Best Things To Do In Hurghada

In this section, we’ll explore the best things to do in Hurghada. From unmissable excursions and delicious local specialties to must-see museums and deep dives into local culture, we’ll cover all the essentials you need for a memorable visit. Whether you’re seeking adventure, culinary delights, or cultural experiences, Hurghada has something to offer everyone.

1. Dive in the Red Sea

Group Of Divers In The Red Sea In Hurghada

This seaside resort is famed for its stunning diving spots, showcasing the rich marine life beneath the waves. Diving here is a must-do activity in Hurghada!

Embark on a day trip to explore the vibrant underwater world filled with colorful fish and corals. Set sail on the Red Sea and prepare for your first dive stop.

For beginners, especially if it’s your first dive, rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Instructors will guide you with essential tips and stay by your side, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

But diving here isn’t just about what lies beneath; it’s also a chance to soak in the breathtaking views above the surface. Whether you’re with family or friends, it’s an outing for all. And for those not quite ready to dive deep, snorkeling offers a wonderful alternative to still enjoy the aquatic wonders.

2. Visit Luxor in one day

Hypostyle Hall Of The Karnac Temple In Luxor

Luxor, with its millennia-old treasures, is an unmissable jewel. Skipping this city, only a 4-hour drive from Hurghada would be regrettable.

Luxor stands out as a must-visit in Egypt for those wondering what to explore in Hurghada.

Your journey starts early in the morning, heading towards Luxor’s east bank to witness the grand Karnak Temple, famed for its towering columns.

Wander through this legendary place before embarking on a felucca sail across the Nile, Egypt’s longest river. This traditional voyage comes with insightful commentary from your guide, who’ll be with you throughout the day, illuminating each monument’s history.

Next, a local meal awaits, setting the stage for the Valley of the Kings exploration, the final resting place of iconic pharaohs such as Tutankhamun, Ramses II, and Seti I.

The tour doesn’t end here; you’ll also visit the majestic funerary temple of Hatshepsut and catch a glimpse of the Colossi of Memnon on your journey back.

3. Go to Orange Bay on the Giftun Islands

 Orange Bay Beach Hurghada

The coast of Hurghada is blessed with little heavenly spots, including Orange Bay, south of the Giftun Islands. It is a huge seaside resort located in the Red Sea, near the coast of Hurghada.

An excursion also allows you to enjoy the place, enhanced with water activities such as snorkeling or towed buoying. This is something to do in Hurghada!

During the outward journey, you can admire the landscape, before diving into the crystal clear water for snorkeling.

Two stops are planned, as well as lunch on the boat. You will arrive in Orange Bay early in the afternoon, where you can rest for two hours.

You can then relax on beanbags, sunbathe, swim, pose on the large swings, or even order a cocktail at the bar. Beach and relaxation are the keywords of the place!

4. Visit the Hurghada Museum

Statue Of Merytamon In The Hurghada Museum

The Hurghada Museum, although slightly out of the way, brings a cultural touch to a relaxing stay. Opened recently, it offers more than 2000 collector’s items.

If you don’t know what to do at the end of your stay, this is a good visit to Hurghada to discover a part of the country’s history. 

You will be able to wander through objects dating back several millennia. Admire these display cases concealing ancestral wonders.

There you can find furniture, accessories, weapons, jewelry, everyday objects, sculptures, paintings, and even mummies! These latter come in particular from the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

It’s a fairly short visit since only an hour is enough to explore its 3000 m2. You will then follow a route that exposes different eras, namely ancient Egypt, the Greco-Roman era, the height of Coptic art, the Islamic period, and the modern era.

Among the most notable elements, we find jewelry that belonged to the dynasty of Mehemet Ali, a statue of Merytamon, Osiris, and that of the God Ptah.

5. Take a trip to the desert

 Best Things To Do In Hurghada

The excursion into the desert takes you on an exotic and authentic journey. Beyond the wilderness and rocky mountains, we find a Bedouin camp that we discover before going to admire the stars. 

From Hurghada, board a jeep, before taking the road towards the desert. You are offered a short camel ride before setting off on the sand on a jeep ride to reach the Bedouin camp.

Sitting on cushions in the middle of the desert, you will be served a traditional tea. Then they will explain their way of life, including a bread-making demonstration.

As the day ends, it’s a great time to watch the sunset over the mountains. Climbing the cliffs gives you an amazing wide view, the best part of the day.

After eating dinner by candlelight, you can look at the stars. The guide will show you some of the brightest stars and explain about them before you head back to your hotel.

