2 Days Salalah Itinerary

In this blog post you will discover the Perfect 2 days Salalah itinerary.

Located in the far south of the “sultanate of the sea,” Dhofar’s largest city, Salalah, is the seaside capital of Oman. This long-kept travel secret sits 1,000 km south of Muscat, offering a stunning bay with white sand beaches, Swahili coconut groves, and waterfront hotels. It’s a place where history comes alive with the Land of Incense, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Salalah is perfect for a winter escape, with pleasant temperatures around 25°C for both air and water. It’s a chance to connect with biblical figures like Job and Joachim, the grandfather of Jesus, and historical travelers like Marco Polo. Enjoy sweet bananas under palm fronds in this Riviera of the Tropic of Cancer, now accessible with direct flights from Dubai and Doha.

The arrival

Salalah Arrival

There are flight options with Emirates and Qatar Airways. Be sure to order your e-visa online before departure. Upon arrival, you’ll find an info counter, ATM, and mobile phone kiosk, which is handy for buying a local SIM card with internet access.

To get around, you can rent a car for the freedom of using GPS, or take a taxi. Taxis are very safe and cost about €1 per kilometer, with an initial charge of €7. Expect to pay between €30 and €45 to reach your hotel, whether it’s near the center or at the marina 20 km to the east.


Top Beaches

Fazayah Beach Salalah
Fazayah Beach

The coast of Dhofar, much like Cape Town in South Africa, features a stunning mix of desert and mountains, creating beautiful sandy bays framed by rocky cliffs. Before the humidity of May sets in, enjoy the vibrant blue ocean, but be mindful of the currents between the Gulf of Aden and the island of Socotra, 500 km away.

Top Restaurant

The Beach Bar &Amp; Restaurant Salalah

The Beach Bar & Restaurant is a top-rated spot that sits right on the sand by the marina, offering a peaceful terrace and well-prepared dishes. Enjoy fresh vegetables, grilled fish, and hearty skewers. Open until past midnight, it’s perfect for a relaxed lunch or dinner with calm and attentive service.

Salalah Rotana Resort, Hawana Salalah Taqah Road, Salalah. Phone: +968 2327 5700.

Top Hotel

 Al Baleed Resort Anantara Salalah

Neighboring a historic UNESCO site, Al Baleed Resort Anantara exemplifies zen luxury with elegant design and lighting. This beachfront palace, marked by Thai influences, features around forty rooms and about a hundred villas, most with private pools, including ten beachfront villas. Enjoy superb pools with deckchairs perfect for sipping a Spritz, an Asian-chic Mekong restaurant, and Al Mina for showcasing your style. Prices start from €400 for a double room and €600 for a villa.

Al Baleed Resort Anantara, PC 214, Al Mansurah Street, Al Baleed, Salalah. Phone: +968 2322 8222.



The Museum Of Frankincense
The Museum of Frankincense

Lunch break

Ocean Blue Beach House Salalah
Ocean Blue Beach House


Nabi Ayoub Tomb Salalah
Nabi Ayoub Tomb




Taqah Castle Salalah
Taqah Castle

Lunch Break

Hawana Marina Salalah
Hawana Marina


Hawana Aqua Park Salalah
Hawana Aqua Park

After 36 hours of delving into ancient history, it’s time for a well-deserved rest. Depending on your company, you might visit the Aquapark with its thrilling slides. Alternatively, indulge in some relaxation:


Mekong Restaurant Salalah
Mekong Restaurant