comfort. It’s located in the Tobacco Regime Administrative Building, an important Ottoman-era structure. The building’s historical charm is preserved in every detail, and the rooms are decorated with a simple and comfortable style.

This 34-room hotel is in the heart of the Historical Peninsula, making it a great choice for exploring Istanbul. Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast and dine at Brasserie ROI Restaurant, which serves Turkish and international dishes all day. There are also bars and cafés to relax in.

6. Favori Hotel Nisantasi

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Favori Hotel Nisantasi

Favori Hotel is in the upscale Nişantaşı district of Istanbul, surrounded by luxury shops and restaurants. It offers 40 private rooms designed with a blend of minimalism and luxury. This stylish and lavish hotel also features a relaxation room and a fitness center to help guests unwind after a long day.

The rooms at Favori Hotel are modern and well-equipped with LCD TVs, minibars, telephones, and high-speed internet. The hotel also provides non-smoking rooms for a healthier environment.

The breakfast room at Favori Hotel is a delightful place to start your day. It offers comfortable seating and serves local breakfasts prepared by award-winning chefs, ensuring a great beginning to your morning.

7.  Bosphorus Palace Hotel

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Bosphorus Palace Hotel

Unfortunately, the Beylerbeyi area can get pretty congested with traffic. But the good news is that this hotel has its own parking area to ease your worries.

Now, let’s talk about the restaurant. It’s got an interesting story. The hotel’s restaurant is located in a 200-year-old boathouse beneath the mansion by the sea. This charming spot serves an open buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You don’t have to be a hotel guest to dine here; they welcome outside guests too. Plus, the weddings held at this hotel are truly enchanting.

Speaking of which, this is no ordinary place; it’s a historic mansion in Beylerbeyi, one of the most beautiful spots along the Bosphorus. The hotel, steeped in history and known for hosting many events in Istanbul, offers 12 rooms. The rooms are like a dream with their stunning Bosphorus views and exquisite decor. They’re incredibly stylish, impeccably clean, and exude an air of elegance. These rooms have high ceilings and feature luxurious furniture handcrafted in Italy, adorned with 18 carat gold leaf.

In a nutshell, it’s a hotel straight out of a fairy tale—a true display of Ottoman magnificence.

8. Sirkeci Mansion

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Sirkeci Mansion

Sirkeci Mansion Hotel is a great place to stay in Istanbul if you want to not just visit but immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant vibe and have a unique experience. They offer clean, friendly, and high-quality service. Plus, their location in the Historical Peninsula makes it super easy to explore other parts of Istanbul.

The hotel has 52 rooms designed in a traditional Ottoman style to make you feel comfortable. They also have cool amenities like an indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, and Turkish bath. You can even treat yourself to different types of massages.

But what sets this hotel apart is that they want you to experience Turkish culture and lifestyle. They organize cooking classes on Mondays and Fridays, market tours on Wednesdays, Turkish wine tastings on Thursdays, and guided tours of historic places in Istanbul on Saturdays. It’s all about giving you the real Istanbul experience.

To make your stay even better, we recommend trying the delicious dishes from various regions of Turkey at the Neyzade Restaurant in the hotel. It’s the perfect way to complete your enjoyable visit.

9. Georges Hotel Galata

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Georges Hotel Galata

Georges Hotel is a fancy boutique hotel with a touch of French style. It opened in 2011. The building it’s in was built back in 1882, and it’s right in the middle of the old European part of Istanbul. Not far from the hotel, you can see the impressive Genovese Galata Tower.

At Georges Hotel, they care about making your stay special. They have personalized butler service and pay close attention to every little detail. And if you want a great view, there are rooms with big 14-square-meter balconies overlooking the beautiful Bosphorus.

10. Stayso The House Hotel Karakoy

Boutique Hotels Istanbul Stayso The House Hotel

This Istanbul hotel is perfect for families and has a charming historical vibe. It features a cozy restaurant, a traditional Turkish bath (hammam), and lovely views of the Golden Horn. It’s part of the House group, known for its chic hotels, and is situated in a converted former bank in the trendy Karaköy neighborhood by the waterfront.