6. Swim with dolphins

 Best Things To Do In Hurghada

Swimming with dolphins is a must-do in Hurghada. You can try this incredible experience by joining a boat excursion that takes you off the coast. This trip also offers a chance to snorkel.

Once on the boat, you’ll head to a spot known for dolphins. There, you can dive into the water and swim alongside these friendly creatures. It’s a brief, yet unforgettable experience for both kids and adults.

After enjoying lunch on the boat, there’s time for a snorkeling stop. You can explore the underwater world of the Red Sea, full of colorful fish and coral. The instructors will provide all the necessary gear, including fins, a mask, and a snorkel. There’s even another stop planned to give you more time to enjoy the vibrant marine life.

7. Take a quad ride in the desert

Quads In The Desert Near Hurghada

If you’re in Hurghada and unsure what to do, try a quad tour in the desert. It’s a thrilling way to see the surroundings of the seaside resort and experience a bit of local culture. When you arrive, guides will show you how to use the quads and go over safety instructions. Then, after a practice lap, you’ll head into the desert. Riding through the desert is enchanting, with distant cliffs and swirling sand that add a timeless charm. You’ll also get a scarf to protect you from the dust.

About an hour into the ride, you’ll reach a Bedouin camp where you can take a quick camel ride and enjoy some tea in the village. The return trip is just as impressive, featuring a stunning sunset over the mountains, providing a perfect, refreshing end to your adventure.

8. Enter the El Mina Mosque

 Hurghada Al Mina Mosque

Visiting the Al Mina Mosque is a must when you’re in Hurghada for the first time, especially to admire its architectural beauty. Constructed from white marble in 2012, the mosque features two large minarets and several domes. The interior is equally stunning, with grand chandeliers, traditional oriental motifs, and Islamic calligraphy. You’ll see small manuscripts of the Quran stacked along the walls, and arches that add charm to the space. It’s a serene and authentic spot where locals come to pray and can be visited every day.

Before entering, you’ll need to remove your shoes. Women are required to cover their hair, upper body, and ankles. You can rent prayer clothing from an annex building to wear before stepping into this sacred place.

9. Go snorkeling

Corals And Fish In The Red Sea

Due to the stunning beauty of the Red Sea seabed, snorkeling is a must-do activity in Hurghada. It’s unimaginable to visit without booking a sea trip to explore underwater.

Instructors provide all the necessary equipment—mask, fins, and snorkel—and will be with you throughout the day. After a quick briefing to go over the basics and safety, you’ll dive into the clear turquoise waters to marvel at the vibrant fish and coral reefs. There are two stops planned to ensure you get the most out of these underwater treasures.

These excursions often include additional activities, such as swimming with dolphins or exploring Orange Bay on the Giftoun Islands, known for its incredible and exotic landscapes.

At the end of the day, there’s usually a fun water activity like tubing to round off the adventure with some excitement.

10. Go to the beach

Orange Beach Hurghada

Hurghada’s coast is dotted with numerous beaches, essential for any vacation. Most of these are private, accessible mainly through seaside hotels. These beaches are often filled with colorful deckchairs, perfect for resting and sunbathing. The private setting allows you to enjoy the beach peacefully and enjoy water activities like snorkeling without much disturbance.

However, the seaside resort has only a few public beaches. Among these, El Sawaky Beach, located north of the historic heart, and Orange Beach, close to the city center, stand out. Generally, there’s a fee to access these beaches, and they tend to have more facilities available.

11. Go to Cairo from Hurghada

Pyramid And Sphynx Of Giza

Traveling to Cairo from Hurghada is a great way to see some of Egypt’s most iconic sights, despite the journey being about 5 hours each way. This excursion, though long and tiring, is worth it for a first-hand look at Egypt’s rich history.

Once in Cairo, you’ll have the chance to marvel at the majestic Pyramids of Giza, including the famous temples of Khufu, Kephren, and Mykerinos. Don’t miss passing by the iconic Sphinx before heading to the Valley of the Temples.

The afternoon is spent in downtown Cairo, where you’ll visit the Egyptian Museum, the largest museum in the world dedicated to Egyptian antiquities. It’s particularly known for its extensive collection of mummies. Optionally, you can also enjoy a Nile cruise or a camel ride.

The excursion includes lunch at an oriental restaurant and hotel pickup, making for a convenient and comprehensive day trip.

12. Stroll around the marina

Marina Promenade With Restaurants In Hurghada

The Marina is a major highlight of the city, conveniently located just a short distance from the mosque. It offers a delightful stroll along the waterfront, where the setting is both pleasant and picturesque. This area becomes particularly bustling during high season, attracting tourists day and night.

Here, you’ll find a lot of international à la carte restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for Greek, Japanese, Egyptian, or English cuisine, there’s something to satisfy every palate. To keep cool during the day, there are also ice cream vendors.

Additionally, a small souk in the marina is a good spot for some shopping. The pier for sea excursions is also located within the marina, making it a convenient starting point for water-based adventures.

Beyond these activities, simply walking along the marina lets you take in the vibrant and original architecture, adding to the charm of your visit.

13. Stroll through the old souk of El Dahar

Street Of The Old Souk Of El Dahar In Hurghada

If you’re keen to experience local Egyptian life, make your way north to the historic part of Hurghada, where you’ll find the El Dahar district and its vibrant souk.

This area offers a true immersion into the typical atmosphere of the country. As you navigate through the chaotic maze of the market, you’ll encounter local merchants selling many products in small shops.

El Dahar is older than the modern city center and is known for its local market. Here, you can find stalls brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, spices, and even live chickens.

This is the go-to place for locals to do their daily shopping. Although it’s mainly local, there are also a few souvenir shops scattered around, attracting the occasional tourist who ventures into this authentic part of the city.

14. Go to the Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada Aquarium Turtles

Visiting the Hurghada Aquarium is another great activity to do in Hurghada. There, you can see sharks, turtles, and seahorses in uniquely decorated tanks. Additionally, there’s even a zoo section where you can spot crocodiles, monkeys, and more.

The visit takes you on a path that alternates between the indoors, where the aquariums house various marine species, and the outdoors, where you can see larger land mammals. You can cross a rope bridge over crocodiles, watch turtles in a large aquarium, and then step outside again to see pelicans.

It’s important to note that the aquarium is somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle, located along the main boulevard away from the city center, so you’ll likely need to take a taxi to get there.

Despite the remote location and the high entrance fees for tourists, the aquarium remains an ideal outing for families, entertaining both the young and the old.

15. Observe fish from a submarine

Sindbad Submarines In The Red Sea In Hurghada

If you’re looking for a unique activity in Hurghada, try the submarine tour. It’s both entertaining and educational, particularly for children, offering a different way to explore aquatic life.

The adventure starts with a short boat ride from Hurghada, taking you out to sea. This journey gives you a chance to admire the beautiful Red Sea landscape. Once you reach the submarine, you’ll enter its large cabin, accommodating around forty people.

The submarine then embarks on a 50-minute underwater journey, diving up to 20 meters deep. From the comfort of the submarine, you can watch divers interact with multicolored fish and explore the vibrant underwater world. This experience is particularly captivating for kids, making it a fun-filled educational outing.

16. Treat yourself to a spa session

 Best Things To Do In Hurghada

Enjoying a spa session is a wonderful way to enhance your stay in Hurghada. It’s a relaxing experience that includes a variety of treatments designed for maximum relaxation.

Your spa day starts with a soothing cup of oriental tea, setting the tone for a day of pampering. From there, you’ll move to the hammam, or Turkish bath, where you can unwind and let go of any stress. In the hammam, you’ll enjoy a body scrub followed by a foam cleanse, which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Next, you’ll have a 45-minute massage session. This is designed to release tension and soothe your muscles with gentle, effective techniques. After your massage, you can relax even further in the sauna or jacuzzi, allowing your body to fully unwind.

The spa experience concludes with a transfer back to your hotel, leaving you relaxed and revitalized.

17. Have fun in front of the Sand City sculptures

City Sand In Hurghada

Not far from the aquarium and archaeological museum in Hurghada, Sand City stands out as an impressive open-air museum featuring a variety of sand statues. With over fifty statues to see, the visit is quick and spans two distinct thematic routes.

One route focuses on cultural themes, showcasing statues related to history and mythology, primarily from ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece. Highlights include statues of the Udjat eye, Poseidon, the pyramids of Egypt, the goddess Isis, and the temples of Abu Simbel. You’ll also find representations from other mythologies, such as the Hindu god Ganesh.

The second route is particularly family-friendly, geared more towards children’s themes, making it an ideal visit for families.

Sand City is a great option to consider when you’re looking for something different to do in Hurghada.

18. Taste Egyptian cuisine

 Best Things To Do In Hurghada

Exploring the seaside resort of Hurghada gives you the perfect opportunity to dive into the culinary specialties of Egypt, catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Dishes to Try:

While many restaurants in the marina serve a variety of international dishes, for a more authentic experience, it’s worth exploring the side streets.

Local Restaurant Recommendations:

These culinary adventures provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of Egyptian culture through its diverse flavors